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  1. Talked to Sony online tech support again today, for different but similar problem with my laptop. I am starting to understand better how support there works: 1) Each Tier 1 person there must handle 100 calls per minute, because they never can remember what you have just told them. 2) Their job is only to give you canned answers and get you off the phone asap 3) When all else fails, or customer demands better service or explanation, Tier 2 support kicks in. They appear to have less calls to answer and appear to know a little more about THEIR product. 4) But....... when all else fails, have customer reload the driver and if that don't work, but some other media to try and then if that don't work, do a System Recovery!!!! I want to choke a Support person today! Bob
  2. lol, forum blanks out 'bad' word in unit name (Matxxxxa).
  3. Hi. I have a Sony VAIO laptop running WinXP with Mats***a UJDA720 DVD/CDRW. I can play and write to regular CDs, but cannot write to a CD-RW disk. I am using the CD Writing wizard that comes with the package. The drive recognizes the CD-RW, but when gets to point where says 'Performing final steps to made CD ready to use', it fails and kicks cd out with msg 'There was an error in the writing process......... etc'. Note that I have tried 2 different media (24X speed and 12X speed), and had a similar problem with my Sony VAIO desktop with a Pioneer DVD/CDRW, and that was resolved via a firmware update, and info that 24X would not work on it. Don't see any firmware update for the Mats***a. Thx. Bob
  4. Hi. Downloaded CDCheck before........... but is not easy to understand how to use.......
  5. Do you know for sure this will work for DVDs? A lot of these programs only work for recovery from Re-cycle Bin deletes and from hard drives. Bob
  6. Hi. I have been to Sony support via emails, and was completely frustrated with their lack of understanding and help on my problem, even could not help me figure out my model number. Their online chat help was good. Today I chat with HP online support and their person was also very frustrating to work with. Had told him that I did not have the package CD to work with (had misplaced it), but he keep bringing up that CD probably was bad!!!!! Got to his supervisor, per my demand and he was better, but again was a big frustrating experience. Is it just me, or does most everyone have problem with these big companies support service? Bob
  7. Thx, but won't work. As per the info page: R-Studio and R-Studio Emergency DEMO 3.8 allow you to evaluate how all R-Studio family utilities recover lost files. The only limitation is that DEMO versions do not recover files larger than 64KB. My files are around 500M each. Bob
  8. I used DeepBurner Pro to write 2 large files to the DVD. I then did a 2nd session and wrote a folder(with about 50 files) inside to the DVD. This 2nd session caused the first 2 files on the DVD to be deleted....... that is for my computer to no longer have access to them. I know they are still there based on how delete works, and did try 1 recovery program that was able to detect them. Bob
  9. Hi. I made a mistake while using a new DVD write program and now have 2 large files on a DVD that I deleted accidentally. I see programs that recover data but they recover it to a different place. What I want is a free program (or trial program with full features) that will just re-establish the pointers (directory) to those 2 files on that DVD. Any help would be appreciated. Thx Bob
  10. It does not show any size info - in other words, just like a CD/DVD was not inserted! Bob
  11. Am using the CD Wizard? ...... but note that don't even have to get to this stage. When look at E Drive when have one of these 2 things (blank DVD or blank CD-RW) in, and click on Properties, does not show any info, while with regular CD or DVD in, properties gives me info. Bob
  12. Hi. I have a Sony VAIO desktop with Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-106D drive with 5.1.2535.0 driver. I can play DVDs and CDs and write to regular blank CDs, but cannot get it to recognize either blank DVDs or blank CD-RW disks. Note that my other Sony VAIO laptop has same problem. They are both running WinXP. Thx for any help. Bob

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