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  1. I had it before, think has something to do with chipset
  2. erwin71


    Nuhi, sorry to have bothered you but seems directx9c integration (or any other) caused nlite to exit before completing all jobs. excuses me! for blaming Nlite (which anyway still is a cool tool). Erwin
  3. erwin71


    I didn't touch any services (even tried a clean install) and tried to disable firewall in stead of enable just to check if this would help
  4. erwin71


    Nuhi, yesterday you solved my integrating problem with new version Now i tested again and find some other problems as wel: although i set the tweaks to do so, 1. ctrl-alt-delete at logon is not implemented 2. usernames are only added when i also add description 3. firewall (ICS services) gets disabled and cannot be enabled! Can you look at this please
  5. look like same problem here. Nuhi thinks its solved: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=94373 hope this helped you
  6. Hey there, look here, looks like same problem to me which nuhi already solved http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=94373
  7. whow, you're fast, i will test it asap. thanx
  8. http://meulc.ryanvm.net/xpsp2_updatepack.7z if I use this one (februari) then some dll will have trouble also when i manage to finish nlite (with januari pack) 1. the users will not be added 2. and the startup methode will be using login screen even if i selected ctrl -alt - delete in nlite tweaks
  9. I have a similar problem, but actually errors vary. when i use nlite 1.3 rc2 everything looks okay.

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