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  1. The palette wasn't really a problem, that was easy. The big problem was the progress bar strings. (62 01 00 00 and 6A 01 00 00). There are quite a few more instances of those 2 strings then the ones that are actually for the progress bar postion/size. As far as the palette goes, it was easier just to copy the palette from the old kernel in my hex editor and paste it into the new kernel instead of using a image editor and fooling around with flipping the values and such. For me anyway...
  2. Would anyone be interested in the standard XP boot screen with Home/professional added like the older versions? I've got separate versions for both home and pro and ntoskrnl and ntkrnmp if there is a real demand for them.
  3. I do know that the 'Terminal Services' service needs to be enabled. Check and see if that service is running. If not, then that is most likely the problem.
  4. hmm, not sure. I browsed around for an answer to this yesterday and couldn't find anything. I have version 6 but I guess I don't have the ebook plug-in. I certainly don't have a 'My Ebooks' folder. I did find a method for removing 'my ebooks' if that is an option for you: http://www.mvps.org/sramesh2k/myebooks.htm Not sure but you might check in tweakui: My computer > Special folders. See if My ebooks is one that you can change the location of.
  5. Cool. I wasn't worried about the Oemkrnl. I knew that one worked. Bootscreen modders were big on using 1224 version of ntoskrnl claiming it would work with the 'upcoming' Service pack 2. Of course we know now that ain't true. Had to find an origianl 1224 version before I could figure out were the palette and p-bar postions were in that old pirated edition kernel.
  6. You would have to edit the palette with a hex editor. You would also have to know exactly what the values for the palette of your image are. The kernel stores the palette and the image separately. Unless you leave the progress bar in the same position, you would have to edit those as well. Another thing, the progress bar and the main image share the same palette so you would have to create an image for that as well. Both are limited to 4 bit (16 color).
  7. Here are the offsets for ntkrnlmp.exe: Palette: 79c08 First progress bar string: 3984c; 3b072; 3b08c (62 01 00 00) Second progress bar string: 398ca; 3b082 (6a 01 00 00)
  8. The biggest problem was with the ntkrnlmp.exe. Didn't know where any of the offsets for the palette or the progress bar positions were. Fortunately I was able to find them anyway. The OEMkrnl.exe definitely works. Tested fine on my system. I'm pretty sure the dualkrnl works as well. At least the progress bar and palette are correct. You'll have to test it on your computer. Heres the 7zip SFX: http://members.aol.com/jrzycrim01/Pirated.exe You know where to place both kernels on your cd. To test the dualkrnl, place it in your system32 directory on your computer then run this cmd file: bootcfg /copy /D "Windows XP Pirated Test" /ID 1 bootcfg /RAW "/Kernel=dualKrnl.exe" /A /ID 2 bootcfg /Timeout 30 bootcfg /Default /ID 2 That will add an extra line to your boot.ini and set the timeout to 30 seconds. In case it doesn't work that will give you a chance to reboot with the original kernel. Only run that batch once. If it does work, you can go back in and edit the boot.ini. change the timeout back to zero so you won't get the menu anymore. If it does work, I'll post all the offsets in that other thread...
  9. The progress bar position needs to be changed as well. I didn't notice that in your screenshot at first. Check back tomorrow or later today if it's after midnight where you are.
  10. Ah, ok; that makes sense. Looks like you sent what I needed. Wish me luck.
  11. Alright. I'm on dialup so this will take a few minutes to download. Not sure how long it will take to edit these things properly... I do have a question, how were you able to use a boot screen from themeXP? As far as I knew, they only had modified ntoskrnl files, not any for multi-processor systems...
  12. I offered through pm. I need to do mine anyway and I need to practice so I thought I'd give it a go.
  13. You are going to have to use a Hex editor to edit the palette manually. I suppose the easiet method is to find the values for the palette in your old SP1 bootscreen with a hex editor and copy them to the proper location in the new kernel. Someone else may have a better suggestion.
  14. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=24286 One of these days I'm going to tackle my bootscreen. I've been using booteditor for ages but now it's useless to me... B)
  15. Well at least you know it's booting. The palette was moved in the SP2 kernel. It has to be modded differently than the older kernels. I'll see if I can dig up that thread...
  16. Try this. Boot into your current installation on your virutal machine. move oemkrnl.exe and dualkrnl.exe into system32. (for the virtual machine, only oemkrnl.exe matters). If it works then on your unattended CD, move both oemkrnl.exe and dualkrnl.exe to $OEM$\$$\System32 and make a new ISO. don't change or move anything else, just the two krnl files.
  17. If you placed oemkrnl.exe and dualkrnl.exe in $OEM$\$$\System32, then it should be working. On your VM, check and see if those two files are there and are properly modified. Oh, did you wait and see if they worked on the second boot?
  18. That setting is found in this key: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\StuckRects2]
  19. That's normal for many settings. Some work immediately, some don't.
  20. I believe it's this one: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced] "ListviewShadow"=dword:00000001
  21. good tip: is this what you are referring to? http://barnyard.syr.edu/~vefatica/#SETENV I guess attatchments are disabled on this forum?
  22. As long as the paths are exactly the same, including drive letters, then yes.
  23. Running that from GUIRunOnce, it won't take effect until the second boot like Alanoll said. Also, post your boot.ini.

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