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  1. Guys, please help as Im close to pulling out every piece of hair I have left. I want to integrate some updates into my WIN7 Ultimate x64 HU-HU disc, which is already updated up to August. Whatever program I try, the hotfixes just wont get integrated. vLite even returns an error message saying some files are missing, integration will terminate. I tried 7customizer, RT7 Lite, and a few more. The process seems to run, but then the hotfixes do not appear in the installed updates list, Maybe it has to do with dism forcing 32bit file system? However I dont have control over that in any of these programes. Any ideas?
  2. Google up the default sound scheme of good old WindowsXP. Of course once you got the sound files, you will have to add them manually.
  3. Hi! I tried to untegrate this fix for IE7, but it n-lite failed. Screenshot attached. Cheers! kkf
  4. Seems like the problem only exists if you try to use an already modded XP install done with earlier versions of nlite. If I use further to mod the already modded install, it works fine. You really do need a clean install if you want to use 1.3.5. However although 1.2.1 doesnt have the same features, 1.2.1 and seem to be fully compatible with one another in this respect.
  5. kkfhu

    Glitch? No error either. Attached the preset file for comparison. tweaksandsettings1304.ini
  6. kkfhu


    I just did the same with version 1.2.1. This time no error messages, so it must be those extra features/settings causing the glitch that were introduced in 1.3.5. Again attached the preset file for comparison. tweaksandoptions1old.ini
  7. kkfhu


    Hi! Theres this small glitch I would like to report using nlite 1.35. I used an ISO of Windows XP Professional HUNGARIAN, which was circulated on a local ftp. This is an already modified version as it had SP2 and all fixes integrated into it up to this February, additionally it was configured semi unattended (no enter CD-key, no restarts). Other than that it wasnt modified. Im guessing the mods were done using nlite. Now I took this version and tried to tailor it perfectly to my needs and created a new iso. However when the installer was in the process of "Registering components" or "Registering modules" (I dont know the exact English translation) an error window appeared about half way saying: "ERROR UPDATING REG KEY SECURITY". If you click OK, the installation finishes alright and the installation seems to be fully functional. I tried both the source I was using and my modded version on Microsoft Virtual Machine only. The source version (which is already modded by nlite) doesnt display this glitch, only the nlite modded one does. Im attaching the preset by which I made my new ISO if it is of any help. If you could determine the source of this I would be very grateful, as that popup window with the error message in the middle of the installation process is rather annoying. I think Im also gonna try this with the previous version. Cheers! tweaksandoptions1.ini
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