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  1. Thanks everyone YAP the checksum was wrong. Tried another download method and the checksum was OK, and the installer worked. Also thanks for MD5Check.
  2. KB314106 fixes did not work. Note that my work system is a vanilla WinXP with SP3 installed so there's no issue with Sound Blaster cards, etc. I cannot make heads or tails of your "bad download "autofixed" by some AV utility" reference My top question is, why in the hell is nLite installer using NTDOS at all nLite is for WinXP, so why not a standard 32bit MSI or Setup.exe type installer?
  3. UPDATE Just tried the same nLite Installer on my WinXP SP3 system at work. Got exact same error. Also found MS KB324767 Tried fixing Config.nt & Autoexec.nt as stated (copied/pasted suggested entries), did NOT fix.
  4. First, it does not matter if you launch from Command Prompt or not. I run WinXP Pro SP3.
  5. Downloaded v1.4.9.1 to install, tried both archive & installer. A Command Prompt box opens and I get an error message about a NTVDM CPU illegal instruction. Looks like downloads are running a non-standard (Windows) installer. I do have .NET Framework installed (versions 2.0 SP2, 3.0 SP2, 3.5 SP1) What I'm missing to install nLite
  6. You misunderstand. I am NOT using nLite for commercial use. I am using nLite to produce a personal WinXP SP3 Setup CD. Sorry, my fault, I didn't make that clear. Microsoft says they are NOT going to release a Setup CD with SP3 like we have for SP2. So, if have SP3 installed and you want to use any XP function that asks for your Setup CD, it will ask for SP3 not the old SP2 you have from Microsoft.
  7. First, at work we OEM WinXP using Microsoft's OPK, which is very similar to nLite. We do slipstream Win Updates via a CMD file run during the OEM Factory build step. Our UPDATE.CMD just executes the update EXE with quite & no-restart switches. The problem is our method cannot be used when the update is a MSI Installation EXE (file has package icon). We get an switch error msg. So we manually install these updates at the User Desktop, via Win Updates. Will nLite Slipstream (aka execute) MSI Installations by executing the EXE? Essentially I want to have .NET (2 SP1 & 3 SP1) installed as part of WinXP setup. Do I run the MSI Installations during the SP step or hotfix step? Of course, I can use the runonce unattend method. I will be using nLite mainly to build a WinXP Pro SP3 Setup CD.
  8. Please clearify your calculation. What do you mean by "1=65535" or "1=62065,5" For me, in both Calculator & Excel: 850*77 = 65450
  9. You did check your Spelling options, right? Outlook Tools menu Options Spelling tab
  10. Bet you have Norton/Symantec AntiVirus (NAV) installed. SVCHOST.EXE a NAV's antivirus service. Don't do anything with it
  11. The Taskbar is a very special Window. The way it was explained to me, way back, is to think of it as a Window with only a Toolbar, and everything is a button on this special Toolbar. The exception is the Taskbar Tray (where the clock is), it too is a special Window. Therefore, just like any Toolbar the Context Menu (right-click) is fixed and cannot be edited.
  12. Take a look at ref.chm. In TimeZone section, there is an (expandable) listing of all available timezones. (I don't have access at the moment to check.) Ah.... ref.chm where? Builder site, OPK Tool Kit?
  13. OK, when using OPK to build a PE Builder image, the Add an Application dialog has Command line options. Where's a list of command line options and definitions? One screenshot I can see of the dialog has /Q/N/Z but no explanation of what they mean.
  14. I've been trying to get an answer to this for weeks. "TimeZone=105" what?! What is the number 105 referring too? It's not actual timezone, at least not as far as any references I can find. Is there a table that would show me timezone related to number use in this context?

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