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  1. Does Make_pe3 support using WAIK 3.1? Also, what's the difference between using the exe and the batch file? Thanks.
  2. I have used your modded sata-drivers many times on my ICH8-R motherboard when installing 32 bit versions of Windows XP and Windows 7. However, just now I wanted to give Windows 7 64 bit a go because I've added more ram, but the installer won't recognize the modded 64 bit driver. Is there any obvious reason for this that I am missing? Also, there seems to be newer sata drivers available from Intel than the ones, you presently have modded. Care to mod the new ones for us? :-) Thanks.
  3. I have attached my "last session.ini". I would have thought that using nLite with the default settings besides selecting drivers to integrate and create an iso file afterwards would mean that the "last session.ini"-file only would have listings under the DRIVERS heading. But it appears other small thing are being done under all the other headings (i.e. KeepFiles, RemoveFiles etc...). I prefer a perfectly vanilla installation besides from the added drivers - is there any way to not have these other small things done automatically? Thanks in advance. LAST SESSION.INI
  4. I have used nLite for a over a year now and love it. I use RyanVM's Post SP3 update pack and also integrate IE7, WMP11 and drivers. But I have a feeling that an update for IE7 could be the cause of my problem, which is 50& CPU usage on some certain websites. And this is both on my 1.5 GHz Celeron and 2.13 GHz Core 2 Duo. This is an example of one of those webpages: http://btjunkie.org/torrent/America-Freedom-To-Fascism-DivX6-1-HQ-avi/448695639c1947b80d12cdfa86251ef547b23ba596d2 And this webpage runs fine and causes no CPU usage in Firefox, by the way. I've attached my Last Session in the hopes that someone can pinpoint if I am to blame or it is something else. Last_Session.ini
  5. Interesting. I've never copied files around in my driver directories and I've never had an issue. What does copying the Txtsetup.oem file to the inf directory accomplish?. Thanks.
  6. I dont' know this for sure since I haven't tried it myself (I'm happy integrating my SATA drivers and they work perfectly). However, I am convinced that the BIOS overrides any installed SATA drivers. If the SATA drivers were needed or "wanted" you wouldn't be able to install XP without them. And that you are.
  7. Could you please explain WHY this is necessary and what it does? That would be nice to know for us, that aren't quite as much into doing customized installs. So far just slipstreaming the normal way has worked out fine for me. Thanks.
  8. Honestly, I feel stupid. A lot of people talk about nLite, but I've downloaded every version on the download page and they're all 1.4.5. Where do you guys find the silently updated
  9. Where is this version? I just tried downlnoading both the installer and the zip package. Those are only 1.4.5.
  10. Thanks a lot. The answer was right in front of me. The driver I use for my desktop pc has the inf files extracted by default, and I guess that threw me off. Again, thanks for both the file and the instructions. Much appreciated!
  11. I have an old Toshiba Laptop with an Intel 852/855 chipset with integrated graphics. For this chipset, the latest driver is I would like to integrate this driver into an integrated XP SP3 folder. However, there are no inf files in the driver package - they're all cat files. And hence I can't integrate them, as nLite needs inf files to integrate. Does anyone have some advice how to overcome this? Thanks in advance. The driver in question is here: Intel chipset driver
  12. I have an ASUS P5B-E Plus motherboard which uses the exact same driver (pretty sure, at least). But it works perfectly for me - it both integrates and installs fine. Make sure you're using the Win2000 driver from the ACPI (not ACPI64) folder. Also make sure you're integrating the driver as single driver.
  13. sittingduck

    tcp/ip patch

    This works fine and I use it myself: http://www.lvllord.de/
  14. Fernando, just a couple of questions: 1. Nlite recommends removing the SCSI/RAID drivers from XP when integrating other drivers. Shouldn't this be added to the guide, or isn't it really necessary? 2. Likewise with the Intel chipset drivers: Should the original XP drivers be removed after integrating these? In case of yes, what should be removed? Because it doesn't seem there's an easy way to remove chipset drivers with Nlite like there is with the SCSI/RAID drivers. And a suggestion: Instead of extracting the Chipset drivers twice from Intels exe file, just get the zip file instead. Much easier to add the drivers from that one, I think. Thank you for your guide. And thanks to nuhi for a great app.
  15. I also have no problems integrating 939653. The new nlite is working flawlessly for me. Make sure you are not integrating patches that have been replaced by newer ones and make sure that you integrate in an order based on the build date.
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