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  1. There needs to be a check made to see if the subscriptions are working. While I have been a member there has been no deductions taken from my PayPal account or from earlier; my bank account. I have been a Silver then Gold supporter but no transactions have been made.

    1. Glenn9999


      Indeed.  If there's going to be recognition of donations, they really need to be kept up here. (I kicked a sum of money here about 5 months ago...)

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  2. I agree with Tommy, haven't seen nothing original on the net in a long time. I'm tempted to leave the computer world altogether. Stuff gets boring after while.

    1. Glenn9999


      Indeed.  I used to be totally amped up and excited to even upgrade a piece of software.  Or look on the market and try everything.  Or code.  Or play the newest game.  You get it.  It's all just gotten so boring it's unreal.  Of course, I haven't found anything fruitful to do with all of it (employment, can't even find work in anything I can do or general interest - get exceedingly little interest in anything I've shared or offered to do), so I've drifted to other interests and drifted off this site for most part (I still read every once in a great while).  Was good while it lasted, but not sure I can rekindle any kind of interest in it at all outside of regular daily use consistent with my other interests and the occasional classic game.

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