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  1. Thanks to all that tried to help!

    After all these posts, and a couple of PMs, I actually found out it WAS an OEM key. Since I did not want to tamper with Volume license disks, and all I had available was retail, I actually built my own OEM using instructions and utilities on some website with "Bart's" stamped all over it. Whether it's related to the PE disks I'm told about all the time, I dunno.

    Now I have a disk that can use my key! I'm installing it on a VM as I type. Hopefully the test will go well!

  2. Unfortunately, it's not that easy...

    Like I stated, I've worked with XP installs for over a year, and I know there are different types of XP Pro disks. Retail, OEM, Upgrade and Volume are the four I know, that's just XP Pro, and I'm pretty sure these types are present in Win 2000 also.

    I also didn't consider service packs.... do those change the keys that can be used?

  3. I was given a Windows 2000 key after purchasing a hard drive. Problem is, it didn't have a disk and I can't figure out what version it is. I'm still largely unfamiliar with the different types, even after working over a year with them (I worked mainly with XP, and rarely installed 2000).

    To make things worse, I don't have access to the different type of disks to check them individually. I wish to purchase a disk from the local shop that will work with the key, but can't tell which one it is! I'd really hate to give the key to the shop for them to check, as they will charge me, and then it's kinda pointless and I might as well buy a bundle on Ebay.

    I've been lurking around the W98 forum for a while (my favorite OS so far), and with any luck this'll be my first Win2000 install.

  4. I don't know how the 0.1% of users still on w98 could treathen M$...

    0,1%??? 1,4% :rolleyes: = over most Linux or Apple MAC!

    Don't know where you took those stats from, but they aren't the same as the ones from w3schools or w3counter or... well, any large OS stat counter that I know of.

    Here are the ones from w3school.


    Nowhere near 1.4% anymore, much closer to 0.1%, and not over Linux and Mac.

  5. Oddly enough, I wish there was a classic theme like windows 9X/2000. I know XP has a classic theme exactly like 9X/2000, and I know Vista also has the look of it... but it's messed it up completely in Vista. I like adding functionality to existing stuff, not rearranging things I already know.

    Maybe the ability to customize the GUI would get me what I want.

  6. wow, revival of such an old thread.

    I actually don't like 3.x believe it or not. (which isn't even an option)

    I made the jump from MS-DOS directly to 95, so having to run 3.1 felt so clunky, and still does to this day.

    After 95, I jumped to XP, then back to 98 and now back on XP/Ubuntu dual boot. Missed out on ME, 2000 and don't know about Vista yet (planning on building a vista machine pretty soon, have the CDs required).

    ...and hey, didn't MS-DOS 6.22 have a useless shell available? Not that it was considered windows, but still.....

  7. ...Oh, and like RetroOS said, it has a manual update feature... So you don't have to download the full >250MB.

    Well actually, it is necessary to download the entire updater...

    Unlike the 2000 and XP Autopatchers that linked to direct Microsoft downloads (the reason M$ shut them down), Auto-Patcher 98 bundles all updates in the updater pack.

    Many of these updates are no longer provided by Microsoft (who don't want to know about 9x) or they are unofficial update packs and so on.

    ...really? hmm. I don't remember that, I remember an online query. Oh well, egg on my face.

  8. 2. The Microsoft Windows Update system is online, meaning it sends you system information to Microsoft (and your credit card information to random third party companies).

    Whoa, tin foil hat much?

    I think RetroOS nailed pretty much the only project that comes close. As you know, it's main purpose is online updates... though I can imagine it being modified pretty easily to a local database instead of a web database. That's up to the developer though, but it's worth a shot to ask.

    Now, I haven't used it in a while, but I was pretty sure it applies the current projects available on this forum, whether they are files that need to be bundled (or they break) or single file updates (KernelEX?). I can't think of a reason to check single files one by one on the entire system if the patches are like that already. Oh, and like RetroOS said, it has a manual update feature... So you don't have to download the full >250MB.

  9. I think this is where people are getting confused. Creative didn't want to develop new drivers, it's not that they aren't capable; they want you to buy a new card. It's a business strategy that is used everywhere, it's just the whiny little gamers and wanna be hackers/crackers that don't realize this. It's the same reason Microsoft stops supporting OS's. It's not because they have come up with something wonderful, they want you to spend your hard earned money so they somewhat force you to do it. Eventually everyone has to upgrade, your hardware might die and you find that nothing supports the old OS's anymore. It's really no different. I mean at least the card works, there's a lot of really expensive software out there that forces you to basically buy it again if you upgrade to Vista. They don't make patches or drivers, if you want and need the program and you upgrade to a new OS then you are forced to buy it again. Happens everyday in the real world. Why people think they are "owed" backwards compatibility and on going for life support is beyond me. If they aren't selling new sound cards how do you think they are going to pay the programmers that develop the support? Having a product that lasts forever is great for the consumer however if you are a business person you purposely design your products so you have some kind of "guaranteed" future.

