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  1. KB953356 is not necessary for SP3
  2. Cryptographic Services is also necessary.
  3. .net is a great piece of s***, my opinion, if I wana more security or cross platform, I'd rather choose java instead of .net
  4. I couldn't find '.NET Framework' and 'Windows Update', and even though all the components were selected, the final iso was much more larger than 321mb
  5. I've used nLite 1.41 to integrate IE7 and WMP11 with my XP SP2 and a lot of service packs downloaded by WUD and remove several components including "Automatic Update". But to my surprise, "Automatic Update" couldn't be deleted during one step so thar I had to reopen nLite and deal with the nlited source files twice. I post my preset below and appreciate if someone would like to help me preset.zip
  6. I've met the same problem after integrateing KB888111 and KB896256. I wonder whether it is the reason.
  7. See: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...ab-2a70139ae839 It is very important and is not included in the update lists
  8. This is my batch file: set APP_HOME=%~dp0 rem ====================================================================== rem Tweaks rem ====================================================================== echo [AddReg] >> "%APP_HOME%I386\HIVEDEF.INF" rem 10 lines per wheel echo HKCU,"Control Panel\Desktop","WheelScrollLines",0x00000002,"10" >> "%APP_HOME%I386\HIVEDEF.INF" rem Cancel smooth scrolling echo HKCU,"Control Panel\Desktop","SmoothScroll",0x00000001,00,00,00,00 >> "%APP_HOME%I386\HIVEDEF.INF" rem Cancel windows' min/max animations echo HKCU,"Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics","MinAnimate",0x00000002,"0" >> "%APP_HOME%I386\HIVEDEF.INF" rem Auto complete files or directories by "tab" in command prompt echo HKCU,"Software\Microsoft\Command Processor","CompletionChar",0x00010001,9 >> "%APP_HOME%I386\HIVEDEF.INF" echo HKCU,"Software\Microsoft\Command Processor","PathCompletionChar",0x00010001,9 >> "%APP_HOME%I386\HIVEDEF.INF" rem Disable quick edit mode of command prompt echo HKCU,"Console","QuickEdit",0x00010001,0 >> "%APP_HOME%I386\HIVEDEF.INF" rem Disable shell enhancement (Classic NT4 style) echo HKCU,"Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer","ClassicShell",0x00000001,01,00,00,00 >> "%APP_HOME%I386\HIVEDEF.INF" rem Don't remember each folder's settings echo HKCU,"Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced","ClassicViewState",0x00010001,1 >> "%APP_HOME%I386\HIVEDEF.INF" Copy to the folder containing installation files and execute it before making ISO. Enjoy it
  9. It seems to be only a DNS cache.
  10. Kerberos can most likely be ignored but it is necessary.
  11. It is not integrated in SP3. But it can be found here: http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss...ocid=MIGR-65456 http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss...ocid=MIGR-65440 http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss...ocid=MIGR-65396
  12. Greay job! Thanks a lot.
  13. Virtual machines such as VMWare and VirtualBox is the best testing suit. You can use .iso to emulate so that you will not waste CDs any more.
  14. My experience is that only four services is needed: event log, plug and play, rpc and sam If you want to enable network, start server, workstation, computer browser and network connections; If you want to use dial network, open remote access connection manager, remote access auto connection manager and telephony. And so on ...
  15. I've used nLite for a long time and love it very much. It works quite well with my XP. But when I used it to shrink 2000 I found some components can't be removed. They are system infomation, connection wizard, vgx.dll and kodark imaging. All of them are located in "Program Files" folder. I don't know whether I ignored something important so I have to look for some help here. Before nlited, my windows 2000 was intergrated with IE6 and DX9 using the script provided here (by the way, it is also a wonderful thing, I think): http://bbs.ylmf.com/read-ylmf-tid-414115.html
  16. BUG Report: Some days ago I found that some important components such as disk defragment and schedule task missing after nlited XP was installed. I looked up for help in support.microsoft.com and found kb922379. Actually disk defragment was still in my system(I didn't nlite it) but for some reason the install file "dfrg.inf" was not executed. After several times of trying, finally I found the reason: If "flash.ocx" is put into additional removal file box the problem will appear. The attachment is my nlite configuration, you may try to add flash.ocx and see what will happen. cfg.zip
  17. Sorry it's my fault. The reason is XP doesn't contain choice.exe ...
  18. My system is XP ServicePack 2. I used nLite 1.4 beta to shrink it and kept "command line tools". But after I installed it, I couldn't find these two files so that some of my batches wouldn't work.
  19. But I am not sure whether they are already exist
  20. 1, Disk Defragment depends on Event Log; 2, Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing depends on Windows Management Instrumentation (Only this one is necessary) 3, ADSL support depends on Remote Access Connection Manager (not listed in nLite) and Remote Access Connection Manager depends on Kerberos 4, Internet Connection Sharing depends on DHCP Client. If DHCP is not started, PPPoE connection cannot be shared and will display "Error 1722: The RPC server is unavailable." or other strange errors.
  21. Finally I've found the problem :P See this: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=100571
  22. I have the same habit as you too. I used Windows NT, Windows 2000 long times ago, so I thing most of the XP's components is not nessary for me, such as COM+, another reason is that I wan to make XP fit my old PC, so I am trying my best to get a minimal XP
  23. I used nLite 1.4 beta to shrink XP sp2, deleted everything but Dial-up and VPN support, Eventlog and Windows Management Instrumentation. I know that New Connection Wizard depends on Dial-up and VPN support, PPPoE selection depends on Remote Access Connection Manager, Remote Access Connection Manager depends on Telephony. But after installed in VMWare, I found that Telephony service can start normally but Remote Access Connection Manager cannot start, I checked the system event log and found an error: "The Remote Access Connection Manager service terminated with service-specific error 3221356592 (0xC0020030)." Can anybody tell me what is the problem? :blushing:

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