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  1. I wonder how can I integrate SP3 to a FLP iso image. Any ideas?
  2. Oh well, I could install the LifeView 3000 on Vista 64 Ultimate......had to do a little trick, because drivers in the website of LifeView are compressed (an .exe file), so have to leave the message window open, and go to the Windows Temporal folder to use them. I have to force the install...meaning that I have to manually select "Sound, Video and Game Controllers" and "Have Disk".....but now all is working just great. Now, about the Scanner...........maybe someone could help me because I want to modify an .INF file to make it Vista 64 compatable and install XP32 drivers this way.....is it possible??? Thanks. Alx
  3. Hi, I want to apologize for my poor english........spanish is my mother tongue, but I´ll promise to do my best to make myself clear. I want to migrate to Windows Vista x64 Ultimate from XP SP3, but if I do that, I´d lost my Genius ColorPage-HR6 USB scanner and my LifeView Flyvideo 3000 TvTuner because this 2 pieces of hardware does not have drivers for 64bits OS. Tried to connect them to a machine with Vista x64, windows detects them but when it tries to find an appropiate driver on the internet or by using Windows Update, cannont find anything. Send emails to Genius-Kye and Lifeview but no one answers.....this is driving me very mad, because I know this is not Microsoft fault, these two companies had Vista Beta and RC since 2 or 3 years before RTM and they decided not to gave support to hardware they made......And I´m not talking brandless hardware here with "no name" logo on them....I´m talking GENIUS and LIFEVIEW......grrrrr Anyway, If someone could give me a hand on this, I will be very pleased. LifeView TvTuner use a Phillips 713x chipset, but all the drivers that I tried, even from other manufacturers beside LifeView, with the same chipset, install, but I can´t have video signal, only static. Everest reports this on XP SP3, maybe this info is useful for some gurus here: [ Imaging devices / Genius ColorPage-HR6 USB ] Propiedades del dispositivo: Descripción del controlador Genius ColorPage-HR6 USB Proveedor del controlador Genius Archivo INF oem19.inf Identificación del material USB\Vid_0458&Pid_2004&Rev_0000 Location Information ColorPage-Vivid 3150 [ Genius ColorPage-HR6 USB (ColorPage-Vivid 3150) ] Propiedades del dispositivo: Descripción del dispositivo Genius ColorPage-HR6 USB Identificador del dispositivo 0458-2004 Clase de dispositivo 10 / 01 Device Protocol 00 Fabricante KYE Systems Corp. Producto ColorPage-Vivid 3150 Supported USB Version 1.00 Current Speed Full (USB 1.1) Is there ANY way to install 32bits drivers on Vista x64?....by force anyway Thanks for your support. Alx
  4. Like I said, tried two windows installation from scratch........1° with SP0+SP3 made with nlite (without ANYTHING removed, only SP3 integrated) and the 2° installation made with a windows SP2 and after that installed SP3 like a regular user (double click on the WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe file)...........same results.........both english versions of course. I apologize for my poor english, sorry Alx
  5. Yes to both things, ENGLISH XP and also I tried slipstreming version with same results
  6. Thanks for your interest danker, but like I said, I have the same results doing a common installation of SP3 over a fresh SP2 install...... I installed from scratch XP SP2 and after the first boot, Ive installed the "WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe" patch....so, no nlite involved in this and have the same results......my Camera and my Cell Phone can´t stablish connection with Windows anymore .......the "funny" thing is if I remove SP3 (Add or remove programs --> windows SP3 ---> remove), when I start my PC in SP2 again all things works great
  7. alxtorrentazos

    SP3 RTM 5512

    By chance, does ALL your USB devices works fine? I mean, digital cameras, cell phones, etc???.......like I said....windows stop communicating with my cell phone and my digital camera
  8. NO, just a clean installation of SP2 or a clean "SP2+SP3" nlite version.
  9. alxtorrentazos

    SP3 RTM 5512

    Not for me I´ve lost connection with my Kodak C875 and my Alcatel OT-C701 cell phone
  10. Hi, this post is to inform that after I installed SP3 build 5512 I´ve lost connection with my Kodak c875 digital camera and my Alcatel OT-C701 cell phone. When I connect them trough and USB port, windows shows an error and that´s it I did a FRESH SP2 installation and all this devices works perfect, but after I install SP3, both lost connection......If I go to "Add or Remove Programs" and do a manually remove of SP3, both devices start working again!!!!! Tried with a XP SP3 nlited version and same results........so, be aware of this issue. Alx
  11. Ok, thanks anyway for your time and work......let´s wait for darksOul if he has some good news about NR2. Cheers. Alx
  12. sorry to ask, but any news about de nero recode plugin? thanks.
  13. I can send you the recode add on I made, it does not alter your SDK files, just adds new ones. If you could take a look and validate it (since it's based on your work) that'd be great darks0ul, great news for all of NR2 fans out here ......please, could you upload for now the NR2 version that came with I found a nasty bug in NR3 with audio and subtitles selections in main menu of the films that I tried....This DO NOT happend with NR2 version in Thanks a lot for your effort and work Alx
  14. I'll take a look at the new recode very soon, I had it working with 7.5 Lite. Yes please, darks0ul, test it and you will see, the new version included in Nero 8114 fixes a problem that i had with audio and subtitles selection in the main menu, and it´s fast, very fast And of course, if u could help Acheron to make a new Nero Micro with NR2 "onboard" I think people will really apreciate it. Thanks. Alx
  15. Hi there, This is my first post and I want to say THANKS to those persons attached to this project I want to apologize for my bad english, but my mother tongue is spanish, not english. I´m new with Nero Lite but once I tried, never tried the full version again I just want to ask one thing.....It is possible to make a "micro" version with NERO RECODE inside?...I found it very stable, fast and with better quality than dvdshrink (his original author, if my information is correct, is the person in charge of NR now ) Thanks again for your time and effort. Alx

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