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  1. I'm looking to remove numerous default start menu shortcuts from my disk. Mainly stuff like Windows Explorer's worthless shortcut, moving the games folder to the Accessories folder, etc. How would I go about doing this?
  2. That's the whole point of nLite. Go dig around on ryanvm.net and you'll find what you're looking for.
  3. nobody knows? Please, someone help explore this problem with me so we can finally get a resolution for the others out there that deal with it.
  4. I've been using nlite for quite a long time, but never needed to use any of the authentication protocols before for network cards. At my college campus, they require us to use PEAP. But when I click on the authentication tab for my wireless card, there are NO protocols listed in the drop down! I'm assuming that it's just some service or setting I changed in the nLite process, and a search of the forum turned up 3 other people with the same problem and no answer. What services should I enable to get this working? I know my card supports this all of this...
  5. yea, the CD worked just fine if i don't nlite it. Trying to nlite this disk doesn't work at all. It didn't uninstall alot of services, it didn't do the guirunonce, it didn't set a couple settings i asked it to (like cleartype). Although my post count is low, i've been using nlite since july of 2005, and I know what I'm doing as far as not nliting the same directory twice and proper configs. I never tried doing a Dell disk before....
  6. Its a fresh Dell XP SP3 disk. I'm also missing the folder and shortcuts for all of the games...
  7. Problem 1: MSPaint wasn't removed, but the shortcut was. I can still run it from Run.. Attached is my config. Problem 2: And to top it all off, I'd like to create an IE shortcut in the Accessories folder. Any tips on how to do that? LAST_SESSION.INI
  8. /tasks=\"launchsdhelper\" installs the SD Launcher. /tasks also can remove teatimer. read the link in the first post.
  9. eh nevermind...i forgot something else in the first iso.... off to remake it again
  10. I'm removing the serial because I mainly use this for myself, but a friend of mine who also has a legit XP OEM cdkey would like to use his to be legit. I'm also not giving him a pre-made cd....just the iso
  11. I finally finished my final nlite disk, but I was looking at taking the cdkey out of the winnt.sif so that some friends could use it also...is there an easy way to do that without going through the whole process again?
  12. Thats just it...I have a serial port, and it is enabled in bios...lol But atm I'm not using it. I've got a UPS that I was looking to hook up to it though...
  13. Just made myself a pretty darn zippy version of nlite. Everything works amazing so far, minus a few exceptions, like Advanced WindowsCare 2 Professional...takes like 5-10 minutes to start (i'd love to guess its the IE removal). Also, I don't remember seeing that netbios over tcp was a required system driver for network printer support, so my networked printer didn't work for a few days. Neither are my main concern at the moment. I like to see my Device Manager with no errors in it, but apparently the Serial driver under "non-plug and play drivers" isn't working at all. Any ideas on what I shouldn't be removing from XP to keep it working? I like my serial ports
  14. Uhh....If you have 125000 files to delete after installing with nlite, then you sure as hell didn't disable enough in nlite. I've almost got XP SP3 down below 200mb, and I only have about 400-500 in my list. I could have it even lower, but I have a need for network printer support and .net preinstalled... I'd recommend to not rely on a common list (if there is one) and that you just need to find them for yourself and make some sexy batch script to remove em
  15. It may be true that you shouldn't nlite the same source more than once on most occasions, but when I get a good build sometimes its hard not to. Sounds like a simple-enough bug to fix though...
  16. YES.....zomg thank you. I just gotta restart now and this **** thing will go away lol
  17. In nlite there's a great value for having the system delete an invalid shortcut when you click on it.... unfortunately i'm over a friend's house, and he's got an annoying broken shortcut right in his start menu >.> you can't right click it, and we can't figure out what in the hell even put it there lol help please!!!
  18. Anyone else have this problem or know of a solution???
  19. I forgot about this until I restarted this morning... Why it's mainly so annoying is because any programs that start up with windows automatically size themselves to fit the initial window, which sometimes causes them to not appear on screen (winamp, xfire, etc) after the res has switched to my normal 1280x1024 setting. I've only ever had this problem with the latest release of nlite too...I used to have a pre 1.0 release the last time I made a cd (I think...)
  20. woah lol...i was stripped Alright...I'll edit them up a bit... EDIT:...done Now I just gotta get this problem taken care of...it's so gd annoying.... EDIT2: btw, what forum version is this? I've worked/admined with IPB 1.2, SMF since it was in development, and a bit of phpBB, but you guys got this customized nicely....gj. But SMF is still 1000x more secure (than the average forum)
  21. Once school lets up a bit, I'm sure you'll find me making software packages too
  22. Alright....Inbetween the black windows boot screen and the blue "Windows is loading" screen (I have auto sign-in on), there is a random screen resolution change that hangs for 5-7 seconds...and it's annoying as all heck. Does anyone know how to tweak that, or eliminate it? My 19" crt hates switching to it, and it usually messes up my default monitor properties so that I have to retweak the monitor settings on every boot so that the screen goes all the way to the corners. If you want, I could take a crappy movie of it with my old digital camera....lol Just help!

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