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  1. Howdy y'all, I'll try the straightforward question first. When I open IE 11, I get the message the IE 11 has stopped working. I have to "roll back" to IE8 to get an Internet Explorer that works. Questions: do I need to fix the updates of IE 9 and 10 before working to make IE 11 run? And how can I get IE 11 to run? I have 3 updates which are shown to have failed to install, yet when I jump through the validation hoops and use the stand alone installer, I get the results that the updates have been installed. Question: Can someone explain why the updates are shown to have failed to install yet are considered installed by the stand-alone installer? Do I need to take further action on this issue? Thanks, tlcmd (aka Dick)
  2. Happy New Year Y'all, I've received a Windows 7 computer from a relative who has upgrade to 8.1 and also will be picking up a Windows 7 64 bit install disk tomorrow afternoon. I am not a gamer, and this fell into my hands by default. My question: has anyone any suggestions,comments, or sneaky tricks to make regarding a new install of Windows 7 onto a 3 or 4 year old computer with an AMD Athlon 64x2 dual core processor 4800 2.5 GHz with 2 Gigs of RAM and a 320 HDD? I plan to install Microsoft Security Essentials, CCleaner, Malwarebytes (the free one), GS photo as a screensaver (also free) and Bing. I will also be installing JRivers Media Jukebox 8.0.400 as the only proprietary software. Any other suggestions? Thank you, tlcmd (aka Dick)
  3. Submix8c, Pardon the delay, but the Windows 7 computer was installing 78 updates which has delayed my response. This computer is 4 - 5 years old and was built by a small computer repair and building shop in Eula, N.C. I'll try to answer your questions as best i can. The Motherboard is an MSI - V, the chip is an AMD Athlon 64 dual core processor 4800+ 2.50 GHz The OS is Windows 7 Ultimate. It has 2GHz of RAM. It does have the Windows sticker on it identifying it as a legal Windows 7 OS. It has a 32 bit OS. The HDD is probably 320 GHz, but is partitioned into a 200 Gig one and a 100 Gig one. Here's a list of folders on the 100 Gig HDD and takes up about 22 Gigs of space there, but I do not know if this is a recovery partition. The files are: $AVG, Comfrog Video Chat 6.1, Config.Msi, Documents and Settings, Downloads, found .000, found.001, found .003, found.004, Program Files, spoolerlogs, Spybot Portable, Temp, updates, WINDOWS. The WINDOWS contains some 250+ many of which are uninstall files, but has additional files but I do not see a specific Windows 7 among them. What other info can I provide to help you advise me? I am able to run the "repair" tool on Windows 7 and it seems OK, but thre are a lot of programs here with which I'm not famillar. You can quite reading now unless you are curious aboput me and my needs and plans as outlined below. More about me: I'm a 73 year old retired Medical Doctor and have been running Windows XP SP3 and am quite familiar with it since I've made so many mistakes and fixed them. I'm in the process of switching over to Linux Mint Debian Edition from Windows XP as support from Microsoft ceases in April 2014. SO, within the past couple of weeks, 2 computers which have been replaced by ones repaced with new ones running Windows 8.1 have appeared in my home. Both work. One is this one, the other is running Vista Premium. My wife just replaced her desktop (12 years old) with a laptop running 8.1. My chief uses for computers is music and I have approximately 11,000 songs sorted by genre on my Media Jukebox, email, some research, and surfing. I am not a gamer. I expect to partition the 320 Gig HDD's on both of my "new" computers with a Windows Vista and 7 on each respectively and Linux Mint Debian Edition since LMDE is quite Windows User friendly and has not the upkeep, mantenance, and other problems I've helped my wife fix on her XP and 8.1. And working with Windows Vista and 7 is going to be a learning experience. I would prefer a pristine install of both Vista and 7 to what I now have with all sorts of programs on the computer and icons reflecting the same. I plan to use only Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus, Malware bytes (the free one), and CCleaner since many sources have said that is all I really need to keep my Windows OS's functional and clean. I use Bleachbit, ClamAV, and Grub Controller 3 as the only real tools on my LMDE partitions. Thank you for reading the above epistle, and any help you can offer to aid me in "cleaning up" myVista and Windows 7 will be appreciated. Harmoniously (I'm a barbershop singer), tlcmd (aka Dick)
  4. Happy New Year to all y'all. Assistance, if you please. I have just "inherited" a desktop computer from my brother-in-law which came with Windows 7 installed since he just upgraded to an 8.1 laptop.. It has a 300 Gig+ HDD partitioned into a 200 Gig and 100 Gig partitions. I am assuming that the 100 Gig one is the backup.While he has wiped the HDD of personal material, many non-microsoft programs remain which I would prefer to remove and also some of uncertain origin. My question: How can i easily restore this computer back to its original "out of the box" state with only the Windows 7 Operating system? I do not have a Windows 7 install disk, but can use Migic Jellybean to obtain the install code? Thank you for any suggestions. tlcmd (aka Dick) Thanks for any assistance.
