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  1. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=13854&hl=
  2. Hi all, Thanks for your replys, I haven't seen this thread till now because I forgot to turn on thread tracking and assuming that I would get a mail on reply. Even then I finally dropped the fear of destroying something with experimentation and decided to go ahead with the idea. But when I tried installing two smps, I wondered how to power them up. Then I remebered my old PC (tomato board with cyrix 120Mhz processor with 16MB RAM and 650MB hard disk....antiques anyone;) and swapped the smps . Then I connected the old AT smps to optical drives and connected its power in cord to powerout of the atx smps in my pc. The at smps's switch(on/off) is always kept on and it powers up along with the atx smps. So finally they are a happy couple .
  3. Hi, recently I had problems with my smps and got it repaired. It is rated at 300 watt. After that I baught a dvd writer.Now I have a cd writer, a dvd writer, and two hard disks. But it seems that my smps is not able to power all of them. I had to disconnect the cd writer. Now I have a 270 watt smps from my old system, can I use it to connect the cd writer? or will that give me any probs. thanks in anticipation.
  4. the uninstall issue is fixed now. As you might notice, The method I mentioned does create uninstall enties but they do not work. It is fixed now though uninstall are not unattended .
  5. artbio: Hi, Right now I'm on linux. I'll check out later today about the uninstall entries and let you know about them. crahak and rest, gVIM is more than a simple text editor and the only competent I've seen so far is xEmacs. You have to use them to feel 'em, there is no other way. (I'm an ordant fan amn't I?)
  6. One more prob, I installed dvorak layout for my keyboard. But it changes only for gui mode not in the text mode. also I get two layouts US&US-dvorak. How can I get rid of US layout in install itself. I also get the language bar. I want to get rid of that too. here is the snippet from my winnt.sif [RegionalSettings] LanguageGroup=1 SystemLocale=00000409 UserLocale=00000409 InputLocale=0409:00010409 InputLocale_DefaultUser=0409:00010409 thankyou
  7. This might be pretty trivial but I'm posting this for those who doesn't have a clue about what to do. This is how I created an unattended install when the NSIS failed to silent install.(It throws up the prompt if I want to install?yes|no) I downloaded vim63rt.zip and gvim63.zip(or you can get vim63ole.zip if you prefer to) from Vim downloads. then I extracted them to my testgrounds(G:, The drive I use 4 experimenting). Now download and place the attached uninstaller and place it in (testgrounds)\vim\vim63 folder. this created a folder structure like follows (testgrounds) | -Vim | -vim63 | -install.exe -uninstall-gui.exe -(Other files) Then I created a file [vinst.cmd] in 'Vim' directory @echo off cd vim63 echo. | install.exe -create-batfiles gvim evim gview gvimdiff -create-vimrc -install-popup -install-openwith -add-start-menu -create-directories vim -register-OLE cd .. echo colorscheme evening>>_vimrc del vinst.cmd notice the echo colorscheme evening>>_vimrc line, this is to customise the vim. To add more settings, add more lines similar to it. see the vim manual on _vimrc file and replace the colorscheme evening part with anything you want. now select the contents of the vim directory, i.e, vim63 folder and vinst.cmd file (not the vim directory) and rar them(get winrar from www.rarlab.com). now click on the sfx button and then 'Advanced SFX options'. Enter "Vim" as path to extract and select "create in program files" radio button. enter vinst.cmd in "Run after extraction" text box. Then go to Modes (third) tab nad select Hide all for silent mode and overwrite all files for overwrite mode. click ok and again ok. you will get an exe file in the same directory as your rar file. Double click it to silent install or copy it to $OEM$\$1\Install\VIM and add the following to your RunOnceEx.cmd REG ADD %KEY%\020 /VE /D "gVIM 6.3" /f REG ADD %KEY%\020 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\install\VIM\vim.exe" /f see aarons Unattended guide for more details on later method. uninstall_gui.exe
  8. Hi, Lemme try to add something to this. I added a small C program (obviously costomised for the specific cd) that when run, shows a menu for the user and creates corresponding batch script, which is then run to complete the installation and again checks for a new cd. And for creating the batch script I can hard code the batch commands in the prog, or use a file created in some pre defined format.Which one would you propose? The usage of a menu might look against the unattended spirit. But Even for changing a cd , user intervention is needed. and the inputs can be given right away then. Moreover I added a small timer for timeout of full install (all the apps on the cd). I doubt the platform indipendence of the timer. however it just works fine with me. If I can , I'll get back to you with the prog. ASAP. and don't refrain from giving any feedback. bye PS: My MoBo has gone for a replacement. I'll have to wait till the new one returns, So that i can give You the prog code.
  9. Thanks a lot aaron. Now I do feel sorta stupid to waste ur time when I had the whole thing right here in my uninstall list. any ways thanks again. btw if you don't mind one more question, Is it simply that the white icons use type-1 installation and the packet shaped ones type -2 or is there any that require special switches/instalation modes etc. Thankyou a lot.
  10. Hi evryone, Tat collection of hotfixes is nice,Three cheers to you aaron. Is there a similar list some where for getting the recommended updates too. I tried to get them trough windows update but I ended up installing them and I don't now what hot fixes I need now. Can some one help plz cuz It is not practical to reinstall the xp just to get the list of hotfixes. Tahnks
  11. lemme see, hmmm.. first I wanted an unattended xp cd and googled for it. I came across this wonderful manual at unattended.MSFN.org which links to gosh.msfnhosting.com. I was really fascinated not only about reduction of source, or AIOs' but everything that could b found here. Then I ecide to dig deep and, phew..., here I am. landed right in this thread. ^_^
  12. hi gosh, Your batch file is gr8. but I have a dvd combo drive and cd drive. when I use one of them, the script fails to read from the other and it flagsan error msg saying "not ready reading drive (x:)". Though I can keep a cd just for the sake of it, the situations gets worse as the dvd combo includes a sony memory stick drive and I don't have any memory sticks to engage it. i have to press f to continue. It wouldn't really be a unattended install, would it? plz help. Is there a way to suppress errors ?something like fail on all errors. thanku
  13. Hi, Can someone tell me how to change drive letters (of the folders other than boot and system drive ofcourse) at the setup time in an unattended install? I use win98 and xp dual boot. I install the prog files for both os on the 98 drive to save space .For this I can simply change the value of progfiles in winnt.sif. However I have a mix of ntfs and fat volumes. as ntfs are not accessible in 98, the drive letters are inconsistant from 98 and xp. So I move them a bit around to make it convinient. It would be gr8 if I can do this b4 installing apps in unattended as the drive letter is prone to change. thanking you in anticipation....

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