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  1. finally some help... I wanna use the vista because have the new sound engine for work with my audio appz... I try to solve this uncheking various elements in vlite but not happen any change (about all in one, example>>> ''network'') and because all this e search for more help, thks =)
  2. come on people, help me, is not so hard for who know about vista orrrr only nuhi can help me?!?
  3. this is the question... (if need for more details, request) !!!thks very much!!! Last_Session.ini
  4. This is the question, and will have updates? have the Portuguese-Brazil Sp3 RTM? thks all
  5. I used the trial version downloaded from Adobe and it works fine. Maybe you have the retail version. I will try to download the last version trial from adobe site... and, how i set the serial numember? after instaltion when i open the audition? thanks
  6. components.msi /qb! /norestart or components.msi /qn /norestart is not enough? Any not work, i was try.... but, for it install normaly is need to use the setup.exe because this i need the autoit script! bye
  7. not have the autoit script for the adobe audition 3.0? the 1.5 is very old! thanks
  8. hey, i have THE BEST SILENTY INSTALL FOR ACRONIS DISK DIRECTOR AND ACRONIS TRUE IMAGE (all versions) is THIS: echo off Title Acronis Setup cls echo. echo Now installing Acronis DDS AcronisDiskDirectorSuite.msi PIDKEY=XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX /Qn /norestart exit if wanna other silent install an use the /Qb- for install the acronis dds and acronis ties (true image enterprise server, the best version for me) the order for the two install without error is echo off Title Acronis Setup cls echo. echo Now installing Acronis DDS AcronisDiskDirectorSuite.msi PIDKEY=XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX /Qn /norestart echo. echo Now installing Acronis TIES for_servers_and_fpfl\AcronisTrueImageEnterprise.msi PIDKEY=XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX /Qn /norestart exit if wanna delete the start menu shortcuts, add the prompt lines commands is rd /s /q %SystemDrive%\Docume~1\Administrator\MenuIn~1\Programs\Acronis del /s /q %SystemDrive%\Docume~1\Administrador\Desktop\*.lnk rd /s /q %SystemDrive%\Docume~1\Alluse~1\MenuIn~1\Programas\Acronis del /s /q %SystemDrive%\Docume~1\Alluse~1\Desktop\*.lnk and... finishing... if wanna create shortcuts via winrar... add this comment in any SFX Shortcut=Shortcut=S, "%ProgramFiles%\Acronis\Acronis Disk Director\DiskDirector.exe", "Programs\Utilities", "Acronis DD", "Acronis DD" Shortcut=Shortcut=S, "%ProgramFiles%\Acronis\TrueImageEnterpriseServer\TrueImage.exe", "Programs\Utilities", "Acronis TIES", "Acronis TIES" bye
  9. what informations U need for make this compatible with ms office 2003 in portuguese br? U can make this not need to install? (plug and play, run and fun, open and use, portable edition, right?) after integrate sp3, how to convert the admin install to normal install?? is really needed or not? what is the command line for integrate the sp3 in admin install by prompt? thks all!
  10. hi all, see the screen and if need the scripts i suspect if be the new driverpack_LAN in all script show this error now in this real machine the error occurred with low frequently, in the VM it show all this time (chash instantly if i try to access the my network places, or insert any ip in start>run) im not using the dp_lan in mine windows it installed in real machine, but it crash same that the other windows it used thks all... Desktop.7z
  11. hey, thanks for that, i use the xpize from 4.0!!! see about patch windows xp cd, (downloaded the lite in main mirror) when be in the final part for patch, the program close instantly now i back to use 4.6lite... bye

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