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  1. Bueller? C'mon. I know someone who has viewd this post knows what I'm referring to & knows the fix, please share.
  2. I did do a search. It is really annoying that I always get this small approximatly 1"x 2" rectangle when I open a video file & not full screen like before. I have my properties set for maximized, the setting is set to 200%, but it still opens so tiny, why & how do I fix it, thanks. BTW, it's 64 bit if it matters.
  3. I had Vista retail, more like OEM, from day one when it was available when I bought my laptop & had no issues. I just got 7 yesterday & so far I dislike the way the task bar operates & how it is laid out, i.e., how now the icon open when you click them, how the desktop icon is all the way over to the far right & how when when you open a screen within a screen it it not maximized. I dislike the lack of option on start/left mouse click. I dislike the way explorer now works as in it now gives you a multitude of things to open, not just the drive like before & I see no way to change that. Most of the Vista wallpapers which were cool are not there. 7 tells me I have a bad battery when Vista didn't, but I know its not true as my battery works great & it seems to actually take longer to boot & shut down. And that's just what I've seen in not even 24 hours. I hope it's all configurable & I've just not found how to do it yet.
  4. The system will not let me rename this file &... I do not have a dllcache folder.
  5. Hi guys. My IT guy set me up back in Dec, we had an issue & got it resolved here. Now all of a sudden my Outlook 2000 has developed multiple issues. The IT guy uninstalled & reinstalled Office 2000, & the same issues stayed. Here are the issues & I hope someone knows what can be done to alleviate them. I've copied & pasted & written exactly, upper & lowercase as I've witnessed the errors. Thanks. Errors & messages: Opening: The Procedure entry point StrToxEx could not be located in the dynamic link library MSOERT2.dll My MSOERT2 locations on my PC are: Shortcut: D:\Windows\System32\en-US\msoert2.dll.mui MUI locations: D:\Windows\System32\en-US D:\Windows\winsxs\x86_microsoft-windows-mail-core.resources_31bf3856ad364e35_6.0.6000.16386_en-us_8480fac68519aae4 Hen I try to send mail I get: An error occurred while attempting to open the Windows Address Book. Unable to find WAB DLL. I cannot locate a wab file on my PC. When I close Outlook I get: An error occurred & I’m prompted with close the program or search for an online solution, both of which do no good. Here’s what I find when I click error details: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: OUTLOOK.EXE Application Version: Application Timestamp: 3678217f Fault Module Name: StackHash_7253 Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000 Exception Code: c000001d Exception Offset: 008dbb3a OS Version: 6.0.6000. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: 7253 Additional Information 2: 6f1372964ae51239074bb489662be2e3 Additional Information 3: bbb7 Additional Information 4: 7f11fee32334538cdf69a2d9adc79a8a
  6. Well guys I finally got around to installing, not adding, my bad on the wording, the new drive. I tried copying the wpa.dbl file, nope, still had to call & go through the crap of reactivating XP, again. So much for that page's info, well for my instance anyway.
  7. So I don't have to go through the validation process & it telling me my copy of XP has been activated more than 5 times, what files can I copy from my old drive to the new drive after I install XP home again & make XP "normal" when it's all said & done on the new drive? I did search, but I do not know the exact term I'm looking for so I came up with many validation issue threads, but I saw none for what I'm asking. Thanks.
  8. That's what I thought, as always, you da man!! Thanks!
  9. Thanks guys. I guess my company bought "too cheap" eh! Is there a way to make it so the 2 shortcuts I mentioned laod after windows starts so all I have to do is enter my logon info vs. me having to click 2 shortcuts then enter?
  10. Hi guys, I have the 1st Vista PC (Vista Basic) at my company. My IT guy (& I) are not familiar with Vista enough to figure out how to get it to come up with a logon, not the windows logon, but the logon for the network itself. What happened is when I turn my PC on in the morning I have no logon then to get to the network, I have to click on the server shortcut I made, which the network logon comes up, then to print I have to click on the printer short I made to initilize the printer before I can print. So anyone know how I can make my PC boot up to the logon screen & also get my network printer to initiaze when I logon? Thanks.
  11. OK, so it is the pre release of SP1 making the "watermark", which I did not know it was called a watermark. Some of us aren't as knowledgeable as the rest of you are in terminology, etc., when it comes to PC software which is why the rest of ask questions! Thanks for clearing things up! And cluberti, I do not know what you mean. I DL'd it directly from Microsoft.
  12. Hi guys/gals. I just installed SP1 X64, no issues, went smooth, but now in the lower right of my desktop it reads: Windows Vista Evaluation Copy. Build 6001 I did do a search & didn't see an answer, unless I used the wrong search variable. So, am I moron & reading it wrong? Is the RC the eval copy since I can still see my product key & the Windows is activated message in my computer properties screen? Also, anyway to get rid of that text? Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the help guys. I'm gonna make an attempt at the slipstreaming I read about from the link in this thread since my GF's kid is pretty much PC illiterate & doesn't know the difference from a C & D drive, believe it or not! I've never done a slipstream since I never knew you could combine service pack with an original CD & make a new updated CD so it should be interesting to say the least how it turns out!