  5. Windows Updates, but the .NET4 was corrupted in some way and even though we tried repariing itand reinstalling it, it didn't work. After the Christmas rush is over, I'll fix it.
  6. HarryTri, Thanks for the reply. We tried it and it didn't work. My wife got to the 3rd level of Microsoft support after hours of the 1st and 2nd levels tried to fix her problem and neither they nor the 3rd level support could fix it. And we are talking hours and hours of her remaining on the phone while they remotely worked on her computer. Last evening, they said they couldn't do it and actually offered to return her $99 bucks, but she refused since they had spent so much time and effort over several days and had multiple techs working on it. I've learned, as Robert Heinlein wrote, "Another secret for a happy marriage is to allow her to have her own desk and then keep your hands off of it!" to be true with computers. It is not until she asks that I will fix it. And having fixed several similar problems with Windows XP and XP Pro systems, I believe I can do it. But you can bet your boots the data will be backed up onto an external HDD first!! tlcmd (aka Dick)
  7. Thank all of you for your replies. I know that Office Libre is in German, but has an English version which comes on Linux Mint as I am switching from Windows to Linus Mint Debian Edition. This switch was re-inforced by my wife's problems with Windows XP and her current experiences with Windows 8.1. Right now my 7 year young computer is in the shop getting a new sound card, so I'm using "Oldie." Oldie has a 1.4 GHz Athlon Chip, 1500 mb of RAM, and a 320 HDD. I've partitioned it so I can run a dual boot of Windows Xp and LMDE. LMDE runs relativly fast while XP is slooooooow. So she had to buy a new computer while I'm still chugging along on 7 and 14 year old ones. Also have an ancient IBM Notepad my son bought me as a joke about 4 years ago. It has a 1.1 MHz chip and runs LMDE well and Windows XP, really slowly. I'm using it to keep an alpha-numeric list of my 700+ DVD movies. The battery life is down to less than one hour but it stays plugged in so I have no need for the battery. Have a Happy Harmmmmonious Christmas (I'm a barbershop singer), tlcmd
  8. Some advice would be appreciated. My wife just purchased an HP laptop with Windows 8 which she has upgraded to 8.1. Currently she is using a really old version of Word Perfect and wishes to upgrade to an office suite (preferably free). I have used both Open Office and currently have Office Libre on my Linux computer. Both of these are available for Windows 8.1. Any recommendations for an office suite would be appreciated. She does enjoy writing and has writen several short stories and a couple of novels. She has also used Open Office to assist our high school grandson with a thesis. Both of the aforementioned office suites are Microsoft Word compatible. Her other programs are Malwarebytes, Microsoft Security Essentials, and CCleaner (for files only). Other suggestions. She's still switching between her desktop with Windows XP SP3 and her new laptop and tearing her hair out over some of the Windows XP security updates. One of her worst problems is that the 2013 Turbotax will run on XP, Vista, 7, and 8, but (from the mouths of Microsoft) not on 8.1, but an update fixed that ...apparently. Thanks for any suggestions, tlcmd
  9. Yesterday, my wife called a Microsoft support center number for which she searched on the web. The person who answered siad this was Microsoft. After explaining her problem she was transferred to what she was told was a Microsoft subcontracted support person. SHe spent several hours with them on the phone and gave them remote acces to her computer. After completion of this "service" she was told this was a $249.99 charge, They not only did not repair the computer, but infected it with malware, etc. Ultimately she did contact the real Microsoft and they informed her that they were not affiliated in any way with Omnitech and subsequently worked with her on her computer. We are contesting the charge from Omnitech via PayPal and Mastercard and wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience. Thanks, tlcmd
