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  1. Office 2007 compatibility pack SP1?

    No... I really should contact Microsoft about this one as I believe their MSP file is at fault. I also found that Microsoft Update rolls out another update to the converter pack - simply called "Office 2007 SP1" - it's not the full 200+mb service pack for the full version of Office 2007, it's still 50Mb! For a converter pack that was 27Mb!
  2. Office 2007 compatibility pack SP1?

    yet another update... I found a newer version of the file format converters install executable via another site... there are different version and there's no indication on the Microsoft site of whether there is a newer version... anyway I got it from here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en ...I tried to apply the sp1 patch .msp file to this - and got the same sort of error message. DEBUG: Error 2749: Transform 9000200409000012.0.4518.1014 invalid for package C:\WINDOWS\Installer\1ebee0f2.msi. Expected product version == 12.0.4518.1014, found product version 12.0.6021.5000. 1: 2749 2: 9000200409000012.0.4518.1014 3: C:\WINDOWS\Installer\1ebee0f2.msi 4: 12.0.4518.1014 5: 12.0.6021.5000 This is confusing, since the first converter pack I got was version 4518.1014, the newer version I just downloaded is 6012.5000, and the sp1 installer is version labelled 6215.1000. It appears the patch is changing its mind about which version it expects?
  3. Office 2007 compatibility pack SP1?

    ...okay both the converter pack install executable and the sp1 executable can be run with /admin:path to extract the files, and you get a slight difference in naming and an extra folder in the case of the converter pack - but still the msi in the extracted files does not install anything, and the sp1 msp patch still gives the same "incorrect version" error. Sigh.
  4. Office 2007 compatibility pack SP1?

    Yes - I extracted the files from the executable using 7-zip and they didn't work, even though it looked like they did... I've just realised if you run the executable from a commandline with /? it tells you you can run the executable to just extract the files - and you get a different result from using another program to extract them....
  5. Office 2007 compatibility pack SP1?

    agreed. I'm also using GPO Administrative installs to roll out large size updates to existing installs on our network - to save time and bandwidth. I could use WSUS but I'd prefer to just manage stuff like this using administrative installs, since I'm not just updating Microsoft software.*sigh* it might be time for me to look at WSUS anyway...
  6. Hi there, I've been googling around for this one, I've found other people asking the same question but no answer... The Office compatibility pack is 27Mb download. I've set it up to install automatically using an administrative install via GPO to our local network of some 40 PCs, it has worked beautifully. It's a great and easy way to ensure all computers have the converter pack - and a lot of other essential software. Now that Office 2007 SP1 is out, they have released a SP1 for the compatibility pack as well - and it's 26Mb, nearly the same size as the original pack! I want to roll this out in the same way, but I'm stymied. I've found this chap "EdwardoB" has posted all over the net saying he can't get the SP1 .msp to install... I'm getting the same problem. Here's the SP1 file I'm trying to apply http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en I'm using the terminology found on this site to try to apply the msp file to the original O12Conv.msi and nothing happens. The log comes up with this error: DEBUG: Error 2749: Transform 9000200409000012.0.6021.5000 invalid for package C:\WINDOWS\Installer\f7e097d.msi. Expected product version == 12.0.6021.5000, found product version 12.0.6215.1000. 1: 2749 2: 9000200409000012.0.6021.5000 3: C:\WINDOWS\Installer\f7e097d.msi 4: 12.0.6021.5000 5: 12.0.6215.1000 - version numbers incorrect? Can anyone confirm?
  7. [Relesase] Vistaluna Basic Theme AddOn

    cool! Thanks for the link. Yeah I noticed the "install to setup files" option when I ran the installer on my home machine. Looks great without having to install Vista and put up with memory/CPU gobbling rubbish! Or bizarre component naming scheme! I do wonder if MS is going to come down on him like a ton of bricks for copyright infringement at some point though...
  8. RunOnceEx

    I did. It's just a shame the feature is there but not working...
  9. RunOnceEx

    still not working even without KB928090. The first command line ran out of the 5 I put in the Runonce tab but the rest don't run.
  10. [Relesase] Vistaluna Basic Theme AddOn

    already patched dude didn't work... Stumbled across a complete Vista package called the "Vista Transformation Pack" compiled by a chap called Mr Windows X... http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/OS-Enh...tion-Pack.shtml Includes everything in one 30Mb download. All the icons - system tray, navigation, the works, cursors, Lclock, Start menu, start button (you have to set it to "always on top" for it to look right), themes, styles, colours, sounds, explorer appearance changes and extra vista-style buttons, logon and startup screen, the works. Also includes a system tray app called "Styler" that is like the "appearance" tab on steroids. It lets you: - set the theme for you, - change fonts and font sizes - includes sliders for changing window colour, hue, brightness, saturation and RGB levels - hide the menu bar in IE and/or explorer - set the wallpaper and adjust colour settings (brightness, hue, saturation, RGB sliders) for the wallpaper - add and adjus window drop shadows - window snapping to sides of the screen - button detection sizes - sliders for icon spacing and sizing and cleartype contrast that update realtime ...and a bunch more... it's like a whole new GUI without having to deal with Vista DRM using extra hundreds of Mb of RAM and millions of CPU cycles! Installer also has lots of options that let you choose what you want to change which is nice. Can someone possibly turn this into an addon??
  11. [Release] AVG AntiVirus Free 7.5.472

    I find the product reliable and useful. If you are worried about viruses getting released from the vault if the program shuts down (I have never had this problem), you can set it to delete infected files instead of quarantine. any plans to do an AVGAS addon (AVG Anti-Spyware)?
  12. [Relesase] Vistaluna Basic Theme AddOn

    cool, link works now thanks ...I can't seem to get it to work though. The theme shows up, if I select it the window shows the aurora wallpaper but the window shows as a very thin border with no buttons. If I try to apply it, it changes to windows classic windows. The "visual style" showing up under appearance is blank, as is the color scheme. Dang! Hopefully it will show up under my new install when applied with nLite...
  13. RunOnceEx

    yeah I'd like to know too. Runonce (using the runonce tab in nLite) is giving me very mixed results too. Sometimes the first command line runs (I have 5), sometimes none of them do. Very frustrating. I will try the install without adding KB928090 and see how that goes.
  14. [Release] PSPad 4.5.2

    this is an awesome editor especially for html, css, xml - excellent code tidy-up functions, convert to CSS, and loads of links to very useful online references. I highly recommend!