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  1. We agree factory restore images are bad. However Windows backup in Win7, and business versions of Vista create a current image of the entire system. When you restore the image, it contains all your current personal files so nothing is lost. This requires you to backup regularly, but in Windows 7 it can easily be scheduled and is a question the user is asked when they run their first backup. The backup software takes care of this for them. You mention "when your C drive fails." I know that what you mean is, when the "Windows partition needs rebuilt". However, if the hard drive physically fails, then nothing is gained by your method. In either case, using Windows backup or other backup tools to create a restore image that is regularly updated would still be a solution. It's fine, we just prefer different methods. I just prefer less effort.
  2. It's seams like the primary focus here is to quickly do a bare metal restore of the machine. It's a nice experimentation exercise, but I don't see the point beyond that. It's not a backup, so that's something the user still needs to do. Wouldn't it be easier to have an external hard drive and regularly use the built in Windows backup so your backups are up to date? This reminds me of all the extra partitioning people were doing with Win9x back in the day. Ugh. And why not use Virtual machines for testing? You get snapshot capabilities that can't be any easier to use. Many bits of good knowledge here. I just don't see why anyone would go through all this trouble.
  3. I have a Windows Anytime Upgrade disc, but I'm sure it's RTM media and produced the same greyed out upgrade option. Looking at the MS WAU website I see this: All Windows Anytime Upgrade with Service Pack 1 (SP1) products will be updated with Service Pack 2 by the end of July 2009. In the meantime, if you decide to purchase Windows Anytime Upgrade with SP1, you will receive 32-bit DVD media and must have Windows Vista SP1 installed on your machine.So it would appear that I need the WAU media to match the SP level of the installed OS. This makes sense.
  4. Sorry if this is in the wrong spot, but I thought you would be the people who would know the answer the best. I have a Dell laptop with 32bit Vista Biz installed. I have a Dell 32bit Vista Ultimate disc and would like to upgrade so as not to have to reinstall everything else and restore personal files. When I boot up the disc, the upgrade option is not available. Is this normal for an OEM CD, and if so is there a way to make a new disc with a modification to allow for the upgrade? Or is it possible that because I have SP2 installed, the SP1 disc won't allow the upgrade because of that? Thanks in advance!
  5. So I've integrated the Zune and Royale themes on my CD, and set the Zune theme to be the default on install via the WINNT.SIF file. What I'm not able to do yet, is set the My Documents and My Computer icon to display. I've tried to do it by registry via this link, and while the keys are successfully created, the icons still need to be manually enabled. I've also researched the .theme files but nothing sticks out to me there. Any tips?
  6. I've been reading all night, and trying to make sense of lines like the following: [SourceDisksFiles] satadriver.sys = 1,,,,,,?,4,1 satadriver.inf = 1,,,,,,?,20,1 Above, the seventh field ? (newfilename) is one of the things I'm thoroughly confused about. Per several documents I've read that the first seven fields are this: sourcefile.ext = diskid,subdir,upgradecode,newinstallcode,spare,spare,newfilename However, per this image, this seventh field represents the [sourceDisksFiles] section which is outlined at the beginning of the txtsetup.inf file. _1 through 6_ all look like they equal the same thing. What's the difference? I see different values being used below, but I don't understand why they seam to equal the same thing from what is shown at the top of the file. It would be nice to find a link that completely explains the syntax of the entire line for a file in the [sourceDisksFiles] section. The reason for this is I'm trying to add additional RAID drivers to my own CD's, but the info on the forums is very diluted and full of posts which contradict other posts, or have incompatible ideas. I'm following the method outlined in the unattended guide. They use 3_ for this field there, and I've read that _x means the file is uncompressed in the i386 folder.
  7. Nevermind, I figured it out. Doh.
  8. I searched for this because of your post, downloaded and installed it. I'm unable to set the theme to "black" though. It comes up blue by default. The ~Pgase readme doesn't have any information on this. What am I missing? And as for the "danged MS Zune theme", it's official and works without hacked dll's. That should stand for something.

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