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  1. When you speak to someone smarter than you its best not to play obtuse. I find it so completely lame and pitiful it really doesnt warrant this response or my time. Obviously the who is the mods who can delete threads and the thread has already been described, but thank you for allowing me to illustrate your inferiority. You are trying to thread crap my warranted and correct response to the deletion of pertinent information with this microsoft contrived supplanted and inferior microsoft help page which I find completely unhelpful and indecipherable most likely because this has been embarrassing for microsoft and someone here is helping them cover it up, but that wouldnt be you would it?(its ok you can just delete my precise insights and no one else will ever know BUT I AND WE WILL)
  2. I've read your very detailed and thought out responses such as he one to nuhi that a new 7lites aka 8lites time has passed. I think both of your questions are a bit ridiculous in light of that. The august update is causing install fails that require system restore that thread had a link to microsoft support delineating the culprit updates and the font cache fix.
  3. Who deleted the thread about the august update black screen fails. Thats bs you guy shouldn't have deleted that thread.
  4. Windows 8 is the future it is superior, faster, and with fast fade slide metro there is no longer an argument for pulling the mouse all the way to the left side of the screen to click in tiny menus. Its faster and more hot key integrated which should have happened a long time ago. Adapt or perish; the time it takes you to learn a new interface is nothing compared with the reduced stress from using it. Sure it will have to be hammered out, but business never upgrades to the newest os anyway. All your points are moot. You will change nothing. Being blunt is not trolling..................... it's helping you let go of your clinging delusion.
  5. I'd rather just use grub. Not interested in learning a new syntax(and rebooting a million times more) or can i just use grub.conf from the linux partition? You can use a grub bootrecord on an ntfs parition if initiated by bcd ive done it before. I dont think grub4dos will be any different than grub. The way grub works is there are stages stage one is the bootrecord which initiates stage 2 which i believe is what you see on the screen to select os when then initiates the kernel upon selection. The grub4dos second stage couldnt install to the linux partition. The problem is in the bootrecord aka stage 1 because its not getting to the linux partition. Have you done this personally?
  6. I have windows 7 installed to array with all other drives not connected. Im using windows 7 on raptor raid 0 array with the mbr on this array. On a second 250gb hdd that i partitioned into 3 80gb +/- os drives and small swap for linux. I have snow leopard on the first partiton which boots fine when setup with easybcd. The next partition is gentoo with grub installed to that partition and the bootrecord on that partition. The third is a windows xp-64. The osx and xp partitions boot fine with easybcd but the gentoo partition wont boot. All I see is grub in upper left of screen. I am using all the settings I used previously which worked but now I cant get to the gentoo partition. I believe I need some kind of custom copy of the bootrecord from the gentoo partition. Ive tried the method from the port25 website and the easybcd method which i believe copies or creates a bootrecord itself that it copies then boots from root partition sending it to the corresponding partiton. Ive tried both methods so i believe I must make a custom bootrecord, but can't find any software or tools to do so. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Get some error about cant play the windows 7 games after i vlited out parental controls. Anyone have a workaround?
  8. yeah needs cascade other than that youll get used to it. sometimes it brings the wrong window to the front so its still a little buggy.
  9. Searched around found this http://www.withinwindows.com/2009/03/15/wi...-customization/. The only Background.bmp I see is 1024x768 so when I stretch this as wallpaper I get jaggies on the reeds and wisps. Downloaded some 1920x1200 jpgs off google images and stretched those on wallapaper; I also get jaggies tho not as bad. My desktop is 2304x1440. Essentially I want the Windows 7 7057 logon screen as my desktop wallpaper as clean and smooth as the reeds and wisps(no jaggies) do on the logon screen.(something else is doing the resizing for the logon if 1920x1200 is the largest image it has on disk; find it hard to believe this is all being resized from the 1024x768 background.bmp from system32\oobe)
  10. Yes, thank you andre. Sorry couldnt get back to this sooner been very busy.
  11. Really like the bootscreen wallpaper on 7127. Don't know if it was in previous release, but if someone knows its location on the driver or online for a large widelscreen desktop would be greatly appreciated. The one with the hummingbird.
  12. Looks like a much more detailed way to edit it just dont like wasting discs rather have a definitive answer.
  13. Yeah ive been reading maybe the differences are slimmer than I thought no offense grope but its late here and i have to go to bed so im gonna try straight for the source. Nuhi,heh if you see this or anyone else but you better have a very comprehensive ans , can you tell us the differences between the 2 is the only difference the service configurations in server 2008 and ultimate? or was some kind of drm eliminated and 2008 is really faster? Please lets try to avoid posts that say absolutely nothing like \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/
  14. Build number image title anyone? Forums where you saw a post about this is there SP1 etc etc?
  15. I think on my other box I keep getting a bluescreen with this file listed because I have a modified bios on my old 7900gtx and the tighter security measures have allowed nvidia to close the bios performance increase hole because they use the same cores on all their cards and then control the lesser models with onboard ram, drivers, and id resisitors. Nvidia must have learned of the bios editing, and Microsoft and all thier hardware companies have colluded to shutdown user tweaked performance. See the way I think the game works is Microsoft imposes stricter standards that cost more for certification and then the hardware companies can close tweak performance security holes and pay Microsoft for these more expensive certifications because then the OS acts as an umbrella to force hardware upgrades(artificial demand) aka the problems we are seeing in all the Vista drivers like Nvidia and Creative who have been pretending they cant code a Vista driver when the reality is they are just playing stupid, and they want the drivers to look unfinished so they can blame incompatibility with older cards on code technicality and force people off old hardware on their move to Vista.
