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  1. windows add ons

    thanx i'll try that when i get a chance
  2. windows add ons

    i'm looking for a progresses bar and shows me the size of the free space, used space like on windows vista dose. that's what i'm looking for in a disk space monitor.
  3. windows add ons

    Hi, is there a add on for windows xp for disk space monitor out there? if so please post a link here. it's hard to find out there. it can be either try monitor or one that intergrates to explorer.
  4. free calbe internet

    hi, where do i get free cable internet for all states?
  5. What Makes A Windows Binary?

    my question extractly. what is windows binary?
  6. Internet Explorer Problem

    you have to dwnload it with internet explorer to install for ie.
  7. here is how i did this. i put in the full path of my doc's into internet explorer options for home folder instead of home page. instead of home page why not have a home folder example: url: in internet explorer options c:\Mydoc's\
  8. VB6 SP5 Not sure it's installed or not on XP machine

    tarun is correct vb6 has sp6 out right now it's been there for along time
  9. can't find mini micro cool@cam driver

    the name brand i think it says microcam i suposs. i still need to know whitch software also is good for this brand.
  10. can't find mini micro cool@cam driver

    hello i am unable to find a mini micro cool@cam can some help me find the driver for it? also another quesiton. which software would be good for this?
  11. is there any good multi monitor software and orthing stuff?

    I'm still looking for more settings for both monitors like nforce has to offer and microsoft. extending desktop is one way. still i'm look very good amount of software the programers have to offer. presides ultramon.
  12. How to create custom recovery partition

    i have a similar idea. creating a mantaince mode. for defraging, cleanup and anti spyware, virus scaning. basic like all this mode is about is. Cleanup your windows with the utilities you have installed. I'v got one question is there about we can do something like this? picture my idea. i see good ideas here.........................
  13. my inf's

    I'm also learning how to use scripts. can someone explain to me how to write inf's so i do have a understanding?
  14. Hi there OS users, is there any good multi monitor software out trhere?
  15. [question] How do I disable ISA slots?

    how about redirecting the IRQ'S from the isa, then someway of disabling teh isa slot which it has memory. also there is memory on the board can be used whitch it isn's beeing used by windows xp. is this possible?