    A couple problems with this logic:

    1) Creative is still selling the Audigy series sound cards (the cards in question). THAT is why people expect support.

    2) Microsoft has had XP out for 7 years. They still support and sell it even though Vista is out... development costs are over, and security patches don't cost nearly as much. They'd want you to buy Vista, but they don't mind if you buy and use XP because it's almost all profit now. Same would apply for hardware. The longer you make something, the less it costs to make it.

    3) You don't see Microsoft shutting down MSFN forums for it's Win 98 projects, like KernelEx and Rev pack. Those programs are enabling things that Win 98 deliberately can't do.... just like the drivers.

  10. I have had a Sound Blaster 16 PCI for quite a while now... it's decent, nothing to get excited about, so I can't say anything bad. (technically it wasn't made by Creative, but Ensoniq, so then I guess that explains that)

    I was gonna build a Vista machine very soon, and was gonna go with an X-Fi... now I'm not sure what to do. Besides this "outrage", I have heard very bad things about Vista's audio support. But at the same time, I've had glitchy onboard before, and never want to go through something like that.

    The only solution is to not use sound, I suppose.

  11. I'm no expert, so it's hard for me to explain, but I'm pretty sure what you want is near impossible right now. Similar projects, like the PSF/USF/GSF format, take sequenced music and replicate it on a PC, but it's hard to rip. Those formats cover older consoles like the playstation, N64, etc. Only recently has there been a breakthrough on Gamecube/Xbox/PS2, because of encryption... and the proprietary nature of the sequenced format. It's extremely hard to find, and even harder to find a ripper.

    If you are lucky, and the music you want is not sequenced (made up by the console) but CD-XA (like a music CD), you may be able to rip it with a tool like PsxMC. But that tool is for PS1, it may not be able to handle other formats.

    Like I said, I'm no expert, so I may be completely off, but I'm pretty sure most modern soundtracks are either audio CD rips, or are ripped from the component cables and have sound effects minimized.

  12. Are you sure you know what you are doing?

    Some of the other topics you've made regarding help with DLLs and such seem quite silly and trivial for an advanced user. Combined with your post about removing command.com, it almost seems like you don't know how Windows 98 works. Just my opinion though, since I don't know you personally.

    I'm just concerned, 'cause you have great ideas, but you can't run a project on hopes and dreams alone.

  13. Well I'm scrapping together a machine here, and I want to experiment on it. So far, I have close to 4 machines. My main machine, currently an XP machine, a Gateway workhorse with a vanilla 98SE on it, a "work in progress" with Vista, and a Generic somethingoranother with no OS (450MHz AMD K6-II).

    Anyhow, I'm putting together another computer... and was planning on having a 9x OS on it and modifying it with all the cool projects this forum has. I have valid keys for 95 OSR2, 98FE, 98SE, and ME... but honestly, there is so much going on here, I can't figure out what would be the best one to install. To make things worse (or better) I have so much hardware that I could possibly build two machines, so I don't know which pieces would be best for a 9x machine.


    Either an Athlon XP 1.4GHz, or Pentium 4 1.7GHz

    Either two 128MB DDR PC2100, or one 512MB PC2700

    Either an AGP Geforce 2 MX200, or PCI Geforce MX4000

    Either an IDE 80GB WD, or an IDE 13GB Seagate

    Like I said, I have the product keys to any 9x install. I'm leaning towards 98SE, since it looks like it can be updated with ME files, has more service packs and can be changed visually with RP7. But that might be pointless if ME has more features built into itself (I've never used ME) and supports RP7 or something. Or maybe it's 95 that's the most fun to modify, considering how old and simple it is.

    As an afterthought... I wonder how hard drivers would be to come by. All 9x machines I've used were built for 9x (which is part of the reason I'm doing this).

  14. I know people have said this time and time again... [broken record]nobody is forcing you to use it[/broken record]. And I honestly can't see why this thread was even created. It has high levels of sarcasm, and is directly bashing the project. I mean, if you were warning others about your problems, I can see a reason for a thread, but this thread is useless to anyone and everyone.

    You yourself said the best advice.

    I think what Tihiy has done to breathe new life into Windows 98 is great, but it's just not for me.

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