  16. no offense fel but you are a noob tweaker you need to learn all of the other easier tweaks like hardware etc before you get into the os tweaks there are os tweaks you can learn that are basic but what you are talking about is out of your league and is something that no one is just gonna tell you considering all the time they had to put in to get to that level of knowledge
  17. You are in luck I happen to have this link handy also never integrate service pack if it already comes integrated. Somehow, don't ask me how, its actually a little slower non integrated than integrated. I would suggest finding one of the builds listed on this link. I know its a pain, but here you go and goodluck. Also as a sidenote does anyone know if he can use his key on Ultimate or is it a stickler for that kind of stuff? Vista SP1 g0d lInK
  18. No screen render comes out as clean as Vista thats why I compared it to all other high quality OS(aiglx); sound quality is also far superior in Vista compared to all other os. I personally feel that many components can be removed from vista with no side effects and look at the bugs these guys are coming up with. Most users don't install all these coding packages or cut their os down to the bare nub and really I don't think you should try to cut everything out till you know what your doing(sure a detailed guide would be nice too bad people don't work together that efficiently). We all know the footprint of Vista is too big, and there are too many uneeded dlls etc or things that most users will never use. Speech support is great but I found it unusable(wanna try hacking in a wiimote instead). Sounds like you know vLite so even in your own mind you know your post is silly. They get you coders thinking on upkeep so much that you often don't do anything just because of the "support". Seems like mirroring of the corporate penny pinching mentality, personally I find it negative and unappealing.
  19. I know you dont wanna hear this but you should make another vlite and try to figure out what you did wrong without specific information not allot to tell you to do to fix it. Also why not vista ultimate? If you are a gamer you should install a 64 bit os I know in the XP days it caused a loss of 2 or 3 frames, but in long mode(64 bit registers in cpu opened), I find games and the hardware itself is much more stable(the stability and smoothness of the os and game is worth 3 frames). Not sure how keys with vista work as I have ultimate myself and have no need to use lesser OS. You could post a vLite preset and hopefully someone with more knowledge can help you.
  20. vLite @#$!s your mother @#$%!. I won't even use Vista without it. Oh btw moron Vista is faster than xp if you know what your doing, but an az clown like you doesn't know how to tie shoelaces. Look everything comes loose by default until you have had a clean system you dont know how a pc works. Keep waiting for code lags to give you what you want. My shet blinks. I'm watching hd movies on clane az coreavc ffdshow I have 400 hd movies in my collection now. I don't even have time to watch them all. It's cleaner than sabayon. It's cleaner than xp; you know nothing. You aren't on my level of entertainment and you never will be; no wonder you find a pc boring, and have to go play outside for fun. I don't spend all my time on the pc, but yes I spend most of my day on it, and to be honest thomas jefferson said you cant be free and ignorant so we know you are a slave. Information never ends and I can tell you are mentally stunted. Peace out stupid.
  21. I get a window asking me to install unsigned driver I clicked no the second time and still same thing happened. Well I don't see anyone else having the same problem with sp1 so I guess I'll just have to do it again. Not sure whats happening because on all my vlites my drivers never install...... Anyway thanks for your time. Also, the nforce drivers dont seemt to be installing either but maybe thats just storage I read something about raid driver being TEXTMODE, but I guess those were troublesome with me on nlite as well. Regardless I still very much appreciate nlite and vlite as they made plane old vista a great os for me to game on and I'm sure when I nail this it will be even better. This kernel is god. Oh by the way is it just me or does windowblinds make vista and xp a little faster?
  22. Sorry about that ok only thing i can think of now that its day 2 is I axed the display drivers I guess I should just leave those but I figured there was some kind of default innate that the gpu would pick up. VistaSP1.ini
  23. Installled fine, everything seems to be in order. I don't understand what went wrong........
  24. I heard it was 6001.18000.080126-2040 but, when I msgd those that had it the told me it was a fake. I heard 6001.18000.080126-1840 has a major bug which leaves me wondering which one it is. I've looked all over I don't think anyone has it yet. Figured this would be a good way to start off a thread on this because I can't wait to run vlite 1.1 on it and frankly this forum has more knowledge on this than anyone else. All help greatly appreciated. Please lets avoid disinformation.
  25. Need a faster way to look at folder sizes because I have to burn allot of files to disks and I need to be able to divide them up between multiple folders, before I burn. I like to use as much of the disk as possible so far ive burned over 400 discs like this and its getting old to right click and look at properties.

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