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  1. I copied a fresh copy of sp2 integrated to c:\xpcd\

    i then put the .bat file in the xpcd folder, which also contains the i386 folder, i extracted the sp2.cab to c:\xpcd\i386\sp2\ and did the same for drivers.cab.

    i unchecked the folders from read-only for all the folders.

    i kept the cab files

    i get the optional folder made with the msnimn folder with 29 files in again, with same error messages, please cany you tell me which folder i should put it in on my c:\.

    thanks !

  2. i just read on your site that you have to unpack sp2.cab and drivers.cab to folders, which i didnt do first time, i then deleted these cab files, then i ran the batch file again, same errors, file not found, the same folders optional and a subfolder msimn are created, but this time there arent 29 files inside it, its empty.

    please can you help!

  3. im pretty sure i did do that, i ran it in the directory that contains the folders:

    $oem$, cmpnents, i386, support, valueadd, support

    and contains the file autorun.inf, setup.exe, win51ip1.sp2 and all the other files.

    i unchecked the read only box folder the i386 folder and others within, but when i right click it again it says its still read only. is their a dos command i can type to set it and all the sub folders from read only to readable ?

    is this the right directory or should i put this INSIDE the i386 folder and run it ?

    please let me know soon

  4. ALL CREDIT goes to WATCHER and TOBE who made these methods!

    If you open the nero6316.exe with Winrar click on the sfx button, then on the comment tab, there you can change the sfx contents to those below and change the xxx's to your serial:

    ";The comment below contains SFX script commands





    Title=Nero 6.0- Ahead Software AG"

    save this, then create a batch file as follows:

    ECHO Installing Nero Burning ROM

    ECHO Please wait...

    start /wait %systemdrive%\install\NERO\NERO.exe /SN=xxxx-0086-0030-1319-5710-xxxx /WRITE_SN /SILENT /NOREBOOT


    HOWEVER, i dont know how to change it not to install the smartstart icons or disable the smartstart cd autorun.

    if anyone figures it out post it in here.

    remember i didnt make these credit goes to WATCHER and TOBE!

  5. i certainly want this, i want to be able to change most if not all the install options that you get when you manually do it.

    i dont want modern skin support (as it takes 15mb compared to the old look 3mb.

    i dont want winamp agent installed

    i dont want winamp library installed.

    just those 3 checkboxes from the installer i want unchecked, install everything else as default.

    i would be extremely grateful, hopefully will have finished my unattended xp sp2 slipstreamed cd by the weekend, just trying to get these switches sorted then i think its done.

    there are alot of bug fixes since the 5.0 version, whch people made .msi's for, 5.03 would be great !

  6. jdeboeck, below is your code for the msn explorer batch file, please can you explain it, not sure exactly which files i have to delete and which references from each file.

    do i put this .cmd file in a directory and execute it and it automatically removes all the files it dosent need or do i have to manually delete all of the files listed below?


    p.s do you know how many mb this takes off the sp2 rc1 integrated cd ?

    "@echo off

    if not exist optional mkdir optional

    if not exist optional\msnmsn mkdir optional\msnmsn

    rem Moving files

    move i386\msnmsn.in_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\ocmsn.dl_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msn.in_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msnupgrd.in_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msnmigr.in_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\auupdate.ex_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\copymar.ex_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\dw.ex_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msn6.ex_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msnunin.ex_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\csapi3t1.dl_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\custdial.dl_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\logonmgr.dl_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msdbx.dl_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msdwintl.dl_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msmom.dl_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msn9xmig.dl_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msncsapi.dl_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msnntmig.dl_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msnmetal.dl_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msnmetal.jc_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msnmetal.we_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msnmigr.dl_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msnmtllc.dl_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msnspell.dl_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\sqdll.dl_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\popc.dl_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msnlicen.tx_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\manifest.xm_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msnemail.ic_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msncpq.ic_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msndell.ic_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msnms.ic_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msnread.ht_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\privacy.ht_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\highcont.ma_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\mail.ma_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\market.ma_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\market.in_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\signup.ma_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\themedef.ma_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\ui.ma_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msn14.ma_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msn14.in_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msn36.ma_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msn36.in_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msn100.ma_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msn100.in_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msn150.ma_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msn150.in_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msn163.ma_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msn163.in_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msn188.ma_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msn188.in_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msn220.ma_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msn220.in_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msn222.ma_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msn222.in_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msn238.ma_ optional\msnmsn

