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  1. I can type and move mouse in bios, but when i try to log into vista mouse and keyboard frezzes on point where i have to write a password to log on. Vista is instaled on scsi drive.
  2. I have acer altos 600 with 2 P3-733, 1.5Gb ram and 5 scsi U160HDD. When i connect another IDE hdd, the computer starts and work fine with other OS's. But i can not log into vista, the keyboard and mouse do not respond, but when i disconect new hdd, vista works fine.
  3. We're sorry, this file has expired. How can i dl NT4 Visual Update 2 Alpha 1? can anyone send me this file to nebivedu@yahoo.com?
  4. HP at work, at home IBM Z-pro(dual P3-xeon 550MHZ/2GB ECC sdram) and acer altos 600(dual P3-750/1.5Gb ECC sdram)
  5. WIN9X (95 / 98 / 98se / me) does not suport SMP (dual proc). You must use winNT or WIN2000. I have 2 xeon 550(P3) and 1gig of ram. Win2003 server works fine and fast with this configuration.
  6. With SP3 you have directX3 instaled and you could try directX6.1, on my computer it works just fine. NT4 does in fact take the Dx6.1 install, and it works. I have to point out that its a matter of security access to the hardware that NT does not allow, not the fact that DX doesnt work with it. Here is a to download dx6 for win NT 4.0 And here is more of goodies for NT 4.0 http://www.labdv.com/software/utils-en.html The following isn't directly related to your Q but it is a interesting read. DirectX
  7. Try Everest. It is one of the best, or try aida32. http://www.lavalys.com/products.php?lang=en
  8. IBM Z-PRO Dual P3-XEON 550 (2Mb cache) 2Gb IBM ECC SDRAM PC133 SCSI 2940 U2W (80Mb) 1x 18Gb IBM SCSI HDD (10.000) Primary HDD SIL680 RAID controler 4x WD 200GB HDD ATA133 Geforce MX440 64Mb 4port USB2.0 NEC 16X DVD NEC Vista works fine and faster than 2003 server. Overall score - 1, because of a gaming graphic Processor - 1.9 Memory - 2.5 Graphic - 2.1 Gaming Graphic - 1 Primary Hard Disk - 3.9
  9. On vista i used a win2k raid driver for sil680, because driver sil680 only driver did not work.
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