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  1. Thanks johnhc I will have a look at it.
  2. The Flat Menu visual tweak in nLite is great but I don't know exactly how nLite changed the Menu to that style. This gives some trouble because whenever I change theme (or even just re-select the current one) in Display Properties the flat menu style is gone. The flat menu is broken also if I try to integrate my own customized .theme file in nLite. Any idea how Flat Menu is tweaked (I guess it's by changing some registry?), or if there is anyway to avoid Flat Menu style being broken by applying new theme? Thanks.
  3. I tried to put line: regedit /s theme.reg in the cmdlines.txt file. But it didn't integrate. I'm thinking maybe because I put the theme.reg file in the wrong folder (i.e. $OEM$\, same folder where cmdlines.txt is located) so that the installation can't find the file? Anyone knows how to specify relative file location in cmdlines.txt file?
  4. I will go with an fully patched SP2 for now. SP3 sounds very promising but I will wait a month at least before jump to it. So there won't be any surprises like integration problem (i.e. will or how much will SP3 mess up NLite/Ryan/Etc?), compatibility issue (will there be any software not compatible with SP3?) and driver pack test (they are testing it now I believe). I believe all those 3 issues are minor so if you haven't re-installed your system and SP3 final just comes out, you can just get to it right there otherwise just go for SP2 for now.
  5. Cool. And while on it, I think it's nice to put in some tweaks/mods about the on, such as not adding the Daemon-Tools desktop icon, enable all emulations by default or even disable auto-run every Windows log-on - they are all small things but would set the software to a better config.
  6. 4.12.1 really sucks - Daemon Tools is getting worse and worse these days. johndoe74 can you consider to release a Daemon-Tools addon 4.10 with SPTD 1.55?
  7. Any one knows how to integrate cursor and wallpaper? Tried use .theme file but it breaks flat menu tweak. I have found some regtweak and I inserted them by using REGEDIT /S REGTWEAKS.REG at RunOnceEx. However it requires an additional log-in to take effect. Anyone know any other way to do this so the cursor and wallpaper can be changed even before/during installation stage? Thanks.
  8. I believe MUI for Windows XP does the trick. Not sure if it's for VLK only.
  9. Hi hello there are few visual effect tweaks been taken out since 1.4RC, (e.g. Flat Explorer menu), can someone release the reg file for those tweaks? P.S. I know someone release the a reg file for most nLite tweaks before but it doesn't include the ones that were taken out in 1.4RC. Thanks
  10. Have used the new UI provided by Vista Inspirat 2 I have to say I'm very happy with the improvements. Big thanks to the developer of this program. A few things: - Is there an English website for the support of this program? - RocketDock is not the latest version, and the program install it with Ubericon and a few other software without a way to choose leave out any of those additional software. It would be great if users can customize the installation. - Further on customization: is it possible to let us choose which system icons get replaced before installation?
  11. First of all thanks for the good work of XPize - I find it to be the best graphic addon for XP. Some of the reports below are more about aesthetics and preferences, in other words they are not really bugs, but I'd be grateful to see those been addressed. 1. The edge As you can see the icons displayed while copying stuff has some white edges. I know its because the icon itself is not straight-lined which makes it difficult to remove all the edges: maybe change some of those icons or is there a way to not install this copying image addon? 2. Mouse config Any chance to replace that ugly mouse image? 3. New hardware On the top right corner the icon is with blue background which doesn't fit in well, why not change it to the white/transparent background icon? 4. Taskbar options The font of "Start" seems have some ugly edges, and I think the windows name "Sleeping with..." is a little bit intrusive for a screenshot meant to be generic. Again, all great work I just want it to be even more perfect
  12. Definitely, however if it can do what it claims to do it makes it the best defrag software out there.
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