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  1. Copy Windows Dist / Multi-boot

    That depends on your perspective. Technically, it should be the same size because I didn't delete anything from it. But thanks to -o in CDIMAGE, it compresses duplicate files. And if I didn't mention it already, I've been buring to a DVD instead of a CD. So I have a little more room to maneuver. Why do you ask? oh, and MERRY FREAKIN X-MAS everyone.
  2. Copy Windows Dist / Multi-boot

    Wow. Lots or replies. w00t w00t. I used bits of pieces of your suggestions and the Final CD burned perfectly. lol @ "Final CD" b/c I see now how this never ends. Now I have to start working on the multi-boot version with Windows PE and all the disk utilities I can stuff on there. FYI: I ended up copying the I386 folder to \$OEM$\$1 and used CDImagePro with the -o switch to reduce the size of the GM. I think it's simpler to have the I386 copy over during TEXTSETUP and makes sure the person to first login doesn't have to wait. I wanted to share the results of my work for you guys to critic/admire/laughat/blah/yadda/etc. It's too much code to post so I'll post a zip instead. Good or bad, let me know what you think. =TG= unattended.zip
  3. Copy Windows Dist / Multi-boot

    Thanks Hulk I'll check it out. As far as the I386 distribution goes, I suppose I can just write a script that copies the whole thing over to the C drive, then updates "SourcePath" in the registry.
  4. First off, I want to thank all the regular posters for their hard work. Thanks to what I’ve learned here, I’ve created a kick a** DVD that installs and configures Windows and my programs exactly the way I want them. Reinstalling my PC used to take a day and now it takes an hour. I have a few questions. 1) I’d like to set it up so the computer never requests the Windows CD. Is there a way to tell the installer to copy the entire I386 directory to my C drive and always refer to it when adding features? 2) Since the DVD has some room left, I was thinking of adding some utilities and BartPE. What’s the best program to use for creating a boot menu? What’s a good source for learning how to add the files and configure the DVD for multi-boot? Thanks again for making this place a great resource. =TG=
  5. It's possible that 60 seconds is not long enough for your PC to initialize. This will give the symptoms that you have. Try 120 seconds as a test. I always keep my shutdown value at zero (impatient, much?). Is that the reason why I also get the classic theme instead of Luna?
  6. Real Player 10 Silent Install

    Some friendly advice of my own... answer the question that's asked. He didn't ask your opinion on RealPlayer. He asked if anyone knew the silent install switch. Replying with anything else is a waste of everyone's time and bandwidth. On that note... does anyone know it?
  7. McAfee VirusScan Professional 9

    It's the retail version. So there's no MSI to slap a /q on. Blast McAfee for making this a PITA.
  8. McAfee VirusScan Professional 9

    Your reply was a waste of time... my question was not. Understand the difference?
  9. McAfee VirusScan Professional v9.0 Anyone know the correct switch for a silent install?
  10. HOWTO: integrate wmp10 (with a lot of work)

    Which files exactly? I copied 37 files beginning with "WMP" from MCE2005 CD1 to /i386 in my distribution folder. Are there any other files or modifications I need to make?
  11. Best Peer-to-Peer Software

    Warez... just for the ballsy name.
  12. I hate Microsoft today. I've finally taken the plunge to digitize my CD library. I have a pet peeve about greatest hits compilations: I like to store the individual tracks under their original album title and accompanying album art. With WMP 9 it was easy. After ripping the song. simply right click on the track, change the Album name, delete the song from your library and let WMP find it again. It downloads the correct Album Art and re-files the song under a folder with the new album name. Try doing that with WMP 10. It doesn’t work. Instead, it changes the album name back to the one that’s on the CD. How the hell does it know where I got the song from?!?! I’ve tried every trick I know to fool it into submission. I used an ID tag stripper then copied the song onto another computer to eliminate the possibility of hidden files, and somehow it still knew which CD the song came from. WMP 10 must be embedding some extra information in the track that WMP 9 isn’t. Soon as I rolled back to WMP 9, it worked again the way I wanted it to. Microsoft can go to hell for trying to impose their will on me and making something that should be simple so **** difficult.
  13. Slipstreaming changes Splash Screen

    I have a VLK version of XP which I received from my University. After I slipstreamed SP2 and did a clean install, I noticed that my boot screen no longer says "Windows XP Professional." It simply says "Windows XP" and the copyright years are also missing in the lower left corner. Is this supposed to happen? If not, what did I do wrong?
  14. McAfee VirusScan v8.0

    For s***s-n-giggles, I emailed tech support to see if they could be of any help. Their initial reply said it couldn't be done. After replying with a question as to why their previous version supported this feature, but an "upgrade" didn't, this is what I received. I tried his suggestion, and it worked... all the way till the end when a FINISHED box pops up. Too bad because McAfee runs circles around NAV as far as I'm concerned.
  15. Mcafee Virusscan Pro 8.0

    I'm surprised no one has figured this out yet. Must be a lot of Norton users out there.