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  1. i am using this code below to silently install nero 6.3, it works fine, but when you install it manually at the end you get three chexkboxes:

    1. add nero smartstart shortcut to desktop

    2. add nero smartstart shortcut to quickstart

    3. automatically laucnch smartstart when disc is inserted.

    using the code below all of these options are chexked, i dont want any of them, how can i do this ?


    ECHO Installing Nero Burning ROM

    ECHO Please wait...

    start /wait %systemdrive%\install\NERO\NERO.exe /SN=xxxx-0086-0030-1319-5710-xxxx /WRITE_SN /SILENT /NOREBOOT


  2. has anyone made an msi file for this version, how can i install it using my serial number, i also want to tell it not to install winamp agent and some of the shortcuts.

    i searched for other posts, but only 5.02 msi files were found, 1 on extrememaxs site and someone else, neither of the links work either.

    anyone help me out.

  3. yeah, thats what i meant, setting them as off in winnt.sif. bit confused on whether your saying i can remove the mm1, messenger and msneplorer files from the cd or not.

    do you know where these files are, i want to make the cd smaller as i want to make it unattended and put some more programs on that i want like java 1,.4.2 sdk

  4. when i install winzip 9 corp from a .bat file it opens the program and i have to install it manually, which i dont want, anyone got a way of maing it silent.

    also java 1.4.2 sdk dosent install properly, no programs like bluej which uses the java classes dosent work.

    also for messenger plius it loads a webpage once installed, anyone knoe how to make this completely silent ?

    please can someone help me with the switches for them.

    my code is below for the batch file:

    "@echo off

    title Installing Custom Programs ...


    ECHO Installing MSN Messenger 6.1.0211

    ECHO Please wait...

    start /wait %systemdrive%\install\MSN\MsnMsgs.msi /QB



    ECHO Installing Java 1.4.2 SDK

    ECHO Please wait...

    start /wait %systemdrive%\Install\JAVA\JAVA.exe /s /v"/qn ADDLOCAL=jrecore IEXPLORER=1"



    ECHO Installing **** Nfo Viewer 2.0 RC3

    ECHO Please wait...

    start /wait %systemdrive%\install\****\****.msi /qn



    ECHO Installing Winzip 9.0 Corporate

    ECHO Please wait...

    start /wait %systemdrive%\install\WINZIP\WINZIP.exe /noqp /notip /autoinstall



    ECHO Installing WinRAR 3.30 Corporate and applying settings

    ECHO Please wait...

    start /wait %systemdrive%\Install\WINRAR\WINRAR.exe /s

    REGEDIT /S "%systemdrive%\Install\WINRAR\Settings.reg"



    ECHO Installing Messenger Plus 2.54

    ECHO Please wait...

    start /wait %systemdrive%\install\PLUS\PLUS.exe /SilentInstallNoSponsor



    ECHO Applying Registry Tweaks...

    REGEDIT /S %systemdrive%\install\RegTweaks.reg




    anyone help ?

  5. jdeboeck, ive created an sp2 rc1 slipstreamed cd, if i create an unattended cd and tell it not to install msn explorer and windows messenger can i delete these installation files, ifso where about are they ? i also would like to remove wm8 and movie maker 1.

    im pref looking for help to do this by changing the .sif files and the other ones and deleting the installation files like msn explorer and windows messenger.

    i would be grateful for any help !!!

  6. is it right to have a folder cmpnents on my xp sp2 rc1 integrated cd ? i dont remember that on my sp1 integrated cd.

    it is on the root of my cd,it contains folders the folders: netfix, mediactr and tabletpc, along with the existing docs, i386, support and value add.

    so if i create an unattended cd from this integrated cd and turn off install msn explorer and messnger 4.7 can i delete the executables, ifso which folder are they in on the integrated cd, i dont want msn ecplorer and i want msn 6.1 instead of windows messenger.

  7. I have also just managed to slipstream sp2 rc1, if i change the installation files to not install windows messenger 4.7 and msn explorer does that mean i can delete the executables, ifso where are they located? my cd is 617mb btw just slipstreamed, no other changes.

  8. thanks, after many our of reading this site and links to other i think i have managed to create an XP SP2 RC1 integrated cd (617mb) using the guide on hardwaregeeks or something, using dos to extract sp2 and xp cd, then typing in command to slipstream it.

    will test this, then will keep on with my conquest to make it unattended with some other proggies on it.

    as with many other posts, the xp-create site is VERY confusing and rather vague, maybe you guys and some of the other veterans here could chip in to make it easier for novices.


  9. i want to know where i need to put the service pack 2.exe file and my registry tweaks and other proggies.

    on the page below it says what to put in which directories, but not where, does this xpcreate program create the folders and we just put the files in, should i create the folders in the XPCD folder on my c: or should i put the folders where i extracted xpcreate from.:


    hope someone can help!

  10. i didnt mean post links to warez i meant like the last moderator posted, there is a pull-down menu on this site with code to unattend some programs, i was hoping that code could be added for corporate versions of winrar, zip and sdk versions of java, direct x and .net framework, but the moderator said that he wont as explained in his post.

    as for:

    "do you know if there is an opk version like there is for direct x 9.0b ?

    it exists check the WWW under my name "

    i meant is there a opk version of .net framework 1.1, so i could do an unattended install of it, if so could someone post a link.


  11. so if i create a .cmd file for the code above and ran it in windows how would i tell if it worked or not ?

    do you know how i could do the .net framework 1.1 sdk, do you know if there is an opk version like there is for direct x 9.0b ?

    thanks for you ongoing help, much appreciated.

    do you own the site, if you do it would be appreciated if you could change the main page links for the corporate versions of winrar 3.30, add a winzip 9 link, and add sdk versions for java and for .net framework.

    i would be in your debt forever, i have having to install these programs and having to remove crappy windows messenger, msn explorer and all the other rubbish microsoft put on.

  12. please can someone help me with the code for this, i need this SDK version as i do java programming at uni and cant just use the normal version, which has a topic on the pull-down-menu on the main page of this site.

    the link for the file is:

    its 50mb

    i would appreciate it greatly if someone could help, i am trying to create my first unattended cd and would like this and .net framework 1.1 sdk installed by default.

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