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  1. how to integrate ie7 in xp source?

    HI! I had integrate IE7-WINDOWSXP-X86-ENU.EXE via nlite 1.3 and 1.2.1 ver. into a i386. but when i install it, ie is not working. it means when i click on ie icon is not running anything. My windows soure is valid and when i run IE7-WINDOWSXP-X86-ENU.EXE file, ie7 is installed and working please help me!
  2. How to burn a bootable DVD for Vista 5384?

    thanks fizban2 i tested and done! but i now,get the winload.exe error.plz help me
  3. winload.exe error

    Hi! i install vista beta 2 and i get windows\system32\winload.exe erroe plz help me
  4. I want to add some files in vista 5384. please guide me
  5. Vista Installation ISSUE

    HI! Try to boot from dvd,it maybe work. so i install that version on my system with these: 1.7 celeron 512 ram vga onboard 32mb share memory 80+ h.d.d i think your 40 gb hard is very sloww and you must be patient in my case it had above 1 hour!
  6. Photoshop CS2

    is that work on many system or only one system that we make activate?
  7. HI! how to i can slipstreaming the following files: Visio2003-KB840663-FullFile-ENU.MSP Project2003-KB837240-FullFile-ENU.msp ONENOTESP1ff.msp
  8. HI! 4 1st question ,if ur mean are : msiexec /p c:\kh2\ONENOTESP1ff.msp /a d:\Office\PRO11.msi SHORTFILENAMES=TRUE /qb or msiexec /p c:\kh2\ONENOTESP1ff.msp /a d:\office\owc11.msi SHORTFILENAMES=TRUE /qb there are not working and get an error and 4 second ques. i want edit a mst file in other program becouse CIW wasnt that items that i need. for example : set default language =1065 (farsi) i want to set the default language to french ( 4 example) and then in other program change the language code to 1065. when i do it with Notepad,the mst file broken and not working. thnx
  9. Hi! Thanks Guys too guides us.I have 2 Questions: 1- How to Slipstreaming Onenote Sp1 ,Visio and project in Office 2003 unattended Cd? 2- How to SetUp language Office 2003 in Farsi with code=1065? or How to edit an mst file? Note: in Ork does not have Farsi languages and i do that with a LIP file.