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  1. I have a problem. I can't disable "Connect to Wireless Network automatically if the network is located in the computer field". I try to disable, but next time I open the window, it remains the mark. I had the same problem with the automatic start of the cd. I solved changing with gpedit.msc. Do you think I can do the same with this new problem? How?
  2. Zollex

    Connect to Wireless Network automatically

    Yes, there is that option, but only on Windows XP (Windows zero config) Wired autoconfig service is lost!
  3. Zollex

    Serious Problems security certificate

    Yes, is correct.
  4. I use windows 7 ultimate and IE 8 or 9. I have problems with security certificates. in various secure sites. I also tried to install the certificates, but without result. I also tried to install other versions of Windows 7, but the result does not change. Perhaps the problem is in xp-antispy ... What do you say, you?
  5. Zollex

    Serious Problems security certificate

    How do I make a list of Internet zone options?
  6. Zollex

    Serious Problems security certificate

    Yes... Gmail https://accounts.google.com/ServiceLoginAuth but... if I make cut-paste of the url the error is "was prevented website to view content with security certificate errors" (traduction from italian) Only "was prevented website to view content with security certificate errors" appears in many sites like Facebook
  7. Hello! I want to update the antivirus definitions of this, but it is not possible. There is no way to update the same?
  8. Zollex

    Boot time with ssd crucial m4

    Hi! After I install Windows 7, the desktop is started after a few seconds ... later, however, the launch has gone up to 30 seconds. But if I press ctrl + alt + delete and then "undo", I am already at the desktop. Why did I wait so long ago if it is already loaded?
  9. Zollex

    Best Graphics Card With Win98SE Drivers?

    That's usually normal for an on-board graphics chipset to do. It doesn't always work but its supposed to. Does your AGP card only have 1 video out? This is my video card: http://www.twenga.it/prezzi-AH3650-SILENT-HTDI-ASUS-Graphics-card-468077-0 It 'can put a PCI video card and use that when I use through bios win98?
  10. Zollex

    Best Graphics Card With Win98SE Drivers?

    If I plug-in the agp card the on-board card automatically disabled...
  11. Zollex

    Best Graphics Card With Win98SE Drivers?

    Here's what's in my bios ... Init. Graphic Adapter Priority This allows you to select [PCI/AGP] and [AGP/PCI] as the initial graphics adapter priority. The default vaule is [PCI/AGP]. http://europe.asrock.com/manual/775i65G.pdf
  12. Zollex

    Best Graphics Card With Win98SE Drivers?

    Hello? You know if I can exchange on the fly with the integrated video card agp? That way I could use the Intel integrated on win98 without unplugging your video card agp.
  13. Zollex

    Asus Radeon HD 3650 AGP

    Which driver can I use for Radeon HD 3650? Bearwindows UNI 32-bit? But Standard VGA or SuperVGA... or... ?
  14. Ok! I resolved! The problem was the corrupted Microsoft Visual C++
  15. Hi! I have this error... What can it be?
  16. Zollex

    Serial.sys error

    Wonderful!!! Thanks!!!!!!!
  17. Zollex

    Serial.sys error

    Hi! I looked in hidden devices out of curiosity and saw that the device "serial" (Serial.sys) has an exclamation point. In your opinion, what can be?
  18. It's possible modify motherboard to switch AGP card to internal video card?
  19. Ok... but not new Geforce AGP in future... I have also GA-P31-DS3L with pci-e but give me error "motherboard resources". Last but not least Geforce use much power consumption that Radeon!
  20. Possible to switch on the fly integrated graphic card with AGP card? I use now 775i65g and I want to buy new powercolor agp HD4xxx series... but no drivers for win9x... but if is possible to switch integrated and agp card... I can use integrated with win98 and agp with winxp!
  21. I install Win98SE with Dual core E6300 and gigabyte GA-P31-DS3L (rev. 1.x) and this inf file http://windows98.ic.cz/chipset/intelinf.zip but nothing to do... I have always the same error... motherboard resources (!) conflict error... but I have only video card... non sound card at moment and no lan card active. What can i do?
  22. This multi-front panel. http://www.krex.com/525inchall-in-onemulti...cardreader.aspx
  23. Zollex

    Motherboard resources error

    Radeon HD2400... (no drivers installed) but same problem with Geforce 7600GS and "normal" drivers...
  24. In yours opinion is better 775i65g or GA-P31-DS3L for win98?
  25. Zollex

    NVidia drivers 82.69

    And with patchm?