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  1. Sorry, but 3807 was bugged and I have delete it. And now new updates Stable: Beta: Actual versions only on Russian page http://7zsfx.info/ru/download.html or SVN http://svn.7zsfx.info
  2. Happy New Year! Some presents from me: Only 7-Zip sources changed Site and SVN will be updated in first days of January 2016.
  3. http://svn.7zsfx.org/filedetails.php?repname=7zSfxMod&path=%2Ftags%2F1.6.0.2712%2Fbin%2F7zsd_160_2712.7z
  4. Correction: it's (module's) exit code. At now no way to return external program exit code.
  5. Can you give a beta version of the SuRun for reproduce error? I can't download it now.
  6. Original SFX module don't support multiple RunProgram. What module are you use? From 7-zip.org or from 7zsfx.info? As I see, you must use modified modules from http://7zsfx.info
  7. Yes, you are right and user can manually add custom dialogs to any modules. I do not have enough time to develop, especially for documentation. This is historical issue (if you don't know, I'm from Russia), may be later I will change this. More complex. I'll write PM to you in near week.
  8. YumeYao, thanks This not "danger", because strSignature* are initialized to "empty strings", but this is a "bug". I'll fix it in next update.
  9. Modules and only download page of the site were updated. Other pages and offline help file still outdated. and can be found on download page
  10. Use tags folder in repository to list all of the commited versions.
  11. sweept, please give me more info about problem, i.e. configuration file, execution pathes etc. so I was able to reproduce this problem
  12. I have uploaded 7zSD_En_Finall.cab to own server. hessam, if you are against this, I am delete it
  13. Now... I can promise only about "full decompression in 'Overwrite' mode". Change icon... What module that You use ? Is it compressed by UPX or other packers ? And more details about "crash out". I'm think, that this is not problems of the module. You can send me more info to email or PM
  14. To rilley I'm know about this problem (always full decompression, even if it is not needed) and this is "ToDo". So far, no solutions to this problem
  15. Sorry, but I can not planning my time. The project temporary frozen. I am hope to return to it in fall.
  16. Sorry, but I wrongly praised my capacity. I do not have time yet to support the project. May be in one or two month I'll return to this task
  17. Try to use modified version of 7-Zip SFX module with parameter 'InstallPath'. Look at here http://www.msfn.org/board/7z-SFX-Modified-...ls-t101552.html
  18. dll32, If you mean "as command line parameter", then it is impossible in current version. This is in ToDo list for version 1.3.
  19. The configuration file must be in UTF-8 encoding. Are you sure that it is in this encoding and not in UTF-16 or another?
  20. Updates of the site and files (and sources) will be available in first or second week of January. Sorry, but now i'm too busy
  21. I made some experiments and found that it is not a bug of the module. I found a description of such problems for Inno Setup. Read this I do not know how to solve this problem
  22. To heffalump: Sorry, not enough time to do this
  23. No. It's not! Only ONE archive can be active/used in one time. (in your example this is the archive1.7z, i.e. first) I think it is better to go to the PM about icon's problems. When we will decide our problems, we will inform all...
  24. dll32 Some questions: Are you changing icon in module? If "yes" - what program you use for that ? Are you compress module by UPX or other programs? I.e., give me full details... I will try to repeat the situation and provide a more precise answer.

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