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  1. I was looking for a way to directly insert a boot sector into an image. Every piece of software that I've come across so far (magic ISO, ultra ISO...) also re-saves/re-structures the remaining content of the disc. Is it possible to simply directly insert a boot image? I can happily use dd if required.



  2. Well, the patches to things like the 'add printer' dialogue are still there, but the theme is non functional.

    I have IE7+WMP11 integrated, automatically with nlite. _After_ XPize install during guirunonce (I ran it non silent to check timing), I get the 'setting up personalized settings', including the message:

    Setting up personalized settings for:

    Themes settings

    I imagine this is what is causing it, but I don't know how to prevent this :S BTW, thanks for all your help!!!


    (out of interest, I don't think it's IE7/WMP11 - I tried it on a clean retail ISO with the same result :S although in that case, I integrated with nlite as opposed to guirunonce)

  3. It has been actualized - I've slipstreamed in absolutely everything ^_^

    However, for me, guirunonce seems to run before all the IE setting up etc...otherwise, I can't quite see what would be causing this problem, and why an immediate restart would resolve it? I will try again though. Any clues what might be causing the theme to fail then?

    (currently I have:


    <<Commands to install .net1.1 + 4 hotfixes>>

    "%windir%\system32\xpize.exe /S")


  4. I can't understand it, but even if I use GuiRunOnce, darkside doesn't install, unless I set it to auto-reboot afterwards (shutdown -r -t 0)! I think this may have something to do with the fact that normally, straight after these commands are run, the installs like 'setting Internet Explorer Preferences' etc are set, but I'm not sure...can anyone shed light on this problem?

    Actually, I've just performed this mod on an original retail disk using nlite to integrate darkside...and it doesn't work. The sidebars are changed, but none of the theme thigns - background, start menu, etc......am I missing something? Sorry if I'm being stupid!



  5. I'm currently working on an unattended install disk, but I can't get the upgrade install to work - however I upgrade it seems to require an install key. It also seems fairly hit and miss as to whether it uses my winnt.sif options. I take it I need to rename this to unattend.txt and add it to the i386 folder?

    This link:


    was very useful, but it only worked if I ran upgrade.exe directly for some reason. Can anyone provide a link or any info concerning getting the upgrade to work correctly? Most guides only seem to cover a booted install. I have no space concrens incidentally, and can happily keep any required files/folders.

    Is it possible to simply use a batch script to do:

    winnt32.exe /unattend //for upgrade

    winnt32.exe /unattent:unattend.txt //for clean install

    Would these have the effect I'm looking for?

    I tested the first one, but for some reason, it throws a product key error ("Does not contain a valid product ID"), even though I have



    in my unattend.txt.

    If I then manually enter the key I give, however, it works! Can anybody shed any light on this?



  6. Yeah, I've seen mindows before, very cool project.

    I'm guessing, using these two pieces of info (a guide for stripping out components and an entire custom installer) it must be possible to do most things with enough tampering? Time to start fiddling....

  7. Ah, cool, thanks, this is useful, although...how extensible is it? Can this same principle be applied to much of 95/98?

    Anyone familiar with any other particular resources on this topic?


  8. I was looking to produce stripped windows 95/98/Me discs. The raw ones I have take up the better part of an entire CD, and much of this is unnecessary. Many tutorials exist for stripping down installations post-install, but I can't find many good ones for boot discs. I know programs such as 98lite exist, but 1) they cost and more importantly 2) they don't teach me much. Can anyone point me in the direction of any good guides? I'm sorry if I'm being exceptionally dim!



  9. Sorry, perhaps I am being silly, or misunderstanding, but the stickied 2k3 workstation topic at the top of the forum suggests that you can convert 2k3 to a workstation, and then follow the winXP unattended guide...however, the convesion page is for already-installed systems, whereas the unattended disc is for an installation source. So how is this possible?

    If it is not, is there some other way to convert 2k3 into an unattended workstation installation?

    Many thanks,


  10. I have been working on a boot disk - it currenty does DOS, 3.1, 98, NT, XP, 2K, ME, 2k3, Vista, reatogo, Knoppix and DSL. However, I am now starting to run out of space, and had a few things I wanted to add yet. I have stripped down XP, 2k, 2k3 and Vista carefully using nLite and vLite, but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for the older versions? I have found guides such as nano98, but these always seem to concern post-install methods. Can anyone point me towards any such guides?

