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  1. Full Unattended

    Yea i dont want it asking me where i want to install it i just want it in C:\windows... Also do u no if i can make XP run in the silver theme instead of the blue default one ?? Cheers in advance to both off u guyz sorry but this is my first attempt at making an unattended XPCD.
  2. Full Unattended

    sorry just did !!
  3. Full Unattended

    ;SetupMgrTag [Data] AutoPartition=0 MsDosInitiated="0" UnattendedInstall="Yes" [unattended] UnattendMode=FullUnattended OemSkipEula=Yes OemPreinstall=Yes FileSystem=Leavealone TargetPath=\WINDOWS Repartition=No UnattendSwitch=yes WaitForReboot=No DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore AutoActivate=No [GuiUnattended] AdminPassword=* EncryptedAdminPassword=NO OEMSkipRegional=1 TimeZone=255 OemSkipWelcome=1 ProfilesDir="C:\Documents\" [userData] ProductKey=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX FullName="SpOiLeD" OrgName="" ComputerName=jOhn-e [Display] BitsPerPel=16 Xresolution=1024 YResolution=768 Vrefresh=60 [TapiLocation] CountryCode=61 AreaCode=02 [RegionalSettings] LanguageGroup=4,1 [identification] JoinWorkgroup=WORKGROUP [Networking] InstallDefaultComponents=Yes Home_Page=http://www.google.com [Components] msnexplr=off freecell=off hearts=off minesweeper=off pinball=off solitaire=off spider=off zonegames=off [GuiRunOnce] bootlogo.cmd %systemdrive%\install\start.cmd Thats how my winnt.sif looks like ... By any chance do u no how to make XP run in silver instead of the blue theme by default ??
  4. Full Unattended

    Thanks for the File system one ! But i did put TargetPath=/Windows but it still asks me where i want to intsall it to ?? Just wanna no how i can just place it in C:\windows by default !
  5. One lil problem i got at the moment... I was making my first unattended CD but setup first asks me where i wanna install windows ?? and it asks me which file system i want to use aswell ?? How can i make setup install default onto C:\Windows and make it use the FAT32 file system ?? Cheers

    Got it working now guyz Thanks alot !!

    Just wanted to install word and excel since i only use them never knew it could be this hard Could u tell me wat folders and file i dont need in office xp ?? Maybe i could delete them manually since this could be the only way around it for me ?

    The office im using is in english... I dont no wat could possibly be wrong ?? hrmmm

    http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=16709 Is this the right Office Shrink ??

    i just use office shrink it shrinked everything to 7 megs ?? and made a new folder on my HDD after i did everything the tutorial said ! Is that right just 7 megs ?? for word and excel ?? thats some major shrinkage ?? hehehe Also do i just overwirte the old folders with the new folder that Office shrink made for me ?? Thanks alot for your help

    Thanks alot Alan I want winamp 2.XX Coz winamp 5 crashes on my comp when i try to run .WMA files i dont no why.. but thanks BTW How do i add the taskend switch to kill icq when it installs ?? Just wanna make sure is it /taskend ??
  12. I have made an unattended CD with XP and Office XP in it... Problem is i only use MS word and MS excel.. I downloaded the Resource kit and customised my install of Office XP But this makes the XPCD like 1 Gig and i cant burn it to a CD.. Does anyone now how i can make it all fit into one CD ?? Btw anyone no where i can get the Winamp 2.91 MSI from and wat switches and commands do i need to put in my batch to do a silent install without no support for video files ?? thanks
  13. HeLp Needed

    just wanted u guy to have a look at it since it was my first and it didnt seem like it worked when i tested it... ill test it out later tonight and see how it goes thanks alot for your help
  14. I was just wondering can i import my registry settings i got now running on my comp to the unattended installation CD im making ?? I no i can add each and everyone of them one by one but i was wondering is there an easier way for example back m yregistry up now ?? When i make my unattended install just execute the backup ?? Also my XP (originally) came with SP1 and now im making it unattended and it asks me to insert my XP CD looking for a file called "ASMS" or something which i dont understand why ?? Can anyone help me on this ?? Much appreciated !
  15. HeLp Needed

    btw do i need a 3rd party proggie for pskill ?? And how do i add the pskill code in the start.cmd ?? Thanks alot guy sorry my knowledge aint too good on all this ....