  10. My wife just got a new laptop running Windows 8.1. She has been using a 12+ year old computer (Windows XP) with Outlook Express computer based mail and has quite a list of files, letters, receipts, etc in that Outlook Express computer based mail client which is now defunct. Her question: What is the easiest way to copy and move all this mail and the folders containing some mail into a mail ap in Windows 8.1? (Windows Live, Outlook, Thunderbird???) We do not anticipate problems moving other files as we do have a terrabyte external HDD, but from previous experiences in computer hardware upgrades, Outlook Express seems to be a different beastie and requires special handling. Thank you for any suggestions and advice. Her 12 year old computer is nearly on life support. Happy Christmas, tlcmd (AKA Dick)
  11. We get a message that there is a .NET Framework 4 issue with Windows XP and are unable to complete downloading and installing Windows updates. Assistance, please. We've run the repair function on the computer without correction of this problem.
  12. My son has brought me 3 not working well computers. One I fixed by re-installing the original Windows XP Home Edition. Unfortunately, one of the others has XP PRO and that install disk is scratched. I have the install Key Code (from Magic Jellybean). Is there a way (site) to download an iso of XP so I can copy it to a cd and re-install it using the original Key Code? My son's computer is running Vista Premium and he has lost the install disk. We do use Magic Jellybean and so we have the Key code. Is there a way to download this free from a download source as an iso file and copy it to a cd? Then I can re-install it using the original key code. Thanks, tlcmd
  13. I know there is a place on this site where Windows Unofficial Updates are available (especially those for XP) Would someone please let me know that URL so I can bookmark it. I'd like to continue using XP and keep it updated, especially with the security patches) Thanks, tlcmd
  14. Running a dual boot with Windows XP SP3 and Linux Mint Debian Edition. The Windows XP clock (EST) setting continuously runs 4 hours ahead despite being reset while the LMDE clock is always correct. Anyone know and easy fix other than to change from EST to PST? Thanks. Computer: 2.66 MHZ Pentium, 2Gig Ram, 160 HDD; 320 HDD. tlcmd
  15. I am currently running Windows XP SP-3 and using Outlook Express (6) for my email. In the switch Microsoft made from Outlook Express to Outlook I am left with folders and emails within those folder which are still on Outlook Express (computer based ) that did not get transferred to Outlook (web based). My 10 year old PC is at the max for hardware upgrades. Obviously, there is going to come a time in the near future when I am going to have to upgrade to the newer Windows (8.1) and also, due to the increased hardware requirements for the upgraded software), have to upgrade to a new computer and no longer have those left over computer based OE6 folders and emails. My Question: what do I do to put and/or keep those OE6 folders and emails in Outlook?? An additional question, if you please: My current Outlook does not save my "sent" emails in the sent folder. How do I fix this problem? Thanks, tlcmd (aka Dick)
  16. Moderator: If this is not in the right topic, please move it. My wife' computer is 10 years old and is the big Windows user here and as we move toward on-line banking, etc, we're going to have to replace it. She's also the family financial wizard, so will need a new one, preferably a laptop. She is more comfortable with the Windows OS, currently running Windows XP SP 3. Neither of us is gamers so do not need a computer with bells and whistles. Replacement is going to be essential since XP's support and updates from Microsoft cease in April 2014. I'm raising these questions here since most of y'all are experienced Windows users and are not trying to sell me anything, and I believe I can get honest appraisals of the newer Windows OS's. Other than the new Windows 8.1 (Blue), is anyone aware of the next OS coming out from Microsoft, as well as any anticipated breakthroughs in computer hardware. BTW, we're 72 so will probably never be computer gurus. My questions 1) Which Windows OS should we get for a new computer, 7, 8, 8.1, or wait for a few more months? 2) Since we use our appliances, cars, etc until they become unreliable, what is a reasonable amount of hardware to have on a new computer (probably laptop)? 3) Any other comments would be appreciated. Note: I'm slowly moving to a LINUS distro for my use, so our current computers will work for me until they "die" and I do keep their data backed up on an external HDD. Thank you for your time and advice. tlcmd (aka Dick)
