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  1. Sounds great, any documents demonstrating this switch?
  2. Oh how awesome to see this still alive and updating! Will nvidia chipset SATA/Radi/Achi drivers be added to the library in the future? anyway, thanks for the software and keep up the good work!
  3. This is weird, so the problem is that my Sysprep Windows 2000 SP4 image is having trouble with Dell Inspiron 531 computer (Nforce 4 chipset). It is giving me BSOD on the first reboot after dropping down the image. However, these machines are all running in IDE mode and will have no trouble installing Windows 2000 using the CD ( No drivers slipstreamed ). Is anyone having this trouble as well????????
  4. I followed the instructions to "To learn how to slipstream drivers so you don't have to press F6:" but nothing happened. The log file says: ------------------------------------ Slipstreaming Starts -------------------------------- Version: v5.3 Build 080626 Log Date: Wednesday, December 17, 2008 Log Time: 12:55:05 Mode: Install DOSNET.INF and TXTSETUP.SIF remained 0KB in size. Could you follow up on that?
  5. I encounter the same trojan warning too.
  6. Thanks a lot for the info. Have you tried integrating Nforce SATA drivers as well? Are the steps similar to this guide? Would this method work with Windows 2000 as well?
  7. nice stuff! i'ma try it out on my win 2k image!
  8. I was wondering if this hal script would support windows 2000 and x64 XP?
  9. I'm having major issues with the MassStorage Drivers when syspreping Windows 2000. Regardless of how I prepared the mass storage drivers there's going to be an error message like this: error.jpg Originally I have the following keys in my sysprep.inf The only way I could run sysprep without getting errors is to remove the entire sysprepmassstorage section.... I've tried add paths to the devPath Reg key, it didn't work. the mass storage drivers I use are from driverpacks.net , which I think are compatible with Windows 2000. Why am I getting this error???
  10. I am trying to do some "post sysprep" regedit in Win2K, but I don't think the version of sysprep for Win2K has the /quit switch. So is there a work around????
  11. Since there aren't any drivers pack out there, I'm going to have to do something on my own. I was wondering if I could simply download the .exe or .zip driver files from the manufacturere web site and then decompress them into a folder? Would sysprep be able to install the driver successfully? or i'll have to go through a special process to extract something after unzipping the files?
  12. alright! thanks for the effort, this save so much time!
  13. Thanks for the info, I'm trying to understand the inf file at the moment, wish me luck. Lolz
  14. Normally, the update HAL syntax is like this by default: I suppose the "ACPIAPIC_MP" tells system what the new HAL is and whatever after the comma is the path and renaming the file to hal.inf??? I am asking this because I think some inf files in mysysprep needs to be modified to work with x64 XP. In the worse case scenario I might have to manually provide all the necessary files to UPDATE HAL.....
  15. oh, forgot about that part, lolz! so my choice is sysprep imaging?
  16. I'm giving up on making universal image the sysperp way and gonna give unattended a try. I was wondering if the unattended process could be combined with ghost such that I could deploy the image onto client machines harddrive and the rest will be automatically done??? Everything has to be done over the network.
  17. I installed a D-link DFE550-TX onto a client hoping it'd work with ghost. When I tried to drop an image on it, the machine will reboot, but will then fail to boot into virtual partition (recover partition) and boot straight back to windows. It was tested on both GSS 1.1 and 2.0 and both times I have the same issue. Has anyone got a solution to get it boot into the virtual partition (has to be done remotely using console). I also tried with a D-Link DFE530-TX, it would reboot and take image, but it will reboot back into the virtual partition waiting for the next instruction from the console forever (very weird)..... It is weird to find out this NIC doesn't work, because it is on the Dos template list in Ghost and why would Symantec listed it if it's not entirely working with the software???
  18. no i haven't try that, but what i've done is trying deploy onto a few machines with unrecognizable NIC that ended up using the Universal Driver Template. The result is......they all failed ......as if it was boot from a GSS1.1 boot disk.....
  19. I made an universal image for xp 32 and worked fine, all device drivers were from driverpacks. So with the success on xp32, I tried the doing the same thing with xp64 for the same machines but the attempt failed. I am wondering if the drivers from driverpacks support xp64 ??? and if the hal file names are the same as the one used on xp32???
  20. so it's Intel, realtek, or 3com??? which model???? what should i look for if I want a board that totally works with everything on GSS 2.0?
  21. Just tried to Sysprep Xp64 today, then deployed and failed. Deployed machines shows "The system is not fully installed. Please run setup again." The master image has only been syspreped once and that's really odd to see this message popping up. I'm also suspecting it has something to do with update HAL in mysysprep, do I have to change anything in Mysysprep.ini????
  22. The problem with Ghost32 is that even though I might be able to beging the deploy process by first restarting the computer, some NIC will then have problem connecting to the image server once it reboot into dos mode....I am no pro on GSS 2.0, it would be great if you could give me some tips and info. thanks in advance
  23. I am confused with all the specs on the NICs out there, all I need is a NIC that would work with Ghost Solution Suit 2.0? Some of the NICs I have either fail on remote reboot or fail to be detected in dos, the results were the same even I fiddle with NDIS2 or package driver. I'll be deploying Win2k/xp 32-bit/xp 64-bit/ vista 32-bit/ vista 64-bit and have two concern: 1. Their support on all five versions of OS 2. Whether it is compatible with Ghost. Some just won't even their manufacture provide NDIS2 or package drivers. I spend well over 2 days with SiS and nForce4 and I am so ready to move on.
  24. I installed Vista on my model machine, then config, then syspreped and make image.... but when i deploy onto other machines that are identical to the model machine, Vista will reconfig the desktop, gadgets and pretty much everything back as if it is a fresh install..... also, when i try to run sysprep from command line with /generalize /shutdown /unattend:unattend.xml, sysprep will open up it's GUI......I'll have to check the generalize box and forced to choose the OOBE (however it spells) option and click OK....am I doing something wrong here?
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