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  1. Hey Thanks for the addons,have fully utilized them all & appreciated. Can you make an addon for the new release "Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 RC 1" or guide how to make one ? ty
  2. Add Office 2007 into Windows XP

    iamtheky Plz can you explain a little more,as I'm a total newbie. 1. Where you place the Office Installation folder/files for the MSP to call for setup from runonce. 2. Will it call from the cdrom or you have to place them on the HDD. 3. Create an installation folder in the WinXP slipstreamed Cd. I'm confused!!!
  3. setup was unable to open information file games.inf

    Hey ! but what if I wud like to re install all the games,which I removed during nlite CD creation,how I can add all these games again in the winXP after installation of OS ?
  4. [Uploaded] SYSDM.CPL

    Boots Can you upload these,sure wud love to play with them,thanz
  5. It keeps crashing as soon it login with error ? 'Windows Live messanger has encountered an Error neds to close' ?
  6. nLite - Honey Turbo 9.1

    It still shows version 1.4.5 and not,I have downloaded the latest version ?
  7. Slipstreamed and NLite windows XP sp3

    Never had this prompt while slipstreaming with nlite in SP2 nor having any in now with SP3,it always work smoothly and never prompts for any key afterwards during installation.You must be missing the step to give key in the 'Unattended' option of the nlite. Are you Booting from the slipstreamed CD ?
  8. Windows Slipstreamed or not

    Well,if you have slipstreamed SP3 and installed the windows,you can check the version of the Windows and SP3 installed in the Properties of the 'My Computer',Right click 'My Computer' icon on the desktop and click the Properties option,a window will be displayed with version and SP3 installed. If slipstreamed into CD,either put the integrated Cd in the cdrom drive,don't 'auto run' it,right click cdrom drive and click 'Open' and you can verify the SP3 installed folder,or you can verify the slipstream of SP3 with nlite.
  9. Patched UXTHEME.DLL

    Excellent Thanks !
  10. Patched UXTHEME.DLL

    Yzöwl UXTHEME.DLL Thanks,but how it cud be integrated in CD integration,do you just copy n paste the compressed version in the i386 folder of the WinXpSP3 source folder or it has to be integrated with nlite ?
  11. UXTender 1.2

    Can you integrate this patch in WinXP SP3 Installation cd and how,like when using nlite there's an option in 'Patch' or can it be integrated with nlite ?
  12. boooggy YUP ! Thanks m8 for advise,it was smooth and easy without any problem.Did the integration of WMP 11 along with updates after first integration of SP3. Have a nice day !
  13. Hey ! yeah it does install,as I was trying to integrate sp3,so I first integrated the wmp11 addon and then integrated the sp3 over it,which must have overwritten the files,well,it has to be the other way round. First integrate sp3 and then integrate all the hotfixes and addons,it works perfect. Thanks ! Have a nice day
  14. Ok,thanks,I'll try it out. well,one more thing,shud I also integrate the Wmp updates as recommended in the link for WMP 11 slipstreamer alongwith WMP 11 installer,after first SP3 integration,in the order you have advised ? or just slipstream the wmp 11 installer only ? thanks
  15. boooggy Hey m8 found out the error problem,I was trying to slipstream into WinXP SP3 source. I presume its not compatible with SP3 yet ? Well,if you Slipstream first with updates as per your instructions for WMP11 slipstreamer and then integrate SP3,it informs that some updates must be removed before integration of SP3,if select NO,then WMP 11 doesn't get installed,but if YES is selected to remove updates then WMP 11 gets installed but doesn't run and when try to open it asks for 'Validation' and returns with 'Validation failed,Pirated windows' Secondly.if slipstream WMP 11 first and integrate SP3,it doesn't gets installed at all. So I presume,its not compatible with SP3. Any suggestion ? Have a nice day !