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  1. Err is there any way to change the poll? I saw that I didn't insert 1st poll option (infact it's a subtitle).
  2. It could be done by extracting the resources from the system files and comparing them with the ones that should have been patched. I thought that most people here did integrate on the CD and then installed XPize when windows installs to complete the patching.
  3. I integrate and install after for the same reason that people integrate hotfixes on the cd: because if for some strange reasons some files on the PC gets damaged the patched ones are copied from the cd with the right resources. The second install is to install the other stuff (some files updated by post-install hotfixes and third party apps) however it takes a lot longer. If XPize could check if a file has already been patched or not it could install a lot faster.
  4. What's the "C:\windows\xpize\Backup" dir used for then? Aren't those files restored?
  5. 2) It restores the backup version. Isn't that risky? For example I may install XPize then some security hotfixes come out and when I uninstall XPize the files that were patched by the hotfixes will be replaced with older versions creating security holes. Is that it?
  6. Instead of bothering XPero what about doing it ourselves? We just need to create a .theme file with vista sounds, LE5 theme and Vista icons. And then we need to create a .REG file with the rest of the icons associations. There are already packages available on the ned with resource-edited DLLs to make windows xp look like vista: we could get the resources out from those DLLs and build a patching script. What do you think?
  7. I had some questions about XPize install and uninstall What happens if I install XPize and then install another version that doesn't patch some files anymore over the previous install? Are the files that aren't patched anymore reverted to the backupped versions or will they remain patched? What happens when I uninstall XPize if some of the files have been patched by windows updates after I installed XPize? For example I install XPize and then some hotfixes that overwrite some windows system files that XPize patched: does XPize leaves those files intact or does it restore the backupped version? Thanks in advance. P.S. having those answers on the FAQ would be great.
  8. I saw that when I integrate XPize on system files of my Windows CD and after I install it again in GuiRunOnce XPize reintegrates all the files even the one that have been already integrated. Couldn't XPize extract the resources from those files, compare them and skip the already patched files making the install faster (obviously those files should be still monitored by the reloader)?
  9. 100% CPU Usage caused by Microsoft Update The issue The Automatic Updates service uses 100% CPU when it checks for updates when Microsoft Update is enabled. The reasons What triggers that behaviour is actually unknown. I think that it's related to the SFC being disabled or because of some nLite settings. We'll find out as long as the admins enable poll editing on this forum. The symptoms Enormous slow-down when using the computer: applications take ages to load. This happens often even a few minutes after windows has booted. When you open the task manager you can see svchost.exe using 100% cpu. When it doesn't happen It doesn't happen to users using dual-core or dual-cpu machines because only 100% cpu of one core is used. The Solution There are various solutions on the web however they're just temporary fixes: the problem always comes back after a while. Fortunately MS released a KB: you'll find the download link inside this post. The Microsoft KB Article For the patch look below, you can't obtain it from MS website http://support.microsoft.com/kb/914810 The patch I've found the patches on the internet and uploaded it here: (The passwords for the archives is MSFN.) (The download link is at the bottom of the page on a green bar.) KB914810 for Windows XP (ENU) KB914810 for Windows XP (CSY) KB914810 for Windows XP (DEU) KB914810 for Windows XP (NLD) Please if you have a patch for other languages (expecially italian since it's my native language) send it to me so I can add it to this list. Thanks. Please check it out with an antivirus before installing I take no responsabilities for that file: I scanned it with Kaspersky 6 and it didn't detect anything harmful however better be safe than sorry.
  10. Oh that's great I didn't know that .theme files were just text files. Now finally I can make a nice LE 5 blackcompact + background + vista cursors + vista sounds theme without having to import plenty of registry keys. That's really really great! Thanks for the help! To create a .theme, just use the first tab of the display properties, there is a "save as" button. But you don't need to set everything up, just what you want, and remove with notepad the remaining... ++ I'll just edit the Acquarium theme that comes with Media Center so I can replace sounds and cursors instead of having to use plenty of .reg files everywhere.
  11. I have a better idea: hide them when WPI files are read only! CDs/DVDs have all the files set to read only!
  12. Err I pratically meant a .msstyle file not a .theme one. Is there any application to create a .theme from a .msstyle? Here's the cash:
  13. So here's the "One Millionth Of A Dollar" ($0.0!!!) question: is it possible to apply a visual style (no, not only a theme) in unattended mode? Is there any application that allows me to do that?
  14. Well from my point of view there's a big difference between "Disable SFC" and "SFC" for the setting name for the simple reason that if you look that value as a setting you can think that if you select Enable the SFC gets disabled. "Disable SFC" is the opposite of "(Enable) SFC" that is present in the english version. If you find a doomsday machine with "Disable destruction of humanity" written on it and you would be forced to press a button would press the "Enable" or "Disable" one? What if the buttons were named instead "on" and "off"?
  15. That doesn't change the fact that XPize's Winrar theme doesn't include a SFX icon.
  16. I don't think there's need to reshack the sfx module I think that winrar can automatically insert the right icon taking it from the theme.
  17. What about adding a 48x48 icon for the WinRAR Sfx files? The actual XPize theme doesn't seem to have one (I think the default WinRAR Sfx icon is used) and all those Sfx archives icons when shown in 48x48 look ugly. Also any idea if in the future you'll add a switch to disable each single 3rdparty applications customization? There's no way to prevent xpize to install winrar theme without disabling all the 3rd party applications customizations. Thanks in advance, Francesco
  18. XPero why don't you move the XPize guide in a new section on the website? It's hard to spot in the home page if visitors have a low screen resolution. Also I didn't see any reference to it in the other parts of the website.
  19. "Disable SFC":Enable,Disable is quite different than "SFC":Enable,Disable. In the italian version the opposite question is asked. People think that "Disable SFC"="Enabled" means that the SFC is disabled while it egts enabled instead.
  20. Yes I know but in the italian translation it seems the opposite this is why I also asked if that could have been corrected. What about my other question? The one here below. is it still enabled in the installed windows or does it gets disabled if I install with SFC disabled?
  21. With the italian language "SFC" becomes "Disable SFC" creating a real mess couldn't this be fixed as I said before?
  22. Hello I wanted to know if by enabling "Disable SFC" in the nLite "Patch" page will only disable it for the install or if it will be kept disable also in the installed windows. I just am asking this because I think it's strange that such setting is enabled by default. While using nLite in italian the "SFC" becomes "Disable SFC" creating a real mess because the values also are "Enable"/"Disable" values? Couldn't this be fixed (by removing the word "Disabilita" from "Disabilita SFC" in the next version? Thanks in advance, Francesco
  23. I did already fix my problem however with the guide I wouldn't have had to rebuild my entire cd/format/reinstall_everything this is why I asked if it could be made sticky or linked in other posts/nlite faq.
  24. No I don't think that's the guide I was talking about. It had specifics instructions on how to restore each service/component.
  25. Well you could use a .bat file for that (there's the %OS% var for that) You mean an on-screen overlay that shows the WPI install bar? I think that's hardly doable unless WPI is rewritten in another language. I think however that a full-screen splash screen showing the progress bar and covering all the rest would be better.
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