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  1. Same error all the time

    @ Gouki after the install do you use a batch file and restart automatically your PC. If yes try to add the temp before to restart. i have the same pb with one minute before to restart and with two minutes now it's ok and "D" is deleted.
  2. DriverPacks BASE V5.05.2

    Hi Bashrat, All in last version, fix #4, method 2, Guirunonce and no KTD. I'm not sure it's really a problem, in my winnt.sif i have a double entry [GuiRunOnce]. I have already a [GuiRunOnce] entry before integrate the DP. a part of my winnt.sif: [shell] DefaultStartPanelOff=Yes [Components] accessopt=off zonegames=off media_clips=off [GuiRunOnce] command1= "%SystemDrive%\install\modifications.cmd" [GuiRunOnce] command9 = "%SystemDrive%\D\BTS_DPs_finish.cmd"
  3. Driverpack Lan V5.05.1

    change the link to http://users.telenet.be/btsunattended/Down...ack_LAN_V505.7z
  4. Driverpack Graphics B V5.05

    The download link doesn't work. change it and it works @BTS thanks for your very good work
  5. Driverpacks Base V5.04.14

    i have an error when i try to download DP.14 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/bashrat/public_html/includes/inc_dp_vars.php:279) in /home/bashrat/public_html/includes/inc_file.php on line 26
  6. Registry Tweaks

    I search the keys to change simple clic or double clic and to unblock the taskbar.
  7. Driverpack Massstorage - V5.03

    Hi Bâshrat, I have the same pb @gilesw with Asrock K7S41 GX . BSOD at startup before to choose the partition to instal . Caractéristiques : SiS 741GX - 2xDDR - AGP(8x)/2xPCI - UDMA133 - USB2 - Audio - Lan - Video - format : MicroATX NO raid, No SATA
  8. Bts Driverpacks - General Discussion

    Dell 4550, IBM 8310-44G DP BASE V5.02.5 DP Graphics A V5.02 DP Graphics B V5.02 DP LAN V5.02 DP MassStorage V5.02 DP Sound V5.02..1 DP WLAN V5.02 methode 1 I try with new version and i have always the error IDE ATAPI 1.2 ....hum !!! after integrate the driverspack "Run_ME.cmd", i make some minor changes and add personnal drivers (modem connexant, pctv rave, lcd nec) in DP and winnt.sif. maybe it's the probleme but this work perfectly with the old drivers pack. i try without change !!! and post later the result
  9. Bts Driverpacks - General Discussion

    Mextorm, i have the same problem with the same files and the method 1 i search if the line "IDE CD-ROM (ATAPI 1.2)/PCI IDE Controller" in SCSI section and the line is present.
  10. ERR | BSOD: "0x7E - portcls.sys"

    i try to add dell drivers A19 ver in DP/S/ADI and the entry in winnt.sif and .... OK !!!!! no error portcls.sys
  11. normal : ex if you have 2 HDDs with 3 partitions on each c: 1st Principal Partition of 1st HDD d: 1st Principal Partition of 2nd HDD e: 1st logical of 1st HDD f: 2nd logical of 1st HDD g: 3e logical of 1st HDD h: 1st logical of 2nd HDD h: 2nd logical of 2nd HDD etc ...
  12. ERR | BSOD: "0x7E - portcls.sys"

    i have the same problem with the last pack on Dell 4450 and GX270
  13. A little pb

    thank you bonedaddy
  14. if you choose a picture with font is white you dont see the menu. Felicitations for your very good job.
  15. Driverpack Sound - V5.03.1 & V5.03

    @Bâshrat the Sneaky i extract files with winrar, but i can't try this (no chip yamaha)