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  1. Can someone explain step by step how to do this with bartPE ? Somehow I'm getting confused. I know how to create/modify/customize bartPE CD's but I'm not sure how to do it with HDD. This is the part where I'm getting confused: 1. How to put the XP installation files on the final bartPE 2. How to start the whole recovery from bartPE Tnx. for any help
  2. Thank you guys for the good info. Looks like I'll be doing some reading before I start the project. I found some info already, but this is by doing it the Microsoft way, thru WAIK & OEM installation kit. The only problem is, I haven't got the OEM kit. I've dowloaded the WAIK yesterday & I found this I've got a copy of Acronis true image the latest version, our manager at work gave us a free copy last week or so. I'll check it out for sure. Is there any advantage using Acronis over Ghost? I know Ghost is well known as a defacto application for cloning/imaging/recovery but is it able to do what I want? Anyone with good experiences? I'm just wondering how is done by the big companies, because they must be %100 sure that their recovery solution is reliable & user friendly(average joe & technicians). Probably the easiest way to do it is by creating "technician machine" with all of the drivers, applications, updates then to create hidden recovery partition with Acronis. There must be some sort of automated way of creating recovery partitions. Imagine if HP has to do it by hand for every single new model PC or notebook
  3. Hi guys, Recently I did couple of BartPE CD's for system recovery, virus removal, data recovery... I'm just wondering if there's any info on how to create custom hidden recovery partition, similar to the ones that HP, TOSHIBA, DELL, Compaq are using. I use this feature at work quite a bit and works well. I find it very useful for quick and easy setup & recovery. My goal is to create custom recovery partition with XP SP2 including drivers for Graphic Card, LAN, Sound Card ... then by pressing F11(or any assigned button) during boot to start automated system recovery/reinstall/win repair. Any info is greatly appreciated. DSP8000

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