    move i386\msn238.in_ optional\msnmsn

    rem Updating txtsetup.sif

    echo msnmsn.inf>> txtsetup.log

    echo ocmsn.dll>> txtsetup.log

    echo msn.inf>> txtsetup.log

    echo msnupgrd.inf>> txtsetup.log

    echo auupdate.exe>> txtsetup.log

    echo copymar.exe>> txtsetup.log

    echo dw.exe>> txtsetup.log

    echo msn6.exe>> txtsetup.log

    echo msnunin.exe>> txtsetup.log

    echo csapi3t1.dll>> txtsetup.log

    echo custdial.dll>> txtsetup.log

    echo logonmgr.dll>> txtsetup.log

    echo msdbx.dll>> txtsetup.log

    echo msdwintl.dll>> txtsetup.log

    echo msmom.dll>> txtsetup.log

    echo msn9xmig.dll>> txtsetup.log

    echo msncsapi.dll>> txtsetup.log

    echo msnntmig.dll>> txtsetup.log

    echo msnmetal.dll>> txtsetup.log

    echo msnmetal.jcf>> txtsetup.log

    echo msnmetal.we>> txtsetup.log

    echo msnmigr.dll>> txtsetup.log

    echo msnmigr.ini>> txtsetup.log

    echo msnmtllc.dll>> txtsetup.log

    echo msnspell.dll>> txtsetup.log

    echo sqdll.dll>> txtsetup.log

    echo popc.dll>> txtsetup.log

    echo msnlicen.txt>> txtsetup.log

    echo manifest.xml>> txtsetup.log

    echo msnemail.ico>> txtsetup.log

    echo msncpq.ico>> txtsetup.log

    echo msndell.ico>> txtsetup.log

    echo msnms.ico>> txtsetup.log

    echo msnread.htm>> txtsetup.log

    echo privacy.htm>> txtsetup.log

    echo highcont.mar>> txtsetup.log

    echo mail.mar>> txtsetup.log

    echo market.mar>> txtsetup.log

    echo market.ini>> txtsetup.log

    echo signup.mar>> txtsetup.log

    echo themedef.mar>> txtsetup.log

    echo ui.mar>> txtsetup.log

    echo msn14.mar>> txtsetup.log

    echo msn14.ini>> txtsetup.log

    echo msn36.mar>> txtsetup.log

    echo msn36.ini>> txtsetup.log

    echo msn100.mar>> txtsetup.log

    echo msn100.ini>> txtsetup.log

    echo msn150.mar>> txtsetup.log

    echo msn150.ini>> txtsetup.log

    echo msn163.mar>> txtsetup.log

    echo msn163.ini>> txtsetup.log

    echo msn188.mar>> txtsetup.log

    echo msn188.ini>> txtsetup.log

    echo msn220.mar>> txtsetup.log

    echo msn220.ini>> txtsetup.log

    echo msn222.mar>> txtsetup.log

    echo msn222.ini>> txtsetup.log

    echo msn238.mar>> txtsetup.log

    echo msn238.ini>> txtsetup.log

    findstr /v /b /i /g:txtsetup.log i386\txtsetup.sif > txtsetup.sif

    move txtsetup.sif i386\txtsetup.sif

    del txtsetup.log

    rem Updating dosnet.inf

    echo d1,msnmsn.inf>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,ocmsn.dll>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msn.inf>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msnupgrd.inf>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,auupdate.exe>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,copymar.exe>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,dw.exe>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msn6.exe>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msnunin.exe>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,csapi3t1.dll>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,custdial.dll>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,logonmgr.dll>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msdbx.dll>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msdwintl.dll>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msmom.dll>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msn9xmig.dll>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msncsapi.dll>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msnntmig.dll>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msnmetal.dll>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msnmetal.jcf>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msnmetal.we>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msnmigr.dll>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msnmigr.ini>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msnmtllc.dll>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msnspell.dll>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,sqdll.dll>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,popc.dll>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msnlicen.txt>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,manifest.xml>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msnemail.ico>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msncpq.ico>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msndell.ico>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msnms.ico>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msnread.htm>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,privacy.htm>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,highcont.mar>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,mail.mar>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,market.mar>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,market.ini>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,signup.mar>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,themedef.mar>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,ui.mar>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msn14.mar>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msn14.ini>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msn36.mar>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msn36.ini>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msn100.mar>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msn100.ini>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msn150.mar>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msn150.ini>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msn163.mar>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msn163.ini>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msn188.mar>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msn188.ini>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msn220.mar>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msn220.ini>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msn222.mar>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msn222.ini>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msn238.mar>> dosnet.log

    echo d1,msn238.ini>> dosnet.log

    findstr /v /b /i /g:dosnet.log i386\dosnet.inf > dosnet.inf

    move dosnet.inf i386\dosnet.inf

    del dosnet.log

    rem Updating optional components

    expand -r i386\sysoc.in_

    findstr /v /i /c:msnmsn.inf i386\sysoc.inf > sysoc.inf

    move sysoc.inf i386\sysoc.inf

    makecab i386\sysoc.inf i386\sysoc.in_

    del i386\sysoc.inf"

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