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  1. hey all, i'm in search of a decent collection of sounds for my windows 7 computer. i'm sick of the irritating, ugly sounds that came preloaded. i'm looking for simple, clean, discreet notification sounds that don't offend the ear. i've been searching combinations of relevant keywords for far too long and i can't find anything (which surprised me). i'm sure there are themes that replace sounds as well as wallpapers, but it seems like there must be an easier way than installing dozens of themes trying to find sounds i can stand...as such, i'm looking for a website that hosts themes that can be previewed before downloading. does such a site exist?? thanks in advance, huh
  2. I don't recall specifically how I got the win7 installation onto the usb stick. I've since formatted. If I'm correct I believe I used "Novicorp WinToFlash" to make the drive bootable and add the installation. I am completely unfamiliar with Linux, but I have been fiddling with it for a couple days, installed Ubuntu 10.10 x64 to the drive several times (had some problems but never with installation of OS) and I've used the Universal USB Installer (v1.8.1.5) as linked on Ubuntu's website to install both with and without persistence. Installing both the Win7 setup and Ubuntu's live installer with persistence are no problem for me. I just haven't been able to think of a method of doing both and making them both available to select from when booting from the usb drive. I think though that the previous poster's link will provide directions. It's 1am and I've got an early start, though, so this will have to wait a while. Thank you both for your assistance thus far, I look forward to working on this with your help.
  3. Read the stickies in this very forum. Choose one of the available methods. Try it. Easiest should be: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=120444 Plese note how there are TWO versions of the thingy: 0.2.3 STABLE 1.0 BETA that use DIFFERENT methods. jaclaz Phew, that looks like a long read. I'll give it a go when I've got a little spare time. I'll post results.
  4. i've been using an 8gb usb stick to install win7 for a while now and want the option to do so in the future. today i decided to try ubuntu as well. i loaded ubuntu onto a 1gb usb stick and toyed with it a bit. i can't, however, update the os due to the space requirements. what i'd like to do is partition (or something like that) my 8gb usb stick so that i can boot from bios into either the win7 setup or the ubuntu persistence install. i'd like to do so because throughout the day i use a few different machines and i'd like to have the option to format/reinstall win 7 with my usb stick AND boot the machine into ubuntu from the same device. i haven't tried anything yet, just looking for some expert opinions first. thoughts?
  5. ubuntu 10.10 live usb battery window
  6. No luck...same problem. "0% plugged in not charging"
  7. Done and done. I can't seem to locate my battery, but as soon as I do I'll post the results. Again, thank you very much for your help and prompt responses!
  8. hmm, ok... WSUSSCAN or Windows6.1-KB2293330-x64? sry, learning as i go here...
  9. Rick, thanks or your prompt response! That's why I always turn to msfn first. Firstly, I'm using an Intel chipset, and I noticed in the description of this update that it seems to be AMD-specific, shown here: As a result, I haven't attempted your resolution. I'm using a Toshiba A200-TH1 that I've had since '07. It's got an Intel Core2 Duo T5450.
  10. so, i have a feeling this is a common error and a common problem discussed and "resolved" in pretty much every techie venue online by now....there are tons of google results. thing is, i've tried them all. what i've done: 1.shut down 2.remove ac 3.remove battery 4.replace ac 5.power on 6.uninstall device manager->batteries->ms acpi-compliant control method battery 7.power down 8.remove ac 9.replace battery 10.reconnect ac 11.power on ...same problem... i've also tried simply uninstalling the ms acpi-compliant control method battery and then using the device manager "scan for hardware changes" button to reinstall that feature. no result. anyone know of another fix? i'm running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit on a toshiba a200 - th1 thanks in advance!
  11. waik install problem

    hello? anyone out there?
  12. waik install problem

    i'm running vista sp1, fresh install, fully updated.