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  1. I released new version of the module. It's based on 7-Zip 4.57 sources. Only updated modules are available now. I hope to finish working on the web site, help files and other stuff by the end of the next week. That's why only the direct links to the files are available at this point. You'll find them below: 7zSD build 861 7zSD_extra build 861
  2. coucou http://7zsfx.solta.ru/en/configinfo.html i.e. yuor configuration file should look so: I'm think that you mistaked in second line and meant "InstallPath" Also remember that your reg file will be executed only in "auto install" mode, i.e. only if "-ai" command line switch present Use "RunProgram" for normal mode
  3. coucou But i'll try... My module is DECOMPRESSION of fully created archives only... It can not update/replace files in archives, because don't have any compression functions This is the task of 7z.exe, 7za.exe or 7zfm.exe Your problem, that 7z don't have support (still ) of updates SOLID archives. You can go two ways: 1. Don't use solid mode (in this case 7-zip can update/replace files in archive), but you lose in compression ratio 2. Full repack of the archive (i.e. unpack to temp folder, replace your "VDefHub.zip" and then pack again all files from temporary folder in 7z archive) But again... This is not a job of my module All questions about this to Igor Pavlov http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?forum_id=45797
  4. coucou Sorry, but I have not understood completely a question. Please, explain more in detail...
  5. Oh, sorry. i mistaked You CAN NOT exclude path to the source file of the link , but you can set extract path in shortcut parameters, for example: In this case %%T always point to the extract/install folder (even if user will change it in ExtractPath dialog)
  6. coucou But what about help ? Parameter 'Shortcut': Configuration file in you case should look: ;!@Install@!UTF-8! InstallPath="%ProgramFiles%\\HyperSnap 6" GUIMode="2" Shortcut="P, {HprSnap6.exe}, {}, {Capture\\HyperSnap 6}, {HyperSnap 6}, {HyperSnap 6}" ;!@InstallEnd@! Change 'GUIMode' as you like ( see http://7zsfx.solta.ru/en/parameters.html#GUIMode ) or delete it (this is the same that GUIMode="0") Or this dosn't working ?
  7. Sorry! During today's update i made a mistake Fixed! Again, sorry P.S. It is necessary to FORCE update page by Ctrl+F5 in browser...
  8. Inferi0r i.e. this line should look so: I may be wrong, but you config file should be: It's easer to do these tasks in a batch file and call it from the config file
  9. Hi All! I'm create a new thread here http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=101552, where you can find an english documentation
  10. 7z SFX Modified Module version 1.5.3 Stable (build 3819) version 1.6.0 Beta (build 3819) Home page || Download links Hi All! I am excited to finally present the modified 7z SFX module and accompany tools to the English speaking audience. I know some of you already got a hold of the module and used it a little. Now you can take full advantage of all feature thanks to fully translated documentation. I do encourage you to read the docs, because the module development was driven by Russian unattended community. You'll find a lot of features regular users would never think of . I'll list just a few of them here: - select between interactive, silent and hidden extraction - control the appearance of dialog prompts and text - consequently run several files (.exe, .msi, .reg and so on) after the extraction to install configured applications - replace .bat and .cmd files and eliminate the need in supplementary utilities like "StartX.exe", "msistub.exe" and so on - create shortcuts for programs with the icons of your choice There's a lot, and you may want to start with usage examples to see some pics You may also want to download 7z SFX Tools to see the installer in action. I truly hope you like the module and start using it in your PC tasks. As you become familiar with its features, please share your experience with your peers through this thread. Although I understand written English relatively well, my writing skills are not that good and I may not be able to answer some questions with the level of detail they require (Honestly, I got a lot of help with this post ) You're welcome to leave any thoughts or suggestions in this thread - I'm subscribed to it. Feel free to conact me by e-mail, but keep in mind that often you can get techincal help through the forum faster Thank you! Only Russian pages was updated. Latest versions also can be downloaded via SVN repository http://svn.7zsfx.info
  11. Hi! First of all... Sorry for my bad english, my primary language is russian... I'm the author of this modified 7-zip SFX module. And I'll try to answer your questions English documentation (and site) is almost ready and (i hope) you will see it in next one or two weeks. It has been made by professional translators from "translators club oszone.net" (thanks to Vadikan) I think, this will be more useful that babelfish. While I can try to answer your questions in this topic. Or ask me via e-mail (you will see it on main page on http://7zsfx.solta.ru)

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