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    Locking Up

    This computer has been on our home network for several years. And it is currently (as of 5 min ago) on-line and working fine. I am re-installing the Full November Autopatcher (from cd). But it rarely stays on-line very long. Especially if I go to any download site. I'll go to McAfee.com, get to the log-in and it will lock up. Ditto for Spybot. I never even get to click on "run" or "save" before it locks up. I did finally download Spybot and it did so normally; then went to McaAee and it locked up before I could get to the log-in page. Our other network computers are XP and are working well. It installs and opens from cd's fine. Suggestions, please. TLCMD
  2. tlcmd

    Locking Up

    Would appreciate some advice. Windows98 se plus latest autopatcher, 550MHZ Pentium III, 18 G hard drive. Microsoft Word. Problem: Works fine until I get on-line. Then after going to a couple of sites (IE and/or K-Meleon), it locks up requiring me to manually reboot. Finally downloaded K-meleon by using a different computer to burn an exe disk. Did the same with Spybot 1.5) The computer was clean before the downloads and is so now. Also haver run defrag and full scan for errors. Cannot stay on-line long enough to download McAfee. Suggestions or ideas as to what's wrong and how to fix it? This computer is home networked with 3 others (all XP) via HomePortal (2wirepc). Thanks.
  3. Thanks, but my question should have been worded differently. Are there newer updates than the unofficial SP3 which would improve the overall stability and performance of this older computer. Bug fixes, etc since SP3 was introduced?
  4. As a relative noobie here, Please advise me. I have downloaded the SP3 for my Windows 98se. I am running a Pentium III 550 MHz with 256 of RAM and an 18 Gig hard drive. What updates should i add? tis computer is being used as a "guest computer" , chiefly for my grandkids when they visit (ages 17 and 19) as the other computers on the network are running XP and have much faster chips and larger hard drives. Thanks, tlcmd
  5. Dumb Newbie again. I'm certain the answer is here, but i cannot find it. I've upgraded Windows 98SEwith the SP2 and the auto-patch and it's July update, but my scan disk still does the same old 10 and "do you wand to continue seeing this message?" Is there not an improved scan disk and defragger out there for 98SE? Or if it is in my updates, how do i find it? Thanks, Dick
  6. As a newbie just learning about the non-official updates to Win98SE, I'm confused. The lists are incredible, and comprehensive, but how do I know which ones to use? I've downloaded and installed the Service Pack 2 (98 SE SP2) What does it not include that is needed to completely update Windows 98 SE on my older computer (600MHZ Pentium III) with an 18.6 Gig hard drive (and 17 Gigs of free space)? This is a "general usage" computer. The inclusive major question is: In what order is the update list at http://www.bpa23.host.sk/98alive.html? Do I need to post any other info here for y'all experts to delineate my question? Thanks, Dick

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