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  1. http://startisback.com/#download-tab Link on that page: StartIsBack / StartIsBack+ Deployment guide and group policy template (downloads GroupPolicy.zip) Insize zip, double click on "Deploying StartIsBack.html" In the first section "Automated installation and updating" will be the command line options you need. Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone, this has been a long time been discussed here, but i look into the answers no one answer the way of having the option select by type of icons (right click -> Sort by -> type and apply to all folders) selected by default rather than by name, and of course this will be after windows installation in automatic way (a way to apply this by registry ?) and thanks for your help. another question : is doing sysprep can save this manipulation, having all folders and files sorted by default in all drives by type ?
  3. ^^ Just what he said. I'm not a big fan of autoit, but when it comes to automating mouse clicks it's often your best/easiest option by a long shot. Your main other option being a "real" programming language which you would use to send WM_CLICK messages (and a few others), often also using APIs like GetWindowText and SetWindowText with that... Then again, sometimes the easiest thing isn't sending clicks to a GUI but to do something entirely different. Not knowing what the actual problem is, we have no way to help there. thanks for your help allen2 and CoffeeFiend so if i want to have to same e
  4. hi everyone , i have searched a lot of about how to simulate the effect of holding down CTRL and clicking with left click mouse into files and add them with vbs or vb.net but found nothing could anyone help me please thank you .
  5. try this: in folder Uniextract\bin replace the file Userdb.txt (first rename old file in Userdb.old) with file Userdb.zip open universal extractor select menu - edit - preferences uncheck remove duplicate files and remove temporary files press ok chose the file to unpack select destination folder on request select wun decompressor and wait for finish in destination folder search file INST0014 19012750 byte long this is main installer file use universal extractor on this file select destination folder on request select wun decompressor and wait for finish thank you so much centurion999 work
  6. lol centurion999 unfortunately i'am not an expert anyway thank you dude
  7. compressed with wise installer and it contains other file always compressed with wise. centurion999 do you know how i can unpack it
  8. its vista transformation pack 8.0.1 but no way i've tried universal extractor to unpack it i was getting this message and i remenber its not this only one .
  9. can anyone help me please i have tried to extract an exe file but universal exctractor can't extract it i get this message : impossible to extract this file is returned as Microsoft Visual C++ v6.0 DLL [Overlay] is there any way to extract this exe and thank you for your help .
  10. you mean the toolbar if that so its not an icon but a bitmap file located at shell32.dll
  11. i try a lot of times the same result the download goes at 20 % and stops
  12. strange when i try to download this it stops at 5 mg the link doesn't work well ??
  13. thanks jeetumishra anyway i would like to know this version is multilanguage or english only?
  14. no problem jeetumishra ;) and thank you a lot dude you save me
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