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  1. Hi, you've done a good job writing 7Customizer. I'm saying this because few months ago i started writing my own version of vLite for Win7/Win2k8r2 (that's how it looked)and i never found enough time to finish it. The main aim of my prog was to easily remove packages without messing with DISM and command line like in this guide (By the way, i am the author of small toll called "install wim tweak" that is present in few removal guides). So far, i managed to use DISM in full GUI mode (with progress bar etc) and even to use my app without need of having WAIK installed (and i am not talking about smuggling any WAIK components somewhere). But as i mentioned, i'm not have enough time for this and is likely that i never finish my app. So, if you need any help/advice/collaboration with developing 7Customizer, PM me (i can even share some of my code)
  2. You can provide a patch to mouted install.wim as a parameter (type "install_wim_tweak.exe /p c:\s2 /m" without quotes) it is not nesesary to type it after program started. You can send any ideas/problems with install_wim_tweak.exe to me (i wote this tool) By the way, i am working on one app... here is a screen (because people like screens ;p, note that is a early development stage): Planned functionality : -Integrate drivers -Integrate windows patches -Remove packages -Expandable tweaking system -No need to install WAIK As the holidays are coming i will probably find some time to finish it
  3. I am writing some GUI for DISM. Expect something in one-two months.
  4. I am using windows 2008 without WMP (but i still keep IE in my system) and after installing wmlite240 i can play WMV content through Firefox with WMP plugin. So there is problaby something wrong with opera, or with your installation of wmlite240 (To get work Windows Media on non WMP system you must select FULL instalation of wmlite instead of DEFAULT)
  5. Hi, ok, my tool has been updated ( this update is relevant for those, who are planning to use it with command line scripts or with win7 (win6.1)) download source code download binary Sorry for long delay, but i was very busy (still i am ). To clear owners of PackagesPending use '/m' switch with command args. Use '/?' for more info. Any future suggestions are welcome
  6. Hi, this topic was wery helpful for me, but after few tries i decided to little speed-up my experiments So i wrote a little script that enables all packages in windows\system32\config\SOFTWARE registry file by setting Visibility to 0x00000001 and removing "Owners" subdirectories. here it is : download source code (C# .NET 2.0) download binary Look for updated version here. (both download files contains Win32Security library (in binary or source code form) for some native registry calls that are missing in managed .NET) To use it just mount install.wim with imagex (or gimagex, whatever), run my app and type the path to the mounted install.wim (You can provide this path as a run parameter as well). I hope that my tool will be usefull for You
  7. hi, I'm using nlite for long time, and it was helpful many times, but this two tweaks i always must do manualy : 1. Install and boot Windows XP/2k3 from USB drive - instructions are Here 2. Force XP Home to install as XP Professional - but i dont know what about legality of this tweak... - instructions are Here I even wrote some .NET code few days ago to help me doing this. But in fact this functions shuld be inside nLite, and it would be helpful for some people. So if You want i can share my solution.

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