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  1. Hello all, I'm currently working with Visual BASIC 6.0 and I was wondering if there was a way that I could search for WPD/MTP Devices that are connected to the computer and have the program return their names. For example, an iRiver mp3 player is a MTP device. I would want to make a program that would scan the ports on my PC, and, if the iRiver was connected, return with its Device ID (something like Vid_4102&Pid_1113\71c1390f000000fd2db1c1b53195be54) or at least ts friendly name. Any ideas?
  2. I was just wondering, what exactly are "codecs". I mean I know they have something to do with decoding audio and video, but what are they exactly? Are they .dll's? Where does windows store all of its codecs? I was just wondering because I would like to place a bunch of codecs on my computer (WinXP) without having to install a bunch of crap (aka KLite codec pack that runs in the background and always sows in the system tray). Is there any way that I can just get the codec files by themselves with no installer?
  3. There is a relatively easy fix for this one. If you are using any one of many installer file creators you can have the program check the registry to find the installation path that the user chose. If you re coding the installer yourself, just make sure it creates an "Installatio Directory" value in the directory.
  4. The power meter on my laptop has recently be acting very strangely. When I charge it up, the power meter goes all the way up to 100% charged (as it should). However, when I go unplug my laptop and walk around with it, the power meter will stay at 100% untill about 3 seconds before it decides to hibernate from lack of power, at which point the power meter goes instantly from showing 100% charge to showing 2% charge. I would like to fix this because not only is it no longer an effective time gauge anymore, but also because the laptop battery does not charge until the power meter goes below 100%, making it so that I have to entirely drain to battery before I can charge it back up again. Now, without installing any third-party power meters, how can I fix the Windows power meter? Is there a certain driver I need to know about? Or is my battery just about ready to kick it (which would be strange because the thing still lasts as long as it should on a full charge)? TIA for any help and/or suggestions.
  5. The driver for the USB ports had been corrupted. All I had to do was uninstall and reinstall it. It was Gears of War that had messed it up. Thanksfor the suggestions though!
  6. Thanks for all of the help guys. I see that I can get code converters and do it now! But instead of a lazy group response, I'll respond to you all personally (since you responded personally to me) Yzowl: Thanks for the suggestion man, but that is still running a Linux app through a bash shell. Interestingly enough, though, that method that you linked to makes it so that instead of running the bash shell on your machine, you hook up to a server that iss running the shell and run Linux apps on your system through the server. Pretty nifty. John: You are 100% correct. What that means to me, however, that since Konqueror runs on KDE, I would have to individually convert all of the KDE base files. Sucks to be me. PHK: Yep. Same as John, but more compact. I found out that KDE 4 is going to come Windows compatable, though, and that it should be out early next year. I guess I'll just wait. Thanks for all of the help though!
  7. Hello everyone! I was hoping that some of you would be able to help me diagnose a most serious error with my USB ports. I have both an external hard drive and a Zune media player. Both of them hooked up to my computer and worked fine before, showing up in Windows Explorer, system telling me I had just connected them, etc. This was the same on any USB port I used. Today, however, when I went to transfer files to my external hard drive, my system did not give me the ding-a-ling sound I usually got when I hooked it up. I went into Windows Explorer and, you got it, no luck. No drive anywhere. I couldn't access it by manually typing in the drive letter, either. Then, hoping it was only the external hard drive driver that was messed up, I hooked up my Zune, which is a WPD, and the same thing happened. No ding-a-ling, no showing up in Explorer. Nothing. I am personnally stumped as to what can be causing this. Power is still going to the USB ports because it can still power my chill pad via USB. The only thing that comes to mind is that I installed Gears of War yesterday and it made me install 2 drivers with it, one being for an AMD Athlon processor (I have a Turion64), and one for something else. I know for a fact, though, that neither of them had to do with USB ports. Any ideas on what could be making my computer suddenly stop recognizing USB device even though there is power to them? HELP! (Please)
  8. Is it possible to take the source code for a program that is meant to be run on a Unix system and *easily* convert it into code that is usable on a DOS system (aka Windows)? I was wondering this because I have heard of ports of programs, and was wondering the difference between ports and completely rewritten applications. Also, having recently become fed up with IE7, but not wanting to jump on the Firefox band wagon, I was hoping I would be able to convert my favorite Unix browser Konqueror into a PC friendly format. Any pointers? Suggestions? Comments? Otherwise? Thanks in advance for any feedback. P.S. - I know it is possible to run Konqueror through an independent Unix shell (I am doing it currently), but why do that if it is possible to run it natively?
