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  1. Possible to passthrough boot?

    I'm creating an intermediary state for the EeePC, similar to the Linux-based SplashTop. Rather than just using NTLDR to select between the two choices (PE or XP), the idea is to have the EeePC boot up directly into PE, and then the user can choose to progress into full XP if they require more than a subset of their applications. But obviously, to do that I need a way to call NTLDR again from within PE without having to reboot and POST, hence the question.
  2. Old Windows 9x based graphical boot managers were able to load a minimalistic version of Windows 9x, and then use this as a platform for a graphical bootmanager; essentially, the OS would load, the user would make their selection, and then the boot manager would passthrough the boot command to the relevant partition and the "real" OS would load. I was just wondering if it's possible to do this with Windows PE, as to avoid rebooting and running thruogh POST a second time.
  3. Why is y=z?

    Because Central Europe has stupid keyboard layouts. It's QWERTY in the real world, not QWERTZ.
  4. Ipod Linux

    Oh my... what an R tard. Linux works because Linux's source code is - to a large extent - portable. As in, you can recompile it for many different platforms. Windows' isn't. Windows, in its history, has only ever worked on a handful of architectures... x86, Alpha, PowerPC, and in the case of WinCE, MIPS, ARM, and XScale. Not iPod's CPU architecture. Unless Microsoft THEMSELVES attempted something like this - which they wouldn't, because it's retarded - it won't happen, just forget it
  5. U cannot say something like that... Man tries and works and those icons are not poorly ripped it the OS that doesn't have 32-bit icon support... So u should do something first other then remembering Windows Neptune.... Cry?
  6. Well no offence but it doesn't look like a "Visual Update", it just looks like a poorly ripped set of XP resources on an old older OS. The icons don't match the window appearance, neither do the replacement dialog resources, etc. Everything just looks jumbled and mis-matched like Windows Neptune. Nice effort, but needs a more discerning eye to pull something like this off.
  7. Nice effort, but you fail. Just reminds me of those Calmira things for Windows 3.1. I might give this a go at some point, if I can find a copy of NT4 lying around.
  8. Luna from XP Beta 2

    Um, I already did this, but it's MSStyles lol. http://msbetas.net/LunaBeta.rar Screenshot here: http://msbetas.net/LunaBeta.png
  9. VariLight for Doom III

    Check it out: http://osfocus.net/VariLight/ Lemme know what you think