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  1. I can confirm all of those "bugs" and a few more. Same, not sure, but there may be conflict with some of the regtweaks overwriting one another, (such as visual styles and folder views). But definately some are "reversed" (i.e. remote desktop: default disabled, when "ticked" to not allow, becomed enabled).
  2. I've integrated drivers on both RC6 and RC7, and there were not the same "cmd" calls that are present in RC8 even without driver integration, or any modification (tweak, patch, etc.) These "cmd" entries involve the recreation of directories, are their deletions a glitch in RC8? Thanks. I've been playing around with it. I haven't dug out RC6 to try from scratch again. Side question: I have RC7 and RC8 installed currently, (separate directories obviously). Are there any common files or registry entries on the host computer that would cause conflicts? I'm assuming there are not, (besides the standard software uninstall keys). Since I also use the ZIP packages without installation. Thanks again for everybody's comments, I appreciate all the help. I've tried getting on the bug forum but haven't yet, can anyone tell me if this issue is one being addressed as a bug?
  3. The issue is still persistant after many trials. These slipstreams DO NOT involve driver integration. (It was my first guess originally) The symptom is specific to the registry runonce "cmd" lines entered by RC8 that involve modification of the "%systemroot%" directory. The error then occurs when due to the use of the HKU, that runs once for all new users. In actuality there are three entries of this nature, but because one involves the users temp directory no error is thrown. Both the NLHIVE.INI and NLITE.INF are definately being processed, if they weren't then the error would not occur. I'm wondering why RC8 uses these "cmd" calls even when tweaks are not done (example, only hotfix integration) wher RC7 does not. Big thanks to all those working on this. Now here is the question to show how much i don't know: How do i recompress the nlite.inf after i've manually edited it? THanks
  4. Thanks for all the replies. Bottom line. Is there a difference in the way the slipstream is handled by RC7 and RC8? Since I have only had the problem with RC8, is there a major reason not to use RC7? Have there been any bugs in RC7 not allowing direct integration of the latest hotfixes and patches? And last question (can of worms): Is there a reason why the tweaks would be applied only to the HKCU instead of HKLM? I notice RC7 uses HKLM's where RC6 used HKCU? Does RC8 go back to using HKCU? If so, why? I'm new and I appreciate all the support (only been nlite'ng since RC4) Big Thanks to everybody.
  5. I've been slipstreaming for a while with nlite. I recently came across a problem when I slipstream using RC8. Upon installation following the slipstream, under each user on first login the "Advanced INF Install" runs 3 times. With users without admin, it generates 3 "Advanced INF Install Failure" , it is due to lack of installation privelege. I repeated the slipstreaming process form scratch using RC7 and these symptoms were not present. One quick question: the update log for RC8 shows direct integration compatibility with the various april and may updates, does this mean that RC7 is not compatible with these updates? I slipstreamed using RC7,including my own switchless of the flash patch, and it has seemed to work fine. Anyone else with these symptoms, problems? Thanks everyone.
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