    Also, are there any gaping holes in what I'm doing? (the intention was to have the ability to install all the major versions of windows together with a few fun tools...I was thinking for example both server and workstation versions of 2k, and maybe winPE 2.0...)



  11. Awesome, thanks. I've done this now, and am preparing to reseal tomorrow, but must first find my longhorn 4xxx disk. Many thanks again for the guide, I'll report my results here as I go along - so far almost everything has worked smoothly. I've integrated Media Centre and Tablet tools successfully, tho I had to stop the MCE receiver service to prevent an event warning on startup [i don't use the features it provides anyway], and it still always gives a note saying a media centre extender is connected every time I shut down, even though I don't - I must look into the latter before sealing I suspect. Have you come across this at all?

    The only other issue I had was that where BDD put all my drivers into a single folder, nLit only recognised one of those within this folder. I ended up manually putting them into separate folders (thankfully I didn't have nearly as many drivers as you!). Is this stupidity on my part?



    [edit] Sorry, one final question, if I may: I saw you did the 'Ultimate' modification to 2k3 - did you also have the error stating you drivers were incompatible, and does this rectify itself once installed on hardware for which you can provide valid drivers?

  12. Ah, awesome, thanks very much, worked perfectly!!

    For anyone who might come across this and have the same problems as me replacing msgina.dll:

    I had this server installed on a 40gb disk in VMWare under vista, with the result that I could not replace msgina.dll while it was running, nor in safe mode, nor with a bootable windows disc, nor even by mapping it to a letter. The eventual solution I used was to boot to safe mode with command prompt, and replace it that way!


  13. I was wondering how one might set about changing the 'Windows is starting up' screen? There are lots of guides regarding the logon screen, or the boot screen, but I cannot find any for this. I have looked through logonui, but none of the bitmaps seem to match this one? Can anybody point me in the right direction?

    Many thanks,



  14. dexter,

    I've been following the process, and I'm very impressed by not only your research, but also the detail in your guide! I had two little problems whilst following it though:

    1) You have an absolute mountain of drivers; I realised not all of these are required, but as a general rule, will the mass storage drivers distributed with windows be sufficient for install on most computers, if you add them correctly into sysprep?

    2) I was unsure how to transfer the settings across to the default user. I've created a second user, and installed everything I wish under that user, but how do I now transfer the settings to the default user? And do I need to do anything to the admin account? This is immediately before sysprep.

    Many thanks!!


  15. Yep, I did that - replaced it in safe mode. After rebooting and finding it didn't work, I even then went back and rechecked ntoskrnl one I'd rebooted, and it was still my version. I've checkedd my boot.ini - it's definitely unmodified (i.e. it must be using my ntoskrnl). I'm sorry, I know this sounds like I must have made an exceptionally silly error, but I have checked these things!

  16. Hey guys,

    I've been following all the stunning progress you guys have been making here - very impressive! I had one other suggestion though, that might work. If you read uberplay's OEM guide (http://uberplay.org/Documents/oemguide3.html), it demonstrates how it is possible to use sysprep + vistaPE to install any version of windows for which a sysprep exists. Notably, it does a vista-style partitioning system I believe, then simply installs your carefully setup system - you can even integrate all sorts of drivers, hotfixes and programs very easily, and with a faster install time than nlite gives. As vista can easily be installed from a USB disc, I imagine this can? Has anyone tried this?


  17. I've been trying to change the boot screen on windows XP Pro SP2. According to all the guides, all you need do is patch ntoskrnl, so I did this, and nothikng changed. Another suggested patching uxtheme.dll, so then did this as well, and still no change. Bootskin and Tuneup Utilities both work, so I took the kernel (the oddly named one) from TU, and restarted the process from scratch - used its ntoskrnl, then patched uxtheme, and still there was no change. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I've spent a long time searching for guides and carefull checking my PSP work.


  18. I'm in the midst of creating an install according to flyakite's guide. I've got several of the OSes working already, but Win2k always hangs on final tasks while 'saving settings'. I have re-extracted both the CD and the boot files several times, manually, from flyakite's downloads and by geitonaki's method, but it always hangs in the same place, even though the original disc from which it is created works perfectly.

    Does anyone have any ideas at all?



    [edit] Hey, I'm awfully sorry, I did it once more using the VM method, and this time it worked. Plaease feel free to delete this thread!

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