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  1. Help on designing a header

    You could draw it in either Photoshop or Illustrator. I usually use Photoshop for just photos. InDesign is more for layouts. I use Freehand for drawing, so I'll help you with it in Photoshop. You could use the Rectangle Tool, draw one short rectangle and one long, then create a circle. Or you could cheat and trace the banner with the Pen Tool. With the Pen Tool, trace the banner with the logo and search button (make this layer 1), and trace the navigation bar (make it layer 2.) Use the Eyedropper Tool to select the gray colour. On both layer fill with the gradient of gray to white. I notice that the banner with the logo and search button has a emboss around it. Go to the Layer Styles (the fx symble on the layers window,) choose Blending Options. I fiddled around with the layer styles, and found that Outer Glow works best for it. I choose a very light Grey. I set it to: Opacity = 73%, size= 3 and Range= 55 (I left the rest at 0. Not sure what version of Photoshop you use, I know that Photoshop Elements doesn't have the Pen Tool or a lot of the layer styles. Let me know also if I need to explain anything more, I can create a tutorial if needed! Good Luck
  2. Website Logo

    I would be happy to help out with designing a logo for you. Just wondering, are you offering any money for the logo? You can e-mail me at: kimberley@kimberleycreative.com What kind of style you are looking for? Any colour preferences, or objects incorporated in the logo?
  3. cannot cut this shape out

    Good tracing nfiniteFX! I just wanted to add something about tracing methods. So that dv3 knows what to do next time. You know the whole, 'catch a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime.' I like using the magnetic tool because it is very accurate. But I would suggest using the pen tool for something like this. The magnetic tool traces around what it thinks is the outline, if the shape is a different shade of the background, or blends into the background it goes all over the place.
  4. Logo needed for online community

    your site vipertech.org doesn't seem to be working, any particular colours you want used in the logo?
  5. Logo needed for online community

    Yay, a logo competition! I'll post some logo concepts soon! Kimberley Creative – Freelance Graphic Designer
  6. Hi, I'm glad you posted this, I'm starting a Freelance Graphic Design business, and am desperate for clients. I would love to create the logo for you. Looking forward to your reply, Kimberley