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  1. Curiously, I have seen this a couple of times - a USB being recognised partially as a floppy. The driver for the rest of the stick was stored on the 'floppy' portion of the USB, I assume to ensure compatibility with all computers. That said, it was a while ago, and I never looked into it -sorry :S

  2. I was thinking about the possiblity of making an AIO USB stick. I have quite a bit of experience with booting linux from USB sticks, and from reading around here it seems similar things are possible with Windows. But I was wondering about installing OSX on a stick as well.

    TBH, I haven't actually experimented yet, not having a decent USB stick to hand, but I was just wondering if anyone else had considered this? No forum topics came to light on a quick search.

    Anyway, this might be of interest: http://www.macgeekblog.com/blog/archive/20...m-pendrive.html

    i.e. it is possible to have it by itself - is it possible to chain load it from another loader?


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