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  1. Revolutions Pack 9.7

    Very very good job Tihiy!!! Only one problem: I have tested RP9 in two machines, one with a Voodoo3/3000 VGA and one with an integrated SiS530 (SiS6326-like). Obviously, the VGAs is very old and the drivers consequently very old, but the taskbar skin (all skins) partially cover the bottom of taskbar icons (res: 1024x768). The older Uberskin 8 don't have this problem.
  2. NTFS versus FAT32

    I use FAT32. I accept the minor risk failsafe but I prefer to avoid that the viruses use NTFS in order to block the access to some directories… I feel myself surer.
  3. Windows in italian

    The link in eng2ita.net forum working fine. The 98SE Service Pack 2 italian require I.E.6Sp1 installed before. The link for IE6Sp1 download is present in eng2ita.net forum. The installation (Win98SE + IE6SP1 + 98SESP2) has been widely tried and works. If you have problems post in the forum: many customers will answer to you.
  4. Hard Drive is read only....help

    You are sure that your disc is not blocked from an option of the bios? Some bioses have an option for the selection "only read" and "R/W"
  5. The new release of OpenOffice.org (v3.0) don't work under Win98SE... this is a total surprise... no information for this exclusion are available on the Net... The installation is possible (decompress the installer and run the openofficeorg.msi file directly... don't use setup.exe) but after installation any programs (writer, calc, ...) don't work ("this windows version is too old, you need an upgrade" ???). Some ideas in order to "go around" the problem? Yes, my english is poor...
  6. Windows 98 in '08

    Two machine with WIn98SE + Service pack 2.1c + Revolutions Pack 7 + Maximus Decim USB driver MaxFrax