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  1. Windows PE & Marvell Yukon

    I posted the solution here
  2. Post your WinPE desktop shots

    With Recource Hacker. Really simple.
  3. whats on your PE disk?

    I solved that problem. My PE loads a menu that connects to a server. When it's not able to connect to the server, the tools menu appears with some functions disabled, preinstallation is also disabled. It also compares the version of the CD with the minimum allowed version approved by the server. If I don't want a certain version to be used, I disable it by incrementing the minimum version on the server. The techs can still use the old version with degraded functionality, but because of that, they all upgrade the CD .
  4. Post your WinPE desktop shots

    How did you get Computer Management working?? It refused to load when I tried it.
  5. CD Burning functionality in WINPE?

    Did that. No go.
  6. CD Burning functionality in WINPE?

    It seems possible to burn with BartPE, but I'd like to know if it is possible to burn with the "real" WinPE. I tried Nero5 and CDBurnerXPPro. Both fail. Nero gives me "SCSI errors" and CDBurner won't load, it can't find a file it needs.
  7. whats on your PE disk?

    I disagree with Chris. We use PE to preinstall systems (with network connection), to test systems, to virusscan systems, to reque data etc (with or without network connection). I would classify myself as a corparate user, but I have a lot packed on the PE disc: * Preinstall functionality * McAfee virusscan * Total Commander * Nero * Filescavenger * Partitionmagic * Ghost * CPU-Z/AIDA * Memtest * HD-Tune * CPU stability test * Nero CD Speed * PC Angel * PCI bus scan
  8. Post your WinPE desktop shots

    I started with WinPE before I ever heard of BartPE. When I found out about BartPE, I wouldn’t give up my version anymore It does most of what I want it to do, and so far I could always get everything (well, it's not that much) to work. APE is really used in an industrial environment. We use it to preinstall systems, to refresh test-systems (with Ghost32), to do basic tests and Anti-Virus runs on systems from customers. I want to make sure my PE is legal, and working perfectly so therefore I stick with the official WinPE.
  9. Post your WinPE desktop shots

    Very nice work Troglodyte. I'm looking forward to the releases of your plugins. Maybe we can also use them in real WinPE.
  10. Adding drivers to PE

    Nope. There will always be programs that won't work I'm afraid. Example: I have not seen any indication that it is possible to include Direct-X into WinPE.
  11. Post your WinPE desktop shots

    No worries my boy, however not much use posting your so called creation if you cannot part your knowledge on how you made this for everyone else here? Topic is "Post your screenshots", not "Post your knowledge". I cannot post APE but I can help anyone with a specific question on how to get something working (if I know how). So: want to know something: ask! Only if it compromises intelectual property of my employer, or it can cause economical damage to my employer I will not answer.
  12. Longhorn PE

    To get WMI support, you need at least the XP SP2 OPK CD. It has updated tools to build the source for WinPE. If you have this OPK CD, just add /WMI to the MKIMG command.
  13. Getting PC Angel LE to work

    Got it working already. Just copy all the files SoftThink added to the original OPK to your PE and start it with the START.EXE from the system32 directory. Be pacient as it takes a while before the Angel menu appears.
  14. Adding drivers to PE

    I have a XP SP2 RC1 including the OPK CD to test, and I got a lot of info along with it. From the manual on the SP2 OPK CD: Adding Plug and Play Device Driver Support to Windows PE You must first add Plug and Play device driver support to your Windows PE image before you can add drivers to that image. If you add only network adapter drivers, you do not need to enable Plug and Play device driver support in Windows PE. When you enable Plug and Play device driver support in Windows PE, you can directly access any Plug and Play device through the corresponding Windows device driver from within Windows PE. For example, if you copy the associated .inf and driver files for the computer's video card, the video performance of Windows PE is much faster because Windows PE uses the actual Windows video driver instead of the standard VGA driver that Windows PE usually loads.
  15. Adding drivers to PE

    You can´t add anything else to PE than NIC and mass/storage drivers with the current versions of PE. With the PE based on XP SP2 (soon te be released) it will be possible to add more drivers, like sound and graphiccard drivers.