  9. I would like to know if there is a way in Visual BASIC to select only the visible text in a text box. Like for example, my text box is 3 lines tall, but there are 5 lines of characters in it. Is there anyway to select only the three visible lines? TIA for any help. In case your wondering, I'm trying to make something like that Text2JPEG convertor, but I would like word wrap.
  10. I was going to try and figure out the encryption key for Zune Marketplace Free Trial cards. I figured it would be pretty cool to do, but I have since abandonned the effort. In case you were wondering, the keys were something like BDHWY-8PMG6-X9432-HHPJ8-G4XV8 , so I figure I don't stand much of a chance. Thanks for the help though.
  11. I was wondering if there is a program out there that can use a set of known keys to determine possible other keys. For example, if the program is given the keys AAAAA, BBBBB, and CCCCC, it will analyze the keys and suggest the possible key of DDDDD & etc. I figure that encryption like this is kinda what computers were made for, so there must be some way to do something like this... right? Obviously the keys I'm trying to generate are a bit more complex that DDDDD, but it's the same principle. Right? Do any of you know of anywhere I could find a program like this or how I would go about making one myself? Thanks in advance! Any time and effort you put into your rsponse is much appreciated!
  12. Thank you for the code. I figured it would be continually scanning things. I was actually hoping for some kind of interface API with a Windows dll that will create activity only when the dll activates, but since we dont even know how to zip natively in windows, i doubt microsoft has released this
  13. Is there a way t create a program in VB6 that will run at startu and continuously scan for a certain drive (in this case, my external one). AND, if the said drive is detecte, do one thing, and as soon as it is not deteced, do something else?
  14. I want to make an application that will automatically apply BBCode formatting to strings of text (specifically individual characters in strings of text) and then copy it o the clipboard in VB. I understan how I can get the text nto the clipboard and have a general idea of how I want to do it, but I do not know how I would combine strings of text. Do I store it to a hidden text box, and then copy it back to a string variable? Any input would be appreciatd! EDIT: Nvm, figured it out I just finished writing this program and wanted to know wheter or not it works. I guess this will prove it.
  15. Wow, this is turning out to be really weird :/ Doesn't work for me now either Do any of you guys want me to post the unzip.exe I found in my windows directory? If you use .exe compilers for your batch, you would be able to include it with them.
  16. Thank you! That does help! I knew that Windows XP recognized .zip files as directories but I could never figure out how to get the stuff out of them... Also, I was looking through my computer and I found a file called unzip.exe in my Windows directory. I accessed it via command (batch) and guess what? It worked! Unzipped the files perfectly! However, as you said, finding out how XP zips the files is something entirely different it seems. I could not find a file called zip.exe, nor a file called zipit.exe, which I am told was the file that used to be used for compressing folders. I guess a little more research is needed...
  17. Hi everyone! I'm new here (duh), but I'm not exactly new to forums (I was one of the higher-ups on the H&M Team back at ZuneBoards.com). I've come here hoping to learn a little about batch coding and would eventually like to use ZuneSH.dll to unlock to Zune via batch. Any help or suggestions you guys give can and will be appreciated TIA
  18. That's all very well and good, but you didn't answer my question, so I'm assuming that you don't know the answer either. I looked at the .dll in depends.exe, and the only functions it supports are RouteTheCall, DllCanUnloadNow, DllGetClassObject, DllRegisterServer, DllUnregisterServer, and RegisterSendto, all except the first one are 'default' functions of .dll's. With that being said, how the hell does it (un)zip folders? I don't get it.
  19. Pretty cool, but I don't think they will have even worked all of the bugs out of Vista in 3 years
  20. Okay, I'm trying to write some batch script that will use the built in Windows file (de)compressor to unzip a folder and then install it. Is there anyway to do this? I know it has something to do with "rundll32.exe zipfldr.dll,<insert command here> '*.zip'", but after that I'm stuck! What do I need to put in there to make it unzip? "RouteTheCall" just opens it in Explorer...

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