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  1. Hi. I've a laptop which has some discolouration running top to bottom on the screen. However, if you pinch the bezel front & back at the top of the monitor, the discolouration disappears, only to reappear when the bezel is released. Is this a fault in the lcd, or is something just loose? Is the answer just to tighten a few screws, or to replace the lcd screen? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the pointer. Where are the logs. How do I find them? thanks.
  3. Hi. I've a desktop using XP pro and a laptop with Vista Business. I have the two of them linked up via VPN but can't use the MSG command to tap messages back and forth. I'd rather not go down the route of installing any extra software if the facility exists in Vista & XP. Both machines are part of the same workgroup and have different computer names. When I try to msg the Vista machine I get a message saying x-pc "does not exist or is disconnected", even though "net session" confirms the existence of the Vista machine on the VPN. msg * just pops the message up on the server screen, but nothing happens on the client screen. If I use the old "net send *" command, it says "The message was successfully sent to domain WORKGROUP" but neither screen gets the message. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  4. Hi. I have a vpn setup so my home pc can be accessed by my laptop. The home pc runs XP Pro, and the laptop runs Vista Business. The laptop connects no problem by vpn to the home pc, but can't see the home pc or files / folders on it. Update: Somehow I got to map a network drive to a folder on my drive (I've no idea what I did to get this). The mapped drive will sync no problem, but now the connection won't let me map any other folders i.e. I can't see the pc, drives or folders again. Hope this narrows things down a bit. Thanks in advance.
  5. Just to go over the questions posed: - Bonestonne: I've checked the dust situation, and it doesn't appear to be an issue, the machine is relatively new and is spotless inside. - Malmal: The chipset may be overheating, but how would I know. I take it by "chipset" you mean the chipset on the mobo, not the cpu? Is there a test for checking if the chipset is overheating (there are no temperature displays in the bios)? Equally, is there a fix, or do you just bin the mobo and start again? - Zxian: When using the psu tester, the psu fan starts up each time. I don't have a multimeter, so I've been relying on the display on the psu tester to confirm that all voltages are as they should be. - Ponch: since I reapplied fresh thermal paste, the machine is working on 80% of start-ups, so that's helped somewhat. However, when it decides not to start, a green light on the mobo still lights up, the fan on the psu starts up, but nothing else in the machine starts up. The bios doesn't come up, case fans don't work, cd drives don't stir. Nothing. Leave it for an hour or two now, and then whoosh, up she fires, like nothing was ever wrong.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I've got one pc which has a P4, and which works when cold, but if it's been running, then once you shut it down, you can forget about it for a couple of hours. There won't be a gig out of the processor. I reckon it's got to be the cpu overheating, but it's well seated, the fans are working, and I've applied a fresh layer of thermal paste too. I made a mistake in my first posting, the AMD machine is a socket A board, not socket 7. Probably doesn't matter re: swapping cpu's. I've tested the power supply, and all readings are correct for that, so I know it can't be the power supply. Any suggestions?
  7. Hi. Just wondering whether I can swap a pentium 4 (2.8ghz) with an AMD socket 7 (1.8ghz). Can this be done or am I in danger of wrecking things? I'm trying to determine whether the processor in one computer is the root cause of why the computer starts when cold, but then won't restart after it's been running. I'm thinking if the processor runs well in a computer that I know has no faults, then I can rule it out as the cause of problems. Thanks.
  8. Hi. Does anyone know what might cause this: On a previous version of using disk imaging software (RSJ HD Image), on Windows XP Pro, the contents of a drive of up to 6gb could be compressed to fit on a single dvd. However, since installing a new copy of XP Pro SP3 and a couple of apps, even though the capacity of the drive partition is now <3.5gb, the same software (same version) now insists on writing the image to 3 dvd's! This doesn't make any sense to me, since the entire contents of the partition should comfortably fit on a single dvd. I've been using this software for ages and I like it for a number of reasons: It's free for personal use; You can browse the contents of the image; It's quite reliable; and The image is bootable so the entire contents of the partition are recoverable in the event of disaster. It's just a bit frustrating that for some reason since installing a new copy of xp pro on my machine that it feels the need to spread such a small partition over several dvd's. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  9. Many thanks to all. There's loads of useful stuff here for me. Much obliged to all who contributed. BFN.
  10. I'm not familiar enough with the BartPE process: I've used it once or twice only. However, let's say for arguements sake there are 10 or so popular sets of SATA drivers in common use, I didn't think BartPE would allow you to integrate 10 sets of cat, inf, & sys files. Will it allow that? Thanks.
