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  1. doh!, and Premiere: Setup.exe /s /f1"setup.iss" where iss has [InstallShield Silent] Version=v7.00 File=Response File [File Transfer] OverwrittenReadOnly=NoToAll [{A14F7508-B784-40B8-B11A-E0E2EEB7229F}-DlgOrder] Dlg0={A14F7508-B784-40B8-B11A-E0E2EEB7229F}-SdWelcome-0 Count=8 Dlg1={A14F7508-B784-40B8-B11A-E0E2EEB7229F}-SdAskOptionsList-0 Dlg2={A14F7508-B784-40B8-B11A-E0E2EEB7229F}-SdLicense-0 Dlg3={A14F7508-B784-40B8-B11A-E0E2EEB7229F}-CUSTOM_USERINFO-0 Dlg4={A14F7508-B784-40B8-B11A-E0E2EEB7229F}-SdConfirmRegistration-0 Dlg5={A14F7508-B784-40B8-B11A-E0E2EEB7229F}-SdAskDestPath-0 Dlg6={A14F7508-B784-40B8-B11A-E0E2EEB7229F}-SdStartCopy-0 Dlg7={A14F7508-B784-40B8-B11A-E0E2EEB7229F}-SdFinishReboot-0 [{A14F7508-B784-40B8-B11A-E0E2EEB7229F}-SdWelcome-0] Result=1 [{A14F7508-B784-40B8-B11A-E0E2EEB7229F}-SdAskOptionsList-0] Component-type=string Component-count=1 Component-0=International English Result=1 [{A14F7508-B784-40B8-B11A-E0E2EEB7229F}-SdLicense-0] Result=1 [{A14F7508-B784-40B8-B11A-E0E2EEB7229F}-CUSTOM_USERINFO-0] Name=' ' Company=company SerialNumber=24 numbers with no dashes [{A14F7508-B784-40B8-B11A-E0E2EEB7229F}-SdConfirmRegistration-0] Result=1 [{A14F7508-B784-40B8-B11A-E0E2EEB7229F}-SdAskDestPath-0] szDir=C:\Program Files\Adobe\Premiere Pro 1.5 Result=1 [{A14F7508-B784-40B8-B11A-E0E2EEB7229F}-SdStartCopy-0] Result=1 [Application] Name=Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 Version=1.5 Company=Adobe Lang=0009 [{A14F7508-B784-40B8-B11A-E0E2EEB7229F}-SdFinishReboot-0] Result=1 BootOption=0 again .ini file attached Abcpy.ini
  2. Photoshop try this: Setup.exe -s -f1"setup.iss" where setup.iss contains: [InstallShield Silent] Version=v7.00 File=Response File [File Transfer] OverwrittenReadOnly=NoToAll [{EFB21DE7-8C19-4A88-BB28-A766E16493BC}-DlgOrder] Count=0 also just in case this is the copy of the abcpy.ini file i use and it works.(attached) Abcpy.ini
  3. hmmm are you serious? can hardly belive that. i used Custom Installation Wizard out of Office2003 resource kit made MST file. then: %office2003installdir%\setuppro.exe TRANSFORMS=%yourMSTfile%\config.MST /qn /noreboot thats it
  4. right how about you try this: msiexec /i itunes.msi PROGRAMFILES=%systemdrive%\Mutlimedia or may be try hardcoded drive for starters to be sure, then variable.
  5. i just had a thought...its 01:50am here now when you are doing set PROGRAMFILES what you are actually setting is user variable and its only valid for your script, system variable is still your real PROGRAMFILES. you see msi installer will look into your system variables. do a simple test run echo %PROGRAMFILES% in cmd(not from within script) and see what it comes back with.
  6. bump... ok i will do some more editing on sunday and let you know, how is it otherwise?
  7. UPDATE: 23.03.2005 right, sorry guys first bug found, also now fixed new file available for download on the same link.
  8. dude, quicktime is included, v6.5.2 good guess durex itunes wont become default player so as quicktime
  9. no, you dont, but hey, its always better to be sure than sorry
  10. well /qb will just give you progress bar /qn will make it completely silent/hidden msiexec /i %INSTALLDIR%\iTunes_4.7.1.30.MSI /qn
  11. updated, version see first post in this thread
  12. you can put it @T-13 cmdlines.txt but according to your previous posts you are using autologon so just put the script "RogueSpear" wrote into RunOnce section of your winnt.sif file under [GuiRunOnce]
  13. try this [GuiUnattended] AdminPassword=* EncryptedAdminPassword=No AutoLogonCount = 1 then change your password later on. also give it a logoncount for better security. and bobs your uncle:)
  14. use netfw.inf and put it into $OEM$\$$\inf folder use winnt.sif to do what netfw cant like logging. works very well and can be easily adjusted in the future when you decide to add or take something out. example is my itunes rule: ;Application Authorization Rule: Itunes HKLM,"SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SharedAccess\Parameters\FirewallPolicy\StandardProfile\AuthorizedApplications\List","%ProgramFiles%\iTunes\iTunes.exe",0x00000000,"%ProgramFiles%\iTunes\iTunes.exe:LocalSubnet:Enabled:itunes music application" after win is installed you can find this file in %windir%\inf you most likely will be using StandardProfile rather than DomainProfile. the rest is self-explainatory i guess.
  15. well, use and you wont have to install it:)
  16. didnt know u had to install it, unless we are talking bout different bootvis
  17. is INSTALLDIR = %YOURPROGRAMFOLDER% not doing it? i can adjust msi for you if you want...you can also do it yourself just get M$'s orca and modify path inside the msi. HAPPY NEW YEAR:)
  18. hi all, as i said i will repackage it so here you go: UPDATED 23.03.2005, NEW VERSION V2 itunes (15.1Mb) all bugs in previous installer are now fixed, now your PROGRAMFILES variable will be used as itunes directory. no stupid on start registry keys, no stupid shortcuts and its smaller than original installer. just run it no need for any keys ive tested it myself and the only one thing to bear in mind is if you want to use your iPod straight away after installation you will need to restart your pc first, this is for ipodservice to register. also it cant upgrade older version it only can install from scratch. good luck
  19. try typing echo %Archivosdeprogramas% in command prompt and you will see if it comes back with a right path you k using it
  20. try Reboot=Supress without forward slash ("/") .exe? you sure you got right switches? if its installshield wrapper you will need to use something like this /S /v/qn Reboot=Supress
  21. try Reboot=Supress without forward slash ("/")
  22. yeah ive noticed that as well, first error is to do with UpperFilters in your CDROM controls(HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contorls\Class\{4D36...), this is how it checks if its own driver is loaded to control cd for burning. it also doesnt copy any iPod software at all... i assume that it doesnt do any associations either... well it seems that job needs to be redone again...i mean what a piece of shait this installer is...may be i will just write to stupid apple and try to get answer from them,i can see you saying not a chance:( another solution i might end up using is to repackage it. what i have done and may be this will help is that ive done full administrative image with some extra folders it creates there. setup.exe /a /r /f1c:\setup.iss and then point it to something like c:\itunes47 you will see what happens but then when im trying to deploy it looks very promising even says in setup.log ResultCode=0, which is Success, but still not a single file in %ProgramFiles% this is the command line i use to deploy it after ive done admin image setup.exe /s /a /s /sms /f1c:\setup.iss (there is no .exe file within admin image folder)

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