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  1. Well, for those who might be curious, I did sorta get it to work. I took an MS-DOS boot floppy image and added PATHTONTFILES\WINNT.EXE /B to the autoexec.bat I guess it works this way, but I'd rather have it boot as it would from the 3 setup disks.
  2. Has anyone had an luck adding Windows NT 3.51 to a multi-boot cd/dvd? It doesn't seem to boot quite the same way as 2k or NT. If anyone has done it, could you give me some pointers?
  3. Do you by chance have a winnt.sif file in the folder that contains the boot files for NT? If you do, try removing it.
  4. export this reg key: HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Sygate Technologies, Inc.\Sygate Personal Firewall
  5. I figured out why it wouldn't work, I needed the 128 biut encrypted version for server. Also, you can't slipstream NT service packs, because that was before slipstreaming was thought up. You have to use the $OEM$ folder and cmdlines.txt method to intergrate them.
  6. I finally got it to work with Workstation by making an $OEM$ folder and using cmdlines.txt, but that doesn't work with my copy of Server.
  7. I know that Windows NT 4.0 was before the time of slipstreaming service packs, but it there any other way to intergrate it into the install?
  8. When I tried to replace all the files you listed, the setup screen would say "Windows NT Workstation", but I replaced atapi.sys and hal.dll and it works find now Thanks for putting me on the right track, ToBe.
  9. I've been trying to add Windows NT 4.0 Server to my mulit-boot Dvd. It will boot into setup fine, but when it gets to the blue screen where it detects the processor and what-not, it crashes giving me a blue screen with a kernel error. I tried both updating atapi.sys, ntldr, and ndetect.com out of service pack and not updating the files, but I get the same error. I tested my original cd and it will work just fine. I have attached a screen shot of the error. Does anyone have any ideas about this one?

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