  17. First, thanks to all for previous advice. My computer is an 8 year old one with a 2.66 dual core pentium chip, 2 Gigs of RAM, and 2 HDD's: one is 160 Gig (labeled C) The other 320 Gig (labeled D. I am running Windows XP SP3 on the 160 Gig HDD and Linux Mint Debian Edition (a rolling distro) on the 320 GFor a myriad of reasons, I'm going to have to reformat and reload both drives. I do have them backed up on a 1 TB external HDD. MY QUESTION: HOW DO I RELABEL THE HDD'S? I'd like the 320HDD to be C and the 160 HDD to be D. Thanks again. tlcmd (ak Dick)
  18. I have one program which i purchased in the distant past which has to be installed with IE6. It will not install with IE8. Once installed, it works fine when IE8 is reinstalled. I rarely use this program, but when I need it, it is nice to have available. My Questions: What is the easiest and quickest way to briefly remove IE8 and install IE6? FYI, the program is Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum and I've had it since at least 2001. Any advice and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, tlcmd (aka Dick) tlcmd@hotmail.com
  19. I'll also look at SMART. Thanks.
  20. Many thanks to all of y'all for the replies. i will try "Black Viper." I am also in the process of switching from Windows XP to a Linux rolling distro (Linux Mint Debian Edition) since upgrading to Windows 7 or 8 will necessitate upgrading my current hardware (ie: new computer..So am currently running a dual boot with the choice of Windows XP and LMDE. And most Linux distros run very well and rapidly on lower hardware resource computers. I have only one Windows program which will not run completely on LMDE (JRivers Media Jukebox 8) which i can run on LMDE with WINE, but does not recognize my dvd/cd drive or runthe equalizer. Otherwise seems to work well. Thanks again, tlcmd (aka Dick)
  21. Thanks to all of you. I guess my comprehension of the parts of Windows was incorrect. I was comparing it to an automobile where the more accessories you put on it and the heavier the load in the car, the more inefficient it is. Apparently, Windows, once the start menu is simplified, runs efficiently. Thanks again, tlcmd (aka Dick)
  22. Hello, Would like some advice, please. My current computer running Windows XP SP3 has a 2.66 Dual Core Pentium, 2 Gigs of RAM, and a 320 HDD. I'm 72 and use this computer for my music Jukebox, email, general surfing, word processing, occasional graphs, bittorrents, and forums. I am not a gamer. I run Microsoft Security essentials, CCleaner, and malwarebytes, keep it defragged, and run the diskscan. Windows XP has a lot of things on it that I do not and never expect to use. Is there a sour where i can find a list of programs, files, etc which I can safely delete which will speed up my computer and free up some more space? Thanks, tlcmd (aka Dick)
  23. Several years ago, this site had unofficial and official updates for Windows 98. Since then I've upgraded to XP and have a friend with Vista. Today, I cannot find an update page for XP or Vista here. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks!!
  24. Thanks for the info. "Unauthorized" - "30 day expired" = not activated," is correct. He does have the original 98se disk, 3 1/2 floppy, manual and license code. I'll let you know the results.
  25. So my son installed an unauthorized version of Windows XP onto his kids computer last month. now the 30 day window has expired and the copmputer is locked up. How can he remove it and install the original legal Windows 98se which was previously the operating system? I meanit's locked up. He cannot get to the c prompt or anything. Thanks, tlcmd

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