  11. Does anyone know if it's possible to take the SATA drivers for different makes of device and merge them onto one floppy? I'm thinking it'd be handy for using with a bartpe even if you weren't sure of the make of the hdd. All help appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi. I'm trying to fix a HP computer which won't recognise a ps/2 keyboard. No ps/2 keyboard ever works in this machine (even though they work in other pc's), and they don't turn up in Device Manager either. Worse still, I can't even enter bios setup with any ps/2 kb. I managed to do a system restore (using a ps/2 mouse only) but that did nothing to get the kb recognised. Any suggestions? All help appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  13. I ran the memtest for a single pass, this took about 40 minutes. I might let it go around again a couple of times just to be sure. Thanks for the pointers.
  14. Folks, Thanks for the advice. Tried both suggestions. Completely stipped the machine down. Cleaned away thermal paste, reapplied paste. Reseated RAM / Video cards. Same results. Any other ideas what this could be? Thanks again.
  15. Thanks Tain. Do you think the cpu could be overheating? Would it be worth cleaning / reapplying thermal paste to the heat sink? Regards.
  16. Hi. I've a compaq presario v5000 which for some time now has been hanging on bootup. When you switch it on, it will occassionaly boot, but mostly just freezes. All you get is a black screen, and the sound of the hdd spinning. I've researched the problem, and the concensus out there tends towards loose / faulty memory modules. However, I've refitted the memory modules a couple of times, and run the memtest86+ iso cd and it gave the memory a clean bill of health. The only other information I can supply is that the cooling fan shoots out a whoosh of air on bootup, and then stops (normal enough I think). Also, immediately after completing a single pass of memtest86+, the machine froze upon reboot. Doesn't make any sense to me that the memory would be at fault there. Could this be an overheating issue? (Although I don't suspect so since the fan fires up at every boot stage). I've checked for viruses and malware, and besides, it won't even let a boot cd work. Is there anything else I can try? All help much appreciated. Thanks.
  17. Hi. We've all seen that after a machine has been infected by a virus or whatever, that even after removing it, XP might not behave as it used to or as it should. So my question is: Once the infection has been removed, is it advisable to run sfc.exe or just reload windows over itself? Also, if windows is reloaded over itself, will all your other programs be removed, and will you have to reinstall them as well (which I suppose is what I would be trying to avoid). I've seen a recent post which deals with a similar issue (at the front of this forum) but it loses me fairly quickly. All help appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  18. Hi. Does anyone know why it is that if you copy the boot files from a floppy onto a dvd, the pc won't boot from the dvd? I've a bootable floppy created by ghost, which works fine, but if I copy all files (including the hidden ones) onto a dvd, the machine won't recognise them? I'm using the boot menu to instruct the pc to boot from the drive the dvd is in, but it ignores the drive, and boots from C:\ instead. Anyone any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  19. Hi again, Just to close this one out. I found the Security Editor I was asking about and thought I'd mention it here for the benefit of others interested. It's called "Doug's Windows XP Security Console". Haven't tried it yet, but it appears to allow you to set restrictions for individual users in XP Pro and XP home. It's available here: http://www.dougknox.com/xp/utils/xp_securityconsole.htm Thanks to those who responded.
  20. Sorry for the slow response, I've been away a couple of days. I don't think it's any of the programmes mentioned here, but I knew it was a long shot. Not to worry. Thanks again.
  21. Hi. Can anyone help me with this... I seem to recall there being some free software that would allow you to select / deselect various components within xp, and perhaps also to set some local polices. It's a while since I came across it, but I think it might have been named after a person, maybe "Tom's xp tweaker" or something like that. Does this ring any bells with anyone? Thanks in advance.
  22. Hi. I've tried following MS's article "http://support.microsoft.com/kb/293655" on how to implemenent policies to all users except Admins. Step #6 in the article says "You must log on as each user of the computer. User accounts that do not log on during this step will not have the policies implemented for that account". However, I'm getting 2 glitches. These are: Despite not logging in as a particular user, the changes are still being applied to them. This flies in the face of what the MS article says. When I reverse my changes, in line with step 10 of the MS article, the other admin users still incur the restrictions applied earlier. Any ideas on how to actually apply policy changes to some users, and not to others? Thanks in advance.
  23. Unfortunately, there are only options for setting device priority, but nothing to only permit the primary hdd. Any idea where to go from here? Thanks again.
  24. Hi. I'm running an AMD cpu on an Asrock K7-880 upgrade mobo. I want to prevent users from pressing F11 at start-up thereby being offered a selection of devices from which to boot i.e. they could press F11 and opt to boot from the floppy, CD, or slave hdd (which has Ubuntu on it). I don't want to disable the devices altogether, which I could do but that would prevent the user being able to use them at all. All help appreciated. Thanks in advance. A.
  25. Hi. I've got xp professional running, and the xp firewall enabled (as well as a NAT router). When I've nothing running, apart from avg in the background, ShieldsUp at grc.com shows some ports as closed, some as running in stealth mode, and ports 21 & 80 open. I've been looking high and low, and can't find anyway to make them stealthy (without jettisoning the xp firewall and using a 3rd party one) and can't even find a way to shut port 21 altogether. I have port 6881 forwarded for bt. Any suggestions? All help appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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