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  1. [How To] Multi-boot DVD Guide

    Why did we use "[if exist" there? Should it be "if exist"? What is the difference between "if exist" and "[if exist"? ALSO I still couldn't do UNATTENDED This is my 14th hours. I did several ways, several modifies but nothing changed. Do you think why I couldn't it? Which file is calling "WINNT.SIF" file? Maybe that file is broken so WINNT.SIF couldn't calling from system. EDIT: I don't have: and This can be problem? FINALLY, I FOUND WHERE THE PROBLEM IS: This way is completely useless for my bootdisk: Main idea is this: When you copy and renamed like PRO2 and PRO2.DAT, PRO2.DAT don't see "PRO2", it still see "PRO1". So that, if you want to create a UNATTENDED version, you have to do same things like doing in PRO1. I mean you have to use Create_boot_folders.cmd for PRO2 too. Thanks to andreqcasal again for this greate guide.
  2. I search for same thing for a while. There is a rar file but there is no manual file :S How could it be? I have never seen a script file without manual like this script. Really strange.
  3. [How To] Multi-boot DVD Guide

    @andreqcasal firstly thank you again I made almost 90% but there is a litte problem. I just created XP, 2003 Standart and 2003 Enterprise. Regular setups are fine but when I press to "Unattended" nothing gonna happen Just like Regular setup, windows installation needs all informations. Same here like Dunky12. This is my Winnt.sif file: i saved this sif file into PRO2. But nothing happening at the boot screen. It need time zone informations, formatting, bla, bla, bla Thanks for your kindly help andreqcasal
  4. [How To] Multi-boot DVD Guide

    Ohhh You are perfect. I really appricated. Thank you soooo much.