  14. Upon initial install it's the basic XP home CD, the full version, not an upgrade version even though it does ask me to put in a 98/2000, Millenium CD 1st upon install then prompts me to put back the XP CD! This CD is the 1st version of XP that came out that I bought way back when. SP 2 is now installed as I had to go through several updates. If I understand what your asking, I should be able to somehow get SP2 to recognize & recover the "lost" space? Thanks for moving this thread. I wasn't sure if I should have put it in hardware or software since this "issue" involves both! Oh, & as I wrote, according to HP's site for the PC in question, the BIOS is up to date.
  15. I did a search, but nothing came up with what I'm looking for. Here's the scenario: My GF's kid has an HP Pavilion 753N & the OEM 80 GB HDD went south last week. While at a computer show yesterday I picked up a new WD 320 GB drive for $50. When I installed it while the BIOS (which according the HP's site, is current) read it as a 320 GB, good, but XP Home would only let me "have" 130 GB & that's all it saw. There was no option to partion the 320 into multiple partions since it didn't "see" it. So my question is, is there a software that will free up & allow me to use the remaining & "hidden" 190 GB & make it one large "C" drive? Thanks.
  16. Sorry, it's XP home, SP2 which I keep up to date. I'd like to restrict access to the control panel so programs can't be added or deleted, access to explorer if possible so the kids cannot manually add, delete or plain old see what I've got installed for them & if possible, make it so they cannot download from the net & install potentially harmful stuff. While it is my old backup PC, I still like to keep it maintained in case my notebook craps out for any reason, & of course, just limit the kids so they don't go "hog wild! Idontwantspam, if you can do any of what I need, I'd be eternally grateful! Thanks.
  17. My goal was to keep the restricted accounts very restricted. I did my search & all the posts I read mentioned use the gpedit.msc command. Problem is, when I click start, run & type in gpedit.msc I get an error of: Windows cannot find gpedit.msc. Make sure you typed it correctly, etc. That said, how can I edit the restrictions I want for the guest account so the kids will stop downloading & installing stuff? Also I want it to just keep them out of the file areas far as adding & deleting stuff which I see XP doesn't do a good job of keeping secondary restricted accounts from doing. Thanks.
  18. Figured it out, I had to go to Insert, Name & Define for anyone who didn't know.
  19. I've learned how to make a drop down by going to Data, Validation, but for the life of me I can't see how to edit a drop down box once it is made. I'm sure it's simple & I am for some reason overlooking it. I did do a search & nothing I was looking for came up, unless I used a wrong search parameter. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks. BTW, I have Office 2003.
  20. Well guys I printed the replies & showed the IT guy. Come to find out, he hasn't been able to get a network connection! The error says a network cable is not plugged in, even though it is. I'll bet the outlook error goes away if he can figure out why he cannot connect to the network! Thanks for your help so far!
  21. Hi guys, at my job until funds free up for a new PC for me, I have to use a crappy PC so I asked if I could use my notebook to work from to which I got the OK. My IT guys hard an extremely hard time setting up my PC with outlook. I have Vista Ultimate 32 bit with Superantispyware running in the background. I don't know what we use at work for a network, but we do have Windows 2000 professional on them as an OS. I don't know, didn't ask actually, if the notebook worked on the network. I'd say not since I'm not prompted for a logon. Has anyone seen this type of error & know how to resolve it? Here is the screenshot of the error:
  22. Actually, you can get a year out of it: http://tech.cybernetnews.com/2007/03/15/by...nd-slmgr-rearm/
  23. I did that & still did not know what driver to get, maybe you will have better luck.Here's all the instances: PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0271&SUBSYS_30B7103C&REV_A3 PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0271&SUBSYS_30B7103C PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0271&CC_0B4000 PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0271&CC_0B40 It's a coprocessor unknown device. BTW people, I have explored all the links you all gave, great, but they weren't what I saw. On the SIW link, I already have that ultility, it's an awesome tool.
  24. I found the new explorer in Vista awkward at best. I do like the rename feature without having to type in the extension. My "issues" with the new explorer are: It always opens in a minimized mode, Always opens in the same directory, the start menu folder, Never opens in the root directory, Always expands folders automatically when you spend more than a second over them, And, when explorer opens it always shows the full opened tree of the users menu vs a short concise view of the main folders. Shall I go on? I haven't found a way to make it open in full screen mode, open in the root directory or keep all folders closed until I click them. I'm sure there are workarounds to this, but I'm not familiar enough with what search term to use to find these workarounds.
  25. I hope this is in the correct forum. Long story short I was doing a utility search & saw one that would show you exactly what those unknown devices were in your device manager so you would know what drivers to get to make them known devices. Stupid me didn't download it right then as I was "on a mission" for something else. I lost the link & cannot remember the program name. Has anyone here ever heard of a utility like this & if so, know where to get it? I have 2 unknown devices in my device manager & I cannot figure out what they are so I do not know what software drivers to get for